John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. You'll see, Russia and the Koch bros

     It will not be long now until Putin spills Trump's beans worldwide very publicly. Very ugly.

     Then, heir VP Pence will declare himself resident Isolationist occupier. Scandal and outrage will pursue as absolutely no one voted for Pence. The nation will not allow Pence. No. And nyet, Pence will persist inspite of his non meritorious, if not former criminal RGA ways. All documented, but no charges? See The Indy Star. Of course we all remember it was Pence that put together the all time hit list of Vulturs Corporate Raiders for Drumfs cabinet and Pence was instraMental in much more Drumf. And yes Pence is a bigly pal of right wing extremist RGA Rauner too. Who has been engaged in the complete government State of Illinois Shutdown since the day Rauner became governor. And right wing extremist continuing. Please note the same personel loyalties of Trump, Pence and Rauner. Zippo. Nada. Nothing. No way. And see Pence pols from Indiana, after they ran him out of the state by the dog catcher.

     Who will Pence pick for his new VP?
     Will it be Populist Steve Bannon? Or Paul Ayn Rand Ryan? Favorites.
     Will Pence go furhter inside the swamp and pick Grover Norquist new VP? Could be.
     Only the shadow knows.
     And who the hell is the shadow? Well, that would be the Koch bros long, dark and mean.

     But what of Trump? That is largely up to the U.S. Prosecutors Trump has not replaced yet. And soo.....Trump will be sitting on ice for a long time, all of his own, repeal and replace failed to complete policies of nothingness, sometime later. It is all Drumf time. You'll see. And until then, Drumf will see Russia bigly with that bad itch. The itch to make Trump rich again.

     Now, it is true, heir VP Pence is not answering any questions about Russia.
     And very much like Paul Ryan and all Republicans, Pence is hiding like scurilous rats from the public not to answer anything, anywhere, anytime. You'll see, that secret society. Aka, The JOBS of Hate.
     Well it is clear the Koch bros never had any need of trump.
     It is clear heir Pence, Steve Bannon and Grover Norquist will do as they are told by the Koch bros.
     The Koch bros like that.

     Meanwhile. Putin is milking Trump like a caged animal. Completely abusing Trump of all inside government secrets, informations and much more dirty, dirty, filthy abuses of all sinister underhanded deeds.
     The Kremlin Klan is in full speed now. Full speed for the total ruinization of America.
     Case in point Drumf is in France now. Never mind the ever growing taxpayer paid for, all approved by Paul Ryan, Russia connections that Trump has not paid a dime for?
     Trump should pay 25 million dollars a day cash of his own money for all of his investigations. Not Paul Ryan approved taxpayer dollars. And shush yourself, Paul Ryan does not want you to know that.
     And where are Trumps Taxes? Europe.
     What is the need for Trump to be in France? But not bloody England, o'h, no. That was canceled.
     No. There will be no asylum from France. Bastille, maybe, but no French asylum.
     Is Drumf in France to really meet Sergey in private? And America apologises to France here and now. Viva France. Worst of all, will Drumf leave a gift? The gift of the big stiff job?
     America Last.
     Can it really be, Drumf needs more European fallout after Isolationist 2, Hamburg?

     Yes, it is true Trump failed Putin by not lifting the sanctions and by not allowing the Arctic to drilled like swiss cheese.
     Heir Pence could get those jobs done for the Koch bros, Putin and Exxon Oil.
     Certainly Steve Bannon, Paul Ryan and Grover Norquist will do their parts to aid and abbet it all for Putin and to be complicit in it, all of it.
     We know Steve Bannon and Pence have thrown jr under the bigly ugly bus. And Grover gave him a kick. Who benefits? Let's guess? Sabotage, intrigue, spies and ever more dirty spies in Dons Jons.

     And soo..... let us look closer now at what you think you see above. Shall we? Hmm?

     Why? Because all of the above is what? Fuedalism.
     Fuedalism, who, what, when and where? The correct answer is Europe.
     Who/ the Koch bros. Fancy themselves masters of fuedalism. And, could be.
     Why? For the oil, the money, the power and the greed.
     Let us not forget Parliament during the Brexit exit. Right wing extremist's. Was the bishop there? The Rothchilds? And who benefitted/\? Not the EU.
     When? Anytime and anywhere. Sinister like a mug.