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That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Spies and more spies. Trump is thrilled now. Irma Trump and malaria. Trump has plagued us all. Those Russia connections.

     The Koch bros and Trump Rappers deight. Soo thrilling. That Russia connection.

     Steve Subversion Bannon. Right Wing Extremists spies. Trump and Bannon bitch slapping the GOP. And Trump is thrilled again, the Koch bros too.

     We know Trump's travel plans and administration have cost us all too much for the no working vacationing Drumf among us. Mara -Lago, Camp Badmonster and now more Trump travel swamp creatures. $25,000, for a private phone booth, Pruitt? $98,000 for Heir Vp Pence Super Bowl travel? NFL lovers? Swamp drainers? Philliy to D.C.? Gross, digusting Drumf. Trump voters? Trump-a-rico.
     Donald Trump, the master of self congratulation,

     We know theTrump Tax plan is all for the 1%. And we know Trump is soo thrilled. Trump Tax reform? Refom Trump. 2.4 Trillion dollars robbed for the filthy 1%. And No Regular Order? Again. 

     See the Trump Cuba connection. Total Drumf disater. The bay of Drumf. Tump foriegn policy and the bay of Drumf. No one is more thrilled than Trump. Nobody.

     Those Trump Russia NRA connections. Anarchy and chaos. Targeting to good, paid for by the Koch bros and heavy deep dark monies of the 1%.

     Swamp creatures. Trump stinky crreatures. Trump plagues. Trump disasters. Anti climate Drumf.

     Iraq, Turkey. ISIS. Drumf. Assad, Putin. Catalonia, Spain? Right Wing Extremists. San Juan, Puerto Rico? El Donaldo? El Mailgno. The freak Drumf. El Donaldo. El Maligno Donaldo.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     -  HHS. Optics look terrible. 20 top Trump officials fired and Trump could not care less. See Trump there. Trump. You remember. Trump and your all Republican Congress'sssss. Will the million dollar price pay taxpayers back? Shhhhddddd do boy?

     See your all Republicam Congess robbing us all for the 1% and giving all of the debt to Millennialls. Paul Ryan? Doesn't look very good.

     Your RGA and your "Ratf**cked Congress'sssss. 2017? The Koch bros, Grover NRA Norquist and your RGA. The Koch bros SCOTUS. 2017. All rigged bugly and bigly to, for and by the 1%. No doubt.

     Those Republicans. Your RGA right wing extremist killing unions. Your RGA right wing extremist killing the minimum wage. Put an x there. Your right wing extremist RGA killing Education with pal Betsy Voss. Your Ill gov right wing extremist  RGA. Right Wing Extrmist Pals like that. Your RGA. See the Koch bros SCOTUS Illinois RGA 1% and Grover NRA Norquist here. All are far Right Wing Extremists.

We begin together

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     All over the world. On Angels Day! God Bless All Angels

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Trust in Demagogue Trump. You'll see.....Demagogue Druftopia and add that genuine Trump vernacular there. Tremendous Drumf.

