John Blyth

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:57:49 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection. See pals of Russia there. No? No? Everyday. Your Dept of Commerce and the Koch bros, Putin. That Russia connection.

     We know the swamp monsters are trying to kill NAFTA.
     We know Trump wants to GIVE all of those NAFTA jobs to China in return for Cina's heavy hands on North Korea.
     We know China is not a fool and we know China is the wiser for insisting on diplomacy, not hostile force and not war.
     The real America wants to thank the world for their patience in dealing with the new U.S. swamp nasty gators of multiple criminal conflictions.
     Grateful to the wise we are, worldwide.
     and soo..... all of the China connection above shows you the anti TPP Obama Act. What the China connection shows is America Last for the next forty years as affected by the Koch bros, President Steve hate us all Bannon and the all right wing extremist Trump administration. = America Last, total ruination.

     Did you know the OMB is looking for the public to come up with ideas to overhaul government services? See swamp monster Mick Mulvaney there, who said, "if you do not like Trumpcare, you can move to another state".
     Please note; swamp monster Mulvaney is only accepting far right wing extremist ideas only,  for the OMB. The koch bros are always open to more extreme cookoo bird ideas of how to kill the government from the insiders swamp.
     The Trump sos cabinet speaks? Swahili for Russia.

     It just gets crazier in the swamp everyday. The conflicted sawmp monsters. Worldwide TV? & a Trump manifesto. Where are Trumps taxes for the last tax free twenty years?

     What's next? President Bannon and trump destroys the Newseum. Keeps the NRA as is.
     The wrong stuff, heir Grover Spies Norquist shall hear of this. Trump loves spies foreign agents. Your Russia connection. And really. When, will the Koch bros register as foreign Spies agents? You know. Since 1957? The Koch bros Iran broken sanctions and much more. Korea 1954+. The Viet Nam McMahon War. Iran Contrra. And the Iraq War. The largest forced immigration since WW2. Now Syria.
     Your pollution Koch bros.