John Blyth

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 2:03:02 PM | Back to Blygs

     Complicit. Mitch Mconnell Care? And do not under estimate Paul Ryan with Grover Norquist and Mike Pence. 3 xxx repeat offenders. Steve Populist Bannon too. See Pence pushing it, there. Pence pushing white trash.
     Complicit. That Kremlin Klan. Inelligable Drumf.  House, NDEA, Nationa Defense Enforcement Act?  The Grassley Committee? And try, to not bust out laughing
     The Koch bros and Ill gov Rauner are experts at killing the entire system of U.S. Healthcare. There are 4th generation Doctors telling their kids, who are qualified, not to be Doctors, because they have been robbed for decades by MBA managed care and cartel Insurance Co's. And it is all Koch bros Grover Norquist wrong, for decades.
     See your all complicit all Republican Congress there. Trump voters. Complicit. Domestic Confederates. Russia in honeypot NGO's, Russia in the Koch bros heritage foundation. And don't ever forget those NRA board members past and present. Russia in your NRA like a bad rash. The JOBS of Hate Koch bros with Russia, from the Kaisers and pre Bolshskevek revolution since pre- 1917. 100 years of Domestic Confederates and fuedlism Euro-America.

     Your right wing extremist, Koch bros voters rights RGA, assault, with Grover Norquist. VP Mike Pence and all Paul Ryan, all Republican Congress complicitly approved. Steve Populist Bannon too.

     VP Mke Pence, 800 Billion robbed from Medicaid and your RGA. After your complicit Congress robs Medicaid, see the new 2017, Koch bros U.S. serfdom. America Last.

     Then, there is the good Nancyy Pelosi, Maxine Waters and many more. Trump voters?