John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:57:39 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection. An Oligarch fraud and your gerry mandered all Republican Congress'sssss.
                                                      Demagogue Nation, 2017.

     The raw display of gross patronage yesterday by Trump's swamp cabinet was beyond compare. Abhorent and dispicable.
     Yet, it is all soo true for Adonisssssssss Trump.
     Included in that video is the undying loyalty to Trump and to Trump alone. No God. No Country. Nothing, only Trump.
     Damn your oaths to country! Patronage, that is what the Demagogue Trump is about. And do you see the completely customized erection, steroids filled buitl to immortalized Demagoue Trump there.
     Nothing feeds Adonisssss like demagoguery. And it is all demagogue. Demagogue nation, 2017.
     The greatest or worst demagogue ever created. Trump. No, not a man of the people, oh no! A demagogue for wills, fancies and pardons that of self adorements only and nothing butt. Me, me, my money too. Make Liberacci , Don King and Alfref E. Newman look silly and loves Vegas.
     That same video includes, you guessed it? Trump pays no price, nothing and Trump gets paid.     We, all get burnt to the crisp, with all his bills we shall pay.
     You did not see Adonisssssss yesterday?
     You did not see that Adonisssssss does not pay his cabinet's salaries. A freebie for Adonissss. just the way he likes it and tax free too. Not one dime charged to trimp pimp ever? Trump is thrilled. And Adonisssssss is all appeased. So, fullfilled in himself he went to Wisconsin for more Adonisssssssments of undefiled requirements of undulations if not demagoguery to the zxn'th.
     Adonissssss must have his fix of adorations to bliss.
     Never mind that Trimp pimp once again drumfed on his job, drumfed Congress, his cabinet and his staff and went to Wisconsin? Leaving his staff to hold the dirty drumf bag. Again and everyday.
     Never mind that Trump has no loyalties to his staff cabinet or anything else and never will. Trump is thrilled.
     Never mind that Trump is a soloist in every sense and direction. Completely obsessed in himself and could not give a rats face about one childs future.
     Never mind that trimp pimp threw his staff into the caldron of boiling hell for all of his personal foibles, if not crimes and could not possibly be bothered for any reason.
     Never mind tha adonissss is suicidal. And all will die for trump. Jonestown, Coolaid and mass suicide. All are crimes, don't you know?
     Drumf the five time dodger, is textbook section 8. Had he been allowed to enter the army he would have fired on his own troops. Beyond friendly fire, treason is treason. his grandpa too. Bad dna. The wrong stuff.
     The single issue of AG testimony yesterday was? After the recusal, why was he actively involved in the decision to remove the good James Comey? Yes, we all know the make America Alabama Law again mantra. But the question is singular and not answered, we know you all recall and recollect. When you recuse yourself from all things Russia, you are out and out one time all time. Yet was active in the firing after his recusal of the chief investigator who was screaming down all over trimp pimp and the unlimited 35 plus years of all Russia connections!. We know.
     In short, Alalbama Law does not allow two ways. When you recuse, you stay out all the time, not one time and or anytime you just damn well patronage feel like ti. That is not Alabama Law and it it is not U.S. Law either. There is no inuendo, only Trump patronage and the trimp pimp patronage of failure.
     The other issue of the AG not being the firewall between the nut house and the Independent DOJ, aka,  Comey and Trump is not in dispute. Alabama Law again does not allow two ways there or here. The Ag either knowingly or unknowingly did not do it's job properly to be the firewall between Comey and Trump. And the AG does not recount, recollect nor answer the question proprly at all. That too is not a part of Alabama Law nor U.S. Law. It does answer all quetions  of Trump patronage, yes, but no others and as such; the need for the Independent Commission.

     Trump patronage and Adonisssss is thrilled. America Last by Demagogue Trump.