John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:08:14 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection. Trump, wrong for America and America Last.

     We know the world has moved on and away from Trump.
     We know the USA has moved on and away for Trump.
     We know the Isolationist resident occupier and his Vulture Corporate Raiders cabinet are completely isolated both here and there.
     The real America wants to say Thank You to the world for dealing with Trump as Drumf. As the rest of us are also struggling to deal with Drumf.

     This Russia connection. We know Putin wants Trump to reinstate the two Russian spy houses, closed by the good President. And we know Putin wants all his spies reinstated into those Russian spy houses.

     We know that the world is quickly advancing globalization with out us. Do you see Trump there? No? How about U.S.? Do you see U.S. there? No? Why not us?  Because Trump does not make better deals for us. That is why. Trump only makes deals that make Trump rich again. See NRA gun deals sold to the Middle East for Trump to get rich. Your isolationist resident occupier.
     We know Populist Steve Bannon Isolationist policies are the ruin of us. America Last. Bussing in Populist right wing extremist's.
     Yet, we know the Koch bros have not at all embraced Isolationism. And in fact is ever more involved in globalism for the Koch bros.
     Yes, it is the Koch bros who have done everything possible to antiquate America into the buggy whip of never no more.
     It is the Koch bros swamp creature Steve Bannon that have deconstructed the Adm state.
     It is the Koch bros that own and run Congress and Congress'ssssss.
     it is the Koch bros Grover Norquist that throws the monkey wrench into anything that works in America. Killing it.
     It is the Koch bros with Trump, that leave us all in arcane voter rights and political damacles at every lurch.
     It is this Congress that use healthcare against us like a WMD. Snarfing out 2% of GDP from the 1 sixth economy that is U.S. healthcare.
     And we know that "Ratf**ked" Gerry mandering, was created for and paid for and is wholly owned by the Koch bros.
     Is Trump for Democracy at all? Or? Is Trump for demagoguery.