John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:12:44 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection and the swamp has it's own buzz, if not hisssss. O'h, you can hear it now with that eerie green glow. A howl in the night and the grim of day. A search for the missing. Not MIA, just missing and under reported. Those genuine miscarriges of justice or murder. Swamp murder. Some say it has the gool of Chernobyl, others, excons stay away and want no part. No, it is not like the Badlands, not at all. A sniff of the South can acoste one, but there is more. And so much more. The deep, the insidious, no, it is not going away. The gool and the jackal come to mind, but fleets, if not to run skeard and skeard witless. The torment of the racing mind, ones adreneline not enough to escape. The Gators, bigly crocs too and swamp creatures. You know the kind, but this is not National Geographic, o'h no. And Marlin Perkins where are you now? Racing, racing the mind all for exit, exit, there must be an exit? But no. Not this time and the roar of the swamp takes another. Yes daytime too, no escape. Hey, that was not swampland yesterday, but it sure is deep and dark here now. There must be a developer in on this, surely? Help, help, as the splashing middle waters consume another, who and what was that! Out of here, out now, but how? Then the hisssss grows louder and coming at you. Coming your way all the eerie green, mean and too fast. There is no escape, the land is too far and the bog is here,here and all around you. A buzz and a feed. Frenzy, havoc and death. The swamp. Trump, b. The need for the Independent Commission.
     We know Trump wants out. All the way out. So he went to Cuba and left his administation holding that new bag of Drumf. Everytime.
     Cuba has no need or love of Demagogue authoritarian, dictators. None, but trump is there, right wing extremist and all. Tells all Cubans they will love him because he is the Drumf. Says he has pals, Marielito's and other Carribean sea radicals of Jamaica, revolutionaries and pirates.

     Your Illinois RGA will comlete his mission to destroy Illinois. Vulture Corporate Raider. Your RGA burning us down at both ends of the stick. If the all Republican Congress won't kill us, your Grover Norquist RGA will.
     If your RGA can not burn us down, your all Republican Koch bros Conress will.
     You'll see, it will be tremendous. You remember gov Rauner, pal of heir VP Pence and pyramid 1% Betsy DeVos? And all el donaldo approved.