John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:28:09 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connections after Erdogan explained it to your Foreign Agent Trump. No referendum. Why? Because Trump loves a foreign agent. Grover Norquist your right wing extremist, has been to the new Isolationist occupier resident how many times, in 100 days?

     By the numb-eRs, trump stinks. Stinky and finky. And add another swamp creature to the payrollYour Russia connection. Everyday and the Trump affect. See pals of Putin there.

     See pals of Betsy DeVos there, you remember the Ill RGA. Then, the Trump affect and right wing extremist Grover Nroquist robbery since #40, Ronald Reagan.

     Inside Russia. Korea? Russia. Asia. North Korea? Japan. 3.5? Not in U.S. China and North korea. Venezuela? China and North Korea?

     And Trump does not care. Trump has no foreign policy, Trump has no domestic policy and no scruples. = Trump is a total bust. No taxes, nothing. Chaos. Trump voodoo. See the Trump voodoo 1970's speech in WI, the XL pipeline. anything pals of the trimp administration and more
Trimp is the biggest job killing resident in history. Your isolationist freak.
     Trimp killing NAFTA GIVES all U.S. Jobs, Mexico Jobs and Canada Jobs to China. We all know that.
     New Trimp infrrastructure plan? Fogetttt abouttt it. Show your taxes el donaldo. First.
     Made by Mexicans paid by anti wall U.S. taxpayers.
     Get a green felt for all Muslims.
     Anti union, union buster Trump.
     Don't act like you know how to use a tool. Any tool.
     The whole speech in WI is total demagogue Trimp.
     Trump jobs killing heritage is german and nothing but German. Goo  luck.
     See the diversity represented at the speech in WI? The blondies. RGA gov Walker.
     Nobody kills more good jobs than Trump. Nobody.

     Meanwhile, your president Steve hate us all Bannon and heir Grover Idol J. Edgar Hoover Norquist are in Dons jons whooping it up.The bearded laddies. Free everything! All the time, Eeekends trimp free too. See the sneakaboo there. Your wholly owned and strictly controlled all right wing extremist Koch bros Republican Congress. No changes.