     The massive 1.7 Trillion dollar Drumf Tax hike, 2017, all added to the deficit. Millennialls pay it all and their kids too.
     Trump pays no price, nothing and Trump gets paid bigly. Fat and ugly. Trump gets an 85% cut to his no tax paying self.
     Yes, o'h, yes, yes, yes it is all Massive Tax Cuts for the Koch bros and tax free.
     Massive Tax Cuts for the filthy, paid for by the individual. The inverted triangle of death, for generations. Your insidious Koch bros SCOTUS and see the evil eye of Grover Norquist with your RGA there. Grover Norquist and your anti union RGA. Very ugly damage to Teachers and more. The Koch bros SCOTUS 1%, killingthe working poor, aiding and abbetting right to work RGA States and killing Unions. O'h, it is all inclusive, the killing of America by your Nazi Koch bros, your RGA and the 1%.
     This is a massive Taxpayer Bailout to the 1% who absolutely do not need the money. Crime and criminals, tax free, the dirty inside the swamp job.
     Trump has put his brand on all taxpayers. Everybody put a big "T" over their door or suffer the wrath of the Koch bros, Grover ATM Norquist, your all Republican Congress, Paul Ayn Rand Ryan, Steve subversion Bannon and all Right Wing Extremists for anarchy with chaos. Trump is killing the poor. This Trump Tax plan is welfare for Billionaires. No electoral power at all. Clueless Trump.
     Make pimp Trump Rich Again and tax free. 2017 Trump Tax Cuts for the filthy.
     Trump making wild promises he can not possibly deliver is all Demagogue and all Drumf.
     The Demagogue Drumf repeating lie, 3% annual growth of GDP, on top of current GDP per year is complete Drumf Demagoguery and can not at all be achived even one year of Trump's ten year trojection to hell.
     Let us all remind you now, that Trump's completely failed lifes works, never cared about financing and or who or why, when or where Tump Towers, the Tag Majhal, got built. Only that Trump got paid, nothing else. Now add the Trump brand where Trump gets paid endlessly for albatrose after the fact that Trump scat with all the monies and pays no price, nothing and certainly not taxes. O'h no. Trump never pays his own taxes. Not since 1972. Trumps 4 major bankruptcies and now the final deathnail to all of America, The Trump pimp job Tax cuts (Taxpayer Bailout, all on the defict) 2017.
     You say you are Middle Class? You get nothing but the big Drumf pimp job.
     No net nuetrailty. No rule of law. Trump does not do that. No regular order. A Tax Cut for Corporate only. Smells like, looks like, Drumf.
     No revenues in. No. Only pure debt to the deficit. On top od thr 20 Trillion dollar current debt, 2017. Debt larger than our economy, the first time in history.

     Swamp creatures. Demagogue. Swamp creatures like that. A hot mess. The swampiest. Drumf. Your pal Trump. Drain it all. You remember. Those swamp creatures. And hey, it is all a Trump bigly freebie. Investigations?

     The China connection. U.S. subversion is an ongoing crime. See the legal Congressional definition of subversion here. Paid for by the Koch bros. That Russia connection and your NRA. Trump is a pimp freak. Fishy Tampico, Mexico?

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Trust in Paul Ryan? Yikes! And Trump will be soo involved? You'll see, just like drumf the Healthcare disaster. Trump help like that. 40 days of pain and sufferings for naught, nothing, nada. All Drumf. All Demagoue and all for the Koch bros. Selling the Trump brand of death. Alabama Bannonism branding Right Wing Extremists. The political capitol of failure, Drumf. Shifty, rifty and Drumf. Conservative radio for Nazis. The 2018 elections will drwarf all Trump Bannon Right Wing Extremists.

     No doubt, this massive Trump Tax 1.7 Trillion dollars will be added to the deficit and paid for by Millennialls. Why? Because it is not paid for and all Republican Congress approved. 2018? Your all Republican Congress'sssss, burning us down at both ends of the sticht.

     Those all Republican fiscal hawks? Poof! All gone, No more. Zippo. Nada, nowhere. Went the way of the Dodo bird.
     How to pay for the Koch bros 1.7 Trillion dallar Tax Cuts? You guessed it? Add it all to the deficit and leave no child a dime. Rob 'em and ruin 'em. All of 'em. Trust in Paul Ryan, that CBO nightmare. 2018?

     See Trump stabbing the GOP again. Stabbage. And see Trump messing up jobs sites for the worse. Why? No reason, just for Trump to inject nastyness for nastyness and derision, same as the NFL. Purposeful malice with intent, Drumf. The clear picture of Trump, your NRA hassa. See Trump Pals there. Pals like that. Pal of China. And Pals of the Koch bros.

We begin together

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     In Puerta Rico. Maria Trump. The Drumf among us. Tuesday? We really should be experts by now?

