John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:27:42 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection. Republicans like it. Republicans voted for it and Republicans own it. Illinois Governor right wing extremist Rauner will complete his mission and in short time. All Trump approved. It is all Vulture Corporate raiders. Steal all the assets and tell them all they are broke. All pals of Trump and trimp pimp is thrilled.
     Trump first, America last. Every rotten Trimp pimp day.
     Now, trimp pimp is having a birthday party for VP Pence.
     Watch it all today; CBS. NBC. ABC. And soo.....The winner is?

     MVP The good FBI Director James B. Comey.
     The biggest loser of the entire millennium is Donald Jackass Trump. And that genuine Drumf vernaculer there.
     The swamp has mutineers jumping Trump ships like fleaing rats. Rats.
     Trump sent in hiss personal attorney to pooh, pooh it all, but it all landed on Drumf. All of it. That Russia connection.
     See multi trump staff running for their lives.
     Know the single question not asked was? Mr. FBI man, is there a need for the Independent Commission? Yes, or No? Yes, yes, yes!
     We bring you no to TrumpiLeaks on Russian steroids. And whoa! Very ugly there.
     Drumf has called Dubai, your Russia connection, to reaffirm his non extradictable status. And confirmed, for another 25 Million, Cash. The monies sent.
     Drumf is now eying the enormous axe of death for his top cabinet backstabbers. They are all going to rat him out bigly. One by one and all for the sinister VP who created them all.
     Drumf is finished. Caputo. Finito. The lame duck, el donaldo was soo yesterday. There is no more Drumf. Only the IRS. FEC. SEC. DOJ. and a slew of rat him out big, bigly and bugger everyday. The Drumf among us.
     Si anara and goo  luck. Drumf.