John Blyth

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:23:55 AM | Back to Blygs

     Your NRA. NRA incitement and right wing extremist's. You be the judge?

     After 8 years of your all Republican Congress telling us they are going to rob our health care insurance, Pual Ryan Care robbed our health insurance. Now Mitch McConnell Care secretly is doing same.
     Does Congress really believe no one is paying attention?
     After 66 repeals by Republican Congress's to rob our health insurance, Paul Ryan has opened the Treasury Dept to rob and raid Medicaid.
     Is it possible? Somewhere in America, there is a nice little old lady, who is not scared wittless by the knowing this Congress will rob their Medicaid?
     Could it in any way, be possible, that Congress does not know that? When in fact it is all malice with intent. A decades long chant to boot
     Does this 115th Congress really believe no one cares?

     Calm down the rhetoric? 800 Billion wealth transferred to the Koch bros by this all Republican Congress.
     And the Demacrats did that?

     The ex Republican NRA Speaker of the House who was the forrunner of the 7 Trillion Credit Deafult Swaps, U.S. Deppression of 2007 says the Demacrats did that. The same speaker that led the Koch bros "Contract Against America".
     No Incitement there? Or then
     How about the massive all for Corporate health insurance premium increases for the last 30 years under the ex NRA speaker. Record Corporate profits and all of America robbed to death. Like? Some one forgot. Mr. all for Corporate ex speaker. No Incitement there or then either?

     Anyone? Somewhere want or need famous NRA quotes there? CPAC?

     Lo, How many millions given to the former speaker by the NRA?

     Please note; As always, there was no mention of Grover NRA Norquist or the Koch bros when it all hits the fan. but surely, and everytime, it was the Koch bros and Grover Norquist that started it all. All of it. Everyday and continuing endlessly.
     The Koch bros Grover Norquist got paid and they pay no price, nothing. Certainly, not even a mention by your all Republican House, Senate and Trump anti administration. O'h no, nothing.

     No, there is nothing good of it. No it should not have happened. No we do not endorse it in any way. Stop the violence. We wish all a speedy recovery.

     Yet it has been permeated, falsely, wrongly and all against us, the malice of hate with intent. Permeated over 7 decades, The JOBS of Hate.
     U.S. Gun violence? Gee? Who could that be? We all know the Lobbyist NRA, the same Lobbyist NRA Trump said he would end and do away with including all others. But took the NRA 6 million instead. Then went to the NRA pep rally.
     Just as sure as all Rx prices are allowed to sky rocket by Congress. NRA guns and gun control has never been acted upon properly by Congress. And Congress is what and who makes it all happen. Sandy Hook Elementary and on and on. No changes and it's all, down and dirty.
     And guess what? Yesterdays gun incident will not motivate this all Republican Congress to take any possitive actions against gun violence, possesion nor gun control. Nothing. Not one damn thing. Not even for their own.

     Who and where is the incitement? The NRA. Congress. And the Koch bros. Say it is not so. Why? Because now the NRA says yes to guns on the Baseball field. Alabama? No Incitement there? Your NRA.