John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:19:39 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection. Your Koch bros SCOTUS. & Trump mutiny.
     The China connection.
     That Russia connection. See pals there. Pals like Putin. The Trump connection and the Drumf.

     Georgia. All Trump approved. How many other states are all wrong, the same RGA way? Wisconsin. Your state? N.C.?

     We know the new Gerry mandering case before SCOTUS will declare Trump unfit, inelligable and a fraud. And we know it will declare current and former Republicans as Confederates. We know SCOTUS could declare many Reupublicans to pay back their "Ratf**ked" slalaries plus massive finages, incuding many major other penalties and punishments. And we know that would declare all of the Drumf administration's actions null and void. And as such reset all U.S. Policy to Noverber7th, 2016. Congress would then be null and void and guilty of all legislative malpractices. all fines and penealties thereof per legislation per rep and utters. And Trump is thrilled now. Thrilled.

     And soo..... will Trump try to kill SCOTUS now? The way Trump tried to kill the Russia connection? The way Trump tried to kill the DOJ? The all Drumf way? Well? Part of that is already done with the all Koch bros SCOTUS gerrymanderings by ths Senate to approve heir Gorsuch. And soo..... Will SCOTUS disavow Gorsuch too? It certainly should. Thrilling, trump is thrilled now.
     All redistricting should be of the Morrill Act, sexy.

     Will SCOTUS declare gov Walker guilty? Yes. Will SCOTUS declare all of the RGA guilty? Yes and for decades. Formers and currents.
     Will Scotus declare each state ALEC guilty along with present and prior RGA governors? Yes and yes for each State ALEC present and prior representatives. Yes.
     Will there then be multiple counts filed against RGA governors for gross, protracted executive malpractices per state? Yes and yes to each and every count.
     Will there be both group and individual ALEC charges of legislative malpractices per state? Yes and yes guilty to all charges.

     Your pal Trump really knows how to burn 'em all down. And drumf is thrilled. Thrilled. Thrilled.