John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:58:25 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection and Trump stabs Putin in the back after Putin robbed Trump of Russians to by his L.L.C's with the departure of 755 jobs in Russia.
     To be sure, the public may want to see that signed sanctions bill. Swamp creatures. Euphoria? For the JOBS of Hate Koch bros. Swampy creatures.

     Drumf has no accomplishments. There is Trump now and Trump will go on vacation now to Badmonster for extra bon bons, grueling score cards and Trump vernacular with Sergy, Irchnikov and Ricky, Ralphy and uncle Gino. There is Donny's base at -7.
     See the Populist Trump, Betsy DeVos and Right wing extremist gov Rauner assault on U.S. Education, while Trump has another bon bon. And by the way, Trump will let all of the Universities pay for that Drumf mess, not Trump. Whadda guy? And the need, to be wrong.

     We know Putin does not like Trump signing sanctions against Putin. We know Trump is now susceptible to plutonium the same way Trump made the Mexicans hate us and are now engaged in the mickey finns past the border. Trump did it all, not us. We know Trump sabotaged Exxon oil for sanctions violations. And we know Trump killed the huge new Russia drilling in the Arctic that would have started by now. It was all Trump, savaging Vladimir Putin in the night, with a nasty shiv. Insolence. Infidel. Grover Norquist shall hear of this and we know there are plenty of Russian spies in Dons jons. Plenty. Badmonster too.

     No. Trump has not given us a better deal. Oh' no. Quite the opposite the Drumf among us. See Right wing Extremist RGA gov Walker, the Koch bros and Trump in Wisconsin. and Trump is thrilled, thrilled like a bedmonster bug. A 3 Billion dollar give away by Wisconsin, Wisconsin taxpayers pay for it all. Not Trump, not RGA gov Walker  and certainly not the Koch bros. Make America Last by Donald trump and pals of the insideous Koch bros. See Trump thrilled, thrilled, thrilled there as Trump is being leaked on very badly now.

     And soo.....Let us look now at who is doing all of that dirty leaking on Trump shall we? We know Hillary threw the election, forcing Trump to work like irritable bowel dawg. But no, it was not Hillary doing the bad leak jobs?
     Or? Maybe? It could be, you guessed it? Certainly motive there as they never liked Trump. Modus and seriousely sinister like a mo fo there. And yes they have all too many spies in Dons jons. Multiple contenders there, gator dip too.
     Opporundi can not be dismissed? Oh' no.
     Of course, it could all be as simple as que bouno? Leaker like that and the everyd ayers too. An RGA coup hostile takeover? Rauner as new VP? Talks of Revolution.
     Don't forget the many, many Ex's of the Drumf? That is the short list, so far.
     Perhaps we should be looking at all of Billionaire's Trump has shafted? Motive and monies there. Putin would be tops on that list but there are many, many Trump plas there.
     The Dame or the bus? Trump likes a Russian video too.

     Trumps Russia connections and the Grand Jury. Trump. Drumf. See the euphoria of the Koch bros there and see Trump here.The Drumf among us. Now, see the Grand Jury widening Trump. Your Ying master Trump there. Trump is rejected, because Trump is a reject. Yang master Drumf.. Trump is compelled like an irritated bowel dawg. Compelling, compelling, compelling. Trump is the Drumf. China has a bigly fist in it. Is it the Paris Accord? Or? The China, Trump agreement to Make Trump Rich Again, in O' nightmare lag Florida? Way too many spies there and now.