John Blyth

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:33:28 AM | Back to Blygs

     Treachery. _____. The need for the Indendent Commission that no one asked for yesterday. Watch LIVE. House Minority leader. All of those Russia connections?

     1.8 million jobs robbed by McConnell Care, Trimp pimp care, by your Paul Ryan Care AHCA. There are a a whole lot of Republicans that are complicit. Doubling down on neoliberal policies at a time when the world is rejecting it. The world rejecting Right Wing Extremist's!
     Trimp has destroyed all of the circuit breakers, checks and balances. All Russia connections.
     Howling for Undermine. Trump is Authoritarian and a Demagogue. Trump first. Russia connection?
     Trump is a job killer. Everyday. Killing the Paris Accord is a jobs killer.
     Trump is unfit. Fact and facts. Everyday. Charm, bully, walk away and Trump sues you. Any mamal will do? The crowd size thing at the Innauguration was so he could pocket the 50 million from his Vegas pal.
     Beneath the dignity of the Office of The President. Trimp pimp Russia connections.
     Trump Sex Videos held by Putin all about Trump. Very ugly. Bigly Financials too. Russia connections only Putin could like.
     The good Nancy Pelosi looks good and is good.
     Facts, evidence and data are not traits of el donaldo. Russia too.
     U.S. Credit Rating lowered by the debt ceiling all Republican Congress.
     Freedom Caucus is a "Ratf**ked" disaster. All Koch bros, wholly owned. Putin fancied.
     We want a clean debt cieling.
     Poision pills by your all Republican Congress are everywhere with dire doses. This Paul Ryan 115thCongress does not work for us. Russia the big winner.
     There is no tax bill. No Jobs bill. Nothing. Republicans are a nasty mess and Putin is happy.
     Trump has abused his power and all of us. Article IV.  The freak and Putin says hooray.
     Where are Trump's tax returns? In Moscow?
     What agenda? Trump? Special Interests first, America last. That Russia connection. You'll see, it will be Trump tremedous. Fairy dust.
     Overtruned the fiduciary rule and other parts of Dodd Frank.
     The AHCA is drumf. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell want to give a tax cuts to the Koch bros. Robbing Medicaid by this 115th all Republican Congress.
     Make America sick Again. Your Russia connection and donald trump.
     43% of Americans want Trimp pimp Impeached. The same that did not vote.
     The U.S.S. Gabby Giffords! U.S. Girl Power.
     That ugly Trump affect and Grover Norquist with the Koch bros.   
     The need for the Independent Commission!!! Now. That Russia connection.