John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:17:52 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection and Badmonster Trump is on extended freak Vacation with Sergey. The freak among us, infested with spies, Donald Trump. Spies like that. And spies all over Trump'sssss nasty face.
     Do you know the NRA, National Russia Association run by Grover NRA Norquist on K Street is completely Russian and all Putin controlled? Why? Beacuse when you pay NRA Dues, your money goes to Putin.
     Now you know. And Mike Pence is a freak, sinister and far worse that Trump. Pence is the Koch bros right hand man and absolutlely will do only as the Koch bros say. Yuck.
     Steve Populist Bannon, IGE, Internet Gaming Entertainment, your Hong Kong, China connection. Is Steve Nationalist Deconstruct the Administrative State Bannon ready for his one way trip to merry ole' England.

     Why? Because, it is there that we see the globalist's Donald Trump, The Koch bros, Steve Bannon and Mike Pence all forcefully destroying America by the insanity of U.S. Isolationist Nationalist Populist policy and the absurd foriegn policies. All of whom have not at all denounced their globalizations and all of whom are not at all active in their own failed Isolationist positions. America Last.
     We know you all see that clearly.
     The debt limit and the budget, the wall. Trump will force the U.S. Government Sutdown Septaember, 2017. Donald Failure Trump is the Drumf, you'll see.
     And we all know the problem there, Donald Trump could not care less.
     No plan, no clue and completely unfit Trump is going to dump on us his unending buffoonery, beguiling all knowns of decency, norms and correctness. Your mockery of time and life Drumf. Tax Reform, Apple and FATICA. Apple maps and much more.
     Trump is a desperate fraud, a publishing nightmare-o' lag. State run TV, it's the Drumf
     Then, there is the DOJ and Donald Trump among us. Looks like, smells like, is, the drumf among us. 

     Hiorshima, North Korea. Trump, Japan. North Korea and Trump is on extended Vacation. Venezuela? Poland? Badmonster Trump is on clueless Vacation. And Trump is thrilled now.