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That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Unfit, inelligable and a total fraud. Make America Last by Donald Trump. The brand, for the money x 3.
     The China connection. There is no question China is the big winner of the G-19. Is Trump a spy for China and Russia? & That Russia connection. How come? North Korea is launching Chinese missiles?

     We know the job does not agree with Drumf and we know Drumf does not agree with the job. Drumf wants to be retired in Florida. Go.
     Drumf should go to Florida and fumble himself to the end. Leave America be.
     Disgrace, baffoon, inept, incapable, nonsense, waste, No one would let a child drive their car. And yet, Drumf is king occupier?
     Just five months to Make America Last by Drumf.
     Not shown are millions of U.S. jobs lost at the G-19. Highly countable and once again Drumf could not care less. The 71 year old who does not look back. Screw 'em all. Burn all the bridges and damn history in it's entirety.
     No, not fable nor lore. Disaster is Drumf.

     Let us look now at Donald Drumf. By the numbers and you do the Voodoo all Reublican math, worldwide.......... The number is 5.

     2.22% = 1 sixth of GDP robbed by the decades of holding us all hostage via WMD U.S. healthcare weaponized. See Congress'sssss for that white trash. As Corporate earnings were at protracted all time hihgs. None of which was free market enterprise at all. Koch bros market only, with puney libertarian yucks on side.
     Did we see the downward revised GDP last week to under three? Now, 2.78.
     2% = the amount of Drumf robbed from America at the Hamburg G-19.
     What is the national debt? How much has been added to the national debt by Drumf?
     What is the total amount added to the national debt in all of this?
     .05% is the U.S. cost of Trump Tarriffs.
     Now add the costs the national debt as a percentage of all of the above.
     Five. 5 is what the true U.S. GDP should be.
     Five. 5 is also what the true U.S. GDP should have been every year, since 1950. Two and one half percent of real U.S. GDP robbed by the JOBS of Hate since 1950, or 67 years = 167.5 Trillion dollars. Where did that money go? Not poof.
     We know you see the drumf Voodoo now. And we know you see the Koch bros Voodoo too.
     Need help? Okay. Remember, Trump got paid. Paid for killing America.

     5 - 2.22% of GDP, Koch bros WMD U.S. Healthcare weaponized = 2.78 U.S. GDP as of pre G-19. And Trump got paid, Congres's too.
     2.78 - 2% of GDP, the amount robbed by Drump at the U.S. give-a-way to China G-19 = .78, the new 2017 GDP.. And Trump got paid.
     .78 - 50, the half of 1% Drumf costs of Drumf tarriffs on world trade = point .28 new U.S. GDP, 2017. And Trump got paid.

     Let us look furthe now into the Drumf of it all. The national debt seen above.
     20,000,000,000,000 divided by GDP 5 =  4,000,000,000,000.
                                                                2.78 =  7.19424460432.
                                                                  .78 =  25.641025641.
                                                                  .28 =  71.4285714286.%. = The cost of Drumf to the American economy so far, in just five months. Of course, the Koch bros and Grover Norquist too. Also known as Koch bros Voodoo too. but, to be sure add Steve Populist Bannon and heir Pence. Whoa! But there is more Drumf here.

     The killing of America by Drumf right wing extremist's. The on all sides assault against America continues now from inside the swamp.

     All of the above are preludes to war. Nobody wants that. Nobody, but the insidious Koch bros, who will once again exit quietly while everyone else is sucked in to the never ending Koch bros cycles of wars. Grover Norquist too, the little yuck. Let us all remember, real wages remain stagnant, on purpose with malice and intent. And for how long, it's all the Koch bros. Drumf has spies all up his legs and Drumf is thrilled

     The single biggest threat against America today is, resident Isolationist occupier Drumf. Destabilizing America and the Presidency.
     Drumf, Steve bannon and the Koch bros have deconstructed the American Administration and obliviated the Sos for Putin. Your Russia connection.
     All aided and abetted by your all "Ratf**ked", all Republican Congress'sssss. And your RGA States.