John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:39:04 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection and the Drumf among us. Thrilling. Trump is thrilled now. There is Trump now. Your demagogue Trump. The International disaster that is Trump. Sad and a tribute to Koch bros voters. See Pals there. Pals like that. Trump voters. Pals like Pence.

      Meanwhile, see Robert Mercer freak white nationalist all rank, Mutinist Lieutenant Navy vs Army General?  And pimp everyone Trump, is thrilled at the chaos and dysfunction of all. Your Drumf. Trump is on extended Vacation now and Trump loves Right Wing Extremist freaks, freaks like that. Pence is taking lavish expenses on taxpayers and you guessed it? It is all a freebie for the Koch bros.
     Steve hate us all Bannon is now conducting sabotage against Corporate America. Why? To DeConstruct any and all good things America. For the JBS of Hate, Koch bros with all of the cabinet members in concierto. There is no doubt Steve hate us all Bannon is hyper active in destroying publishings on a massive scale. Everything Internet, media, multi media, multi platforms and all deliveries steve Bannon is a Corporate fiend. These are serious 1st amendment Confederate threats and criminal actions never before seen in America. All hard core far Right Wing Extremist Confederates and getting much worse everyday. Your all Republican Congress sees, hear and knows no evils here. Looks like smells like

     It is soo wrong, Trump Pence is going to South America to sow far Right Wing Extremism for Putin and the Koch bros. All U.S. taxpayer paid for. The Koch bros pay no price, nothing and the Koch bros get paid bigly. Do you see the Koch bros now?
     We trust our South American friends would be well advised not be any part of Trump Pence disasters worldwide.
     Panama. Chile. Argentina. And Columbia. All of South America should all ban the 700 white trash heir VP Pence from entry into their countries and denounce Right Wing Extremist regime Trump Pence.  America Last by Trump Pence.
     South America needs to see what Pal Trump did to Venezuela. There is no doubt, Pence Right Wing Ectremist's will destroy Panama, Chile, Argentina and Columbia. See how Trump treats his pals here. After, Trump m 'f ing' ssssssssssss and those genuine Trump vernaculars there.

     Let us look now at the ever expanding globalizations of Trump in South America. All the while Trump Isolationist U.S. Policies are killing America in every irritated bowel dawg Drumf way. Turmp is expanding his globalizations while deeply constricting Isolationist Amerca in every hate filled way. America Last by Donald demagogue Trump.
     Make pimp Trump Rich Again. Screw ALL others. Globalized Trump increasing.
     Columbia Trump. Argentina Drumf Pence. Panama? Papels Drumf. Chile Trump. Drumf papel. Make Trump Rich Again, Uraguay Drumf. South America Drumf. Your irritated bowel dawg Drumf.
     Make pimp Trump Rich Again and the China connection. Do you see heir Pence, the Koch bros, Trump and Steve Deconstruct U.S. Bannon there?
     Copycat Trump. Trump is hurting Mexico, no reason, just to be a pimp, your irritated bowel dawg drumf.

     Why would anyone in Central or South America want Trump heir Pence? See Trump Pence fans here and there. White Nationalist pals of Trump Pence and Trump Pence neo-Nazi's. The Trump KKK. It is all far Right Wing Extremist Trump Pence Violence. Who needs that in Central and South America? All are far Right Wing Extremist Trump Pence lovers. And all the JBS of Hate, Koch bros.

     That Russia connection. Irritated bowel dawg Drumf and more Trump Russia connections. We know Trump Pence is infested with Spies. See spies all over Trump's neckbone. Yick. And what South American country would want spy infested heir Pence plus 700 heir Pence spy pals in their country? Spies like that and heir Pence spies like this.

     The Middle East Drumf and the Drumf among us. No Sos there? Flags either. Pitiful Trump. SeeTrump, Putin, Pence and the Koch bros there. And do not forget Grover NRA Norquist. You guessed it. Trump is thrilled now. Time for another bon bon.

     VP heir Pence and 700 Koch bros State Department Pence spies are in Columbia now. The real American people are sorry and did not send that slop, but have to pay for it. Sinserely do not like that at all. The real America apologizes to all of South America for the complete fraud of VP heir Mike Pence Drumf. The International fraud disgrace among us.
     Meanwhile, Trump is burning down all of the United States in a hail of demagogue Drumf disaster. Nobody wants Donalf fascist Trump hate and nobody likes the Donald Trump hate.  Trump has violently demonized America for the far Right Wing Extremist worst.
     VP heir Mike Pence was not sent to Columbia, South America by the American people. VP heir Mike Pence does not represent the American People in any way.
     Absolutely no one, voted for Mike Pence in 2016. And heir Pence will never be the next  Koch bros squatter for the Koch bros. Fascist puppet max.
     VP heir Mike Pence only represents the Personel and Business interests only of the Trump Pence Fascism debacheries, not any government interests. Nothing American about it. None. Nein. 
     And Fascist Trump could not care less. The irritaed bowel dawg Drumf.

     Trump Fascist's Pence. Emancipation Park? Fascism Trump Pence. 2017? You know the National Russia Association, Grover NRA Norquist is there.