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. The irritated bowel dawg, Drumf. This Russia connection. All that money flowing in and out of the RNC.
Those donations began flowing to the Republican National Committee, the group says, just as Trump was on the verge of securing the Republican nomination and culminated in two large gifts – totaling $1.25 million – from these individuals to the Trump inaugural fund following his victory. That Russia connection and Trump divisiveness.

     The Koch bros inverted triangle and America on it's ear for decades..Individual Taxpayers financing the filthy rich 1%. All Congressionally approved and for Koch bros decades.
     Increasing the wealth divide.
     Stagnating wages.
     Reinforcing the non minimum wage, the non living wage and completely stagnating American growth for decades. - 2.5 of GDP for Koch bros decades.
     The Koch bros Trump inverted triangle is the scorched earth policies of hate against America by Right Wing Extremists and the Drumf among us.
     Serfdom USA. The Koch bros inverted triangle of servitude and suppressions, endlessly to death.
     Let us not forget Grover ATM Tax Norquist here and there. The Fink. The only growth of GDP is Trump's nose, up in the dairy aire. You'll see, Tremendous Trump Tax Reform Disaster. Looks like, smells like, Drumf and your all Republican Congress. Drumf Taxes?
     Cutting the Corporate Tax rate by 1% = 1 Trillion dollrs over ten years. Not since 1986. 1993?
     Transparency and Regular Order are important.
     Trump does not tell or say how he will pay for his tax cuts. Trump will pay for it all by trpling the deficit. Demagogue Drumf will not and does not say how he will pay for tax cuts. The Trump Tax plan relies on growth of GDP per year of 3% added to whatever GDP is now today. Trust Paul Ryan and Donald Trump? Like the Bismark and torpedoes. Trust Paul Ayn Rand Ryan, Drumf. Now see the middle class ahnihilated by Drumf, leaving only the poor and the rich. Serfdom for the Koch bros. Trust the Koch bros, Paul Ryan and the GOP Drumf.

     Alabama? Steve subversion Bannon. Steve subversion Bannon.

     Those Russia connections and swamp creatures. Pals like that who fluked R & R. = Yes, another Trump Investigation. And nobody likes an Investigation like Trump. Nobody. Trump is soo Investigated. Now trump has a new OSHA 
Invetigation into the Drumf hell hole

      Pueto RicoNorth Korea. Japan. China. Japan. China. Japan. Kurdistan. Iraq?

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Harmfull legislation. bad for America. Drumfcare and your all Republican Congress, 2017. You'll see, tremendous Trump Disaster. And getting worse by the day. Trump and the GOP have massacred U.S. Healthcare. Now, all Americans will pay the price of Trump, GOP Drumfcare failures. But not Congress and not Trump, they do not pay for their failures, we do and it is all soo Drumf wrong.

     What's next? You guessed it? Backlash and death. You'll see, Tremendous Calamity.

     Harmfull legislation. Now see the real America. The Graham Cassidy Bad Bill and the Drumf response.
     Alabama and those Republicans. Democrats? Those Demacrats.

     The House. The Senate? And Dons jons.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. The irritated bowel dawg, Drumf. Soo Wrong. Soo Un American. Steve Populist Bannon and Heir Vp Pence too.

     "MALA." We know Trump is all for himself. And nothing but Make Trump Rich Again. Trump is awful. Make America Last Again. Why? Because it is all about Trump's money and nothing else. Trump could not care less.

adjective: awful
very bad or unpleasant.
"the place smelled awful"
synonyms: disgusting, horrible, terrible, dreadful, ghastly, nasty, vile, foul, revolting, repulsive, repugnant, odious, sickening, nauseating; More

Trump is doubling down on Voter Suppressions to re-insure your all Republican "Ratf**ked Congress and to re-elect the unfit, inelligible fraud Drumf.
The RGA and Grover NRA Norquist are key players in the ongoing ruinization of America. Aka, "MALA."

Shrinking the elctorate by Trump Voter Suppression is a constonant of the Koch bros play book and is completely Right Wing Extremist.
The 43%? That did not vote. Trump and the Koch bros are preying on you apathy and laziness. Completely manipulated to and for wrongful effects. Mandatory voting is a solution.
Your Koch bros SCOTUS has helped to defeat and gutted Voters Rights for a long time and continuing.

Crackbook, paid in rubles is a crime, do you know that?
The Robert Mercers, Cambridge Analytica same.
Those Russia connections. Julian Assange and add the (R) there. Wikileaks, wholly owned by Putin and for Drumf lovers. A colaition of Right Wing Extremists for the ruinment of America. "MALA." Andrew Snowden and private fink manning?

Weaponized multi media platforms against America and paid for in Koch bros rubles.
Propaganda driven right wing extremist talk radio and medias. Demagogue datribes. Repating wrongful anythings.
Spies. Trump loves spies.
Communications, on going contacts, weaponized multi media platforms with exceedingly accurate informations and pinpoint targetings all paid for and supplied by the Koch bros. Those Russia connetions Koch bros.
The probing of electoral roles per State was far too in depth.
Oligarchs everywhere, rubles too it is all those Russia connections.

That RNC probe? Nobody ever saw any of that comissery of Russia confluences? Looks like, smells like, Drunf.
The need for the Independent Commission. Your all Republican Congress, the GOP, the RNC, Trump and the Koch bros killed that!
De-Stabilizing Democracies, sowing divisions of every kind, espcially the race card at every nastier turn for the ruinization of all. ""MALA." Trump and  theRight Wing Extremist Koch bros worldwide. Anti EU, anti NATO and anti USA, all for anarchy and chaos. The Russia connection.

No rule of law. Donald Trump. The Russia connection and the Koch bros. Please note Grover ATR Norquist is all for the Drumf.

Drumf reform? Tax cuts for the Koch bros, Cartels and big business = Trillions of dollars on America's credit card, the deficit.
Where are Trum's taxes? Since 1972.

You'll see, Trump looking like, smelling like Drumf. Everyday.

Now Trump is stabbing the GOP in the back again. 1.7 Trillion dollars in lost revenues. Koch bros Dave Camp ideas? Trump GOP stabbage. And see 1 Trillion dollars robbed from States. Drumfage.
The middle class robbed bigly.

Sound good? Beware.

If you save for retirement or itemize your tax deductions, you could end up paying thousands of dollars more after tax reform than you do now. To help pay for promised cuts, lawmakers are trying to raise revenue elsewhere. 

And the best place to get this money may be the millions of Americans who use deductions and other such strategies to lower their tax bills.

Upper-middle-class taxpayers in particular could face a triple whammy. On the table are limits on—or even the elimination of—three of their favorite tax perks: deductions for mortgage interest and for state and local taxes and the ability to make pre-tax 401(k) retirement contributions. Rob you bigly.
Your all Republican Congress and the Drumf among us. Goo  luck.

And soo.....once again, we see Big Corporate Cartels paying no taxes and getting more tax breaks from Drumf and the GOP.

And once again, we see the individual taxpayer, not Trump getting totally screwed in Drumf tax reform.

Corporate Welfare, aka, Trump Voodoo Tax Reform, paid for by the individual taxpayer to finance your all Republican, all for Corporate Congress'sssss endlessly doing it all for the Koch bros.

You do the Voodoo Drumf Congress math here.
Big Corporate is currently paying no taxes. Supposedly at the 35% rate.
Drumf reform will let Big Corporate pay taxes at the 20%  rate.
That means, = Big Corporate will now no longer pay taxes Ever. Why? Because Big Corporate will now get that whopping 15% write off before it has to pay zero taxes on the 20%. Effectively taxing, starting at the 85% rate of net revenues.
Individual taxpayers will pay for all of the differences with their own wretched serfdom lives. Endlessly, till death.
Donald Trump does not pay taxes since 1972 and will not pay taxes.
Net Revenue nuetral? Drumf does not abide by the rule of law. So foorrgettaboutitt. Rob you bigly. Trump's Taxes?

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     We know Republicans are not the enemy.
     You do know Republicans are not the enemy. Tennessee.

     Thank You to Senators John McCain, Collins and all others who vote No to Drumfcare, Koch bros care.

     The VietNam War. Trump dodged that War 5 times. Why? Because it is all about divisiveness by Trump. And do you see the National Russia Association now? Aka, Your Grover Norquist NRA. Wrong for anarchy. Wrong for chaos, Donald Trump among us. Wrong for right wing extremists. Steve Subversion Bannon.

     Nyet, no all republican backlash there. O'h no. No eleven hour grilling in that all Republican swamp.

     Trump has no clue, just show Trump the money.

      Tremendous. Graham Cassidy and the death of Trumpcare. Soo Tremendous. Bad stuff. Soo Tremendous, you don't know what healthcare is?  Trump is failure, Tremendous Trump, you'll see. Complete Trump Failure. Drumf. Tremendous Catastrophy.

We begin together

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     In Puerta Rico. San Jaun. Puerta Rico and hurricane Trump? The Drumf among us. There is Donald Trump now. Your Pal Trump. Tuesday next? Mara-Lago first.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Drumfcare and Trump is thrilled now. Trump is soo thrilled. No major legisltive accomplisments, zero.  See the National Russia association there. Aka, The NRA. There is Trump now.

     This Russia connection and Russia Agents.
     Steve Subversion Bannon in Alabama? Robert Mercer, the anti EU.
     Heir Vp Mike Pence could casrt the deciding vote for Drumfcare. But. Vp Pence is in IN, Alabama and Wisconsin raising fat monies for the GOP?

     Unpopular Trump. Unfit, inelligable and the complete fraud. The completely failed Isolationist policies of Subversionist Steve Bannon. Trump is totally thrilled now. See pals of Drumf there. Pals like that.
     See Trump and the Koch  bros. H.R. 1628? 2 Trillion, All for the Koch bros.
     That Russia connection and the Drumf among us.

     Germany. Japan. Germany. North Korea. Germany. Kurdistan? Germany. Kurdistan. Germany. North Korea. Germany. North Korea. Germany. "MALA" Drumf. Make America Last Again. Kurdistan.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Drunfcare7 years of "Ratf**ked". When everbody says no, we do not want that, Trump and the Republicans double down on No Regular Order, ignorance with malice.

     Your all Republican Congress. No Regular Order. Why? Because "Ratf**ked can. And it is no good. Those Republicans. Drumfcare.

     Equifax. Now Deloitte?

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

Sunday is Church day

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     En ustedes bario. Oaxaca, Mexico.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. The irritated bowel dawg, Drumf. See lots of Drump pals there. Drump Pals like that.

     Kurdistan referendum? Iraq? Kurdistan. The Middle East and more . Middle East Weaponry? Felix Sater? The NRA? Russia? The Russian mob, NYC?

     Steve Bannon. Demagogues. You'll see. The Trumpcare disaster. 18 Million robbed. Medicaid cuts. Children, robbed to death and there is no question, your RGA is the bigly fat winner. The RGA. The Republican Governors Association, aka, Robbing Government Assets. Your "Ratf**ked" RGA. Looks like, smells like, Drumf. Paid for by the Koch bros decades ago. There is Drumf now thrilled like Dotard. Thrilling.

     Your all Republican Congress and Drumfcare. You'll see. Loyalties to the fool. Will Spicers copious notes burn Trump? Steve Bannon? Heir Vp Pence? The RNC? The entire GOP? Documents in a safe? Griftiness? Cashing in nature of this administration? Trump's missing $107 Million Innaugaration monies with zero accountability? Used to pay Trump;s slush fund, stay out of jail fees?
     Those Russia connections and