John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:17:57 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection and Trump is a complete bust out, you'll see. Trump's Russia connections.
     Trump probage. Nobody wants to go there. It's all Drumf. The worst in history and Trump could not care less. Donny is golfing now, with Sergey, Irchnikov and Icky. Fore. Make Trump Rich Again.
     Trump thinks he is going to finish his term? No. Not going to happen. America is not waiting for the baffoon Drumf among us to roach us out further.
     VP heir Pence thinks he is going to take over. That is absolutely not going to happen. No chance. Probe Pence too.
     Trump voters. Congress should declare Trump and his entire cabinet null and void. Set the new special election for a real President for November 4, 2018. Trump voters.
     Meanwhile, the special counsel and the Grand Jury shall continue infinitely into  the vast swamp of the Trump endlessly into conclusion.
     Trump should be paying cash, 25 million per day for all of the Russia connections. Not taxpayers. Starting 1-1-16 per day.
     Where are Trump's taxes? And that Russia connection there.
     Donald Trump, that irritable bowel dawg. The Drumf among us and that Kremlin Klan.

     Now, all that remains is Trump's September Government Shutdown and Drumfs friendships. Add the Trump vernacular there.

     Trump assaults the first amendment media, while Trump is being leaked on for doing no work and getting nothing done for America. All of that after the facts. And we all know it was Trump and Steve Deconstruct the Admn State that obliterated the chains of command.

     Trump is on extended vacation now. 17 days of Badmonster Trump. And everybody loves Maxine. What happens if Trump takes the 5th?
     Look at what Trump did to Congress. And Trump pimp is thrilled now. Meanwhile Putin is poaching. Russia, Putin and that Kremlin Klan.
     The Drumf among us. Let us look now at Trump and that China connection. Syria and Nicaragua. Trump, not U.S. America Last by Donald Trump.
     Love Maxine and friendsTrump documents and Trump has created many dangerous situations. Trump is destabilizing and provocative like a sinister mug.

     Venezuela. Fishy Japan. North Korea. Venezuela? Poland?