John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection and the International missing link. You'll see. Russia.
     That Russia connection. Putin.
     The net effect of Trump's G-20 failures is, that U.S. GDP will be lowered again by another 2% and for years to come. America Last. Malice with intent. Then add Trump tariffs for the final doom of America.
     Thus, the U.S. GDP is now .05% and that new Drumf GDP will add billions to the national debt. America Last,  Donald Drumf first.
     And that means the Senate CBO score is all wrong and must be recalculated again using the drumf .05% GDP.  America Last. Drumfed.
     Economic and global cooperation = G-19. Drumf is the Isolated odd ball out. The China connection.

     Steve Bannon, Mike Pence and the Koch bros completely deconstructing U.S. Trade and all business's there of, for the next fourty years. America Last. The total ruinization of America. See Russia spy pals of Drumf there. Drumf. Drumf.

     It was the Right Wing Extrenist's JOBS of Hate Koch bros that deconstructed;
     The Whire House with vengence.
     The entire Cabinet is all Koch bros. And Trump is thrilled.
     The IC Community with malice and intent. And Congress will do nothing.
     Congress's by District.
     States by Senators.
     States by your Populist RGA.
     State Legislators and ALEC.
     State and federal elections, replacing it all with "Ratf**ked" gerry manderings.
     And it was the Koxh bros who replaced all of our good personal with finks.

     Machiavellian Economics. The 30% profit margins of U.S. Business and Industry, today is less that 3%. All of those profit margins over 4 decades went to the Koch bros. Not poof. And are now in Koch bros offshore accounts. The Cartel Koch bros and 1% ers took every small business in America.

     Trump, by not having a plan for the G-20 is total disaster with malice and intent. It is very much like the purposeful refusal to have a budget. Malice and intent.

     Do not forget the ruinization of Sears, Robuck by the 1%. No. It is not about brick and mortar and no it is not about Amazon or online. Sears was all the inside job with malice and intent.
     But it was much more than just Sears. Bain Capital destruction of Singer Sewing Machines and many, many more well run businesses than that.
     It was the the rob us all business models of GTCR and all Vulture Corporate Raiders that gave us the American business ruinations for decades.
     Robbing assets and giving all liabilities to taxpayers. You know the names,  dates and places.

     We all know Congress was supposed to be the buffer to Cartels and bad U.S. business.
     But Congress rubber stamped every and anything Cartel and told taxpayers to pay for all of the liabilities of the Vulyure Corporate Raiders. U.S. Bail outs, PBGC and on and on and on Congress'sssss robbed us to death at both ends of the stick.
     All of the above are crimes and should be prosecuted as such. Never mind Trump fired all of the u.S. Prosecuters.
     Crimes against humanity.

     Putin, same as Trump. Is Trump a spy? That shrouded two hour meeting of Bromance politeisms. Why? Because we all know Trump does not work for U.S. It was nothing but a Sergeyfest in the Anachy capital of Europe.

     Give your data to heir Pence. Pence wants go to Mars. Sayonara. Pence is a disaster.

     The G-19 and America Last, 2017. The right wing extremist spy that does not work for U.S. Your Russia connection. Demagogue.

     This Russia connection and the race to infamy. The missing link is, you guessed it? The JOBS of Hate. The shock and awe of it is. the speed of the race to the bottom. And below.

     All of the above as Drumf looks forward to his new forced and deeply improved U.S. Government Shutdown, September, 2017. Why? Because we know Drumf is surrounded by spies. Spies like that and spies all up Trump's neck bone. All pals of your Grover Norquist NRA. Nashville, Tennessee?  And of course we all remember the 6 million, tax free NRA dues and fees, given to the Drumf by your Grover Norquist NRA. The same dues and fess your Illinois gov Rauner tried to break all union of in order to ruin all unions.

     Putin ate Trump up at the G-19. Better a 400 pounder laying in bed in New Jersey, but let us not go there. O'h no. See the Demegogue idol, the criminal state and Trump is thrilled now. Thrilling. And Trump pimp is thrilled again. Trump is thrilled like a freak. Freak Trump.

     Putin Drumf it is all stinky and finky. But, Trump says he is the stuff and drumf is thrilled.

     Hanburg, Germany. 2017. The G-19, America out and America Last. No plan and the complete loss of America by Trump.

     Trump is thrilled now about his September, 2017 Government Shutdown. And that original Trump vernacular there. What's his face, the Isolationist failure.

     The Bromance continues now and so does the assault against America by Drumf and his all Republican Congress.
     Is Demagogue Trump for democracy at all? Or? Is Drumf so completely for himself, that, there is no other and there is no nothing else. Drumf.
     Maybe? Trump does not know what democracy is.