John Blyth

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:26:39 AM | Back to Blygs

      The gentle pleasantries. And then..... there is the swamp. In the knowing that heir Tramp has absolutely no political capitol, there is this white trash wish list? You do the heir Drumf voodoo math?

     70 Billion for the Trump Wall of shame. No mention of any schools near you.
     30 billion dollar Cash infusion (Flown to o' nighmare- lag, Florida) $? For the military. Of course, we all remember the cash billions of the Iraq War flown to Wyoming's very own heartless Dick Cheney and pals. New bills unregistered.
     +++ an un dissss closed amount of $ denials to certain federal grants, namely Sanctuary cities?
     See the swamp creatures who said if you do not like Trimpcare, aka, Pimpcare, you can move to another state.
     It is called a skinny budget? = The better to robbbbbbbb you!

     Let U.S. not forget the Koch bros scortched earth policies of hate
     And know the worldwide power of right wing extremist's systemic hates over protracted decades, your Koch bros, the bishop and Putin.
     There is no doubt. Demagogue hate talk kills.
     God Bless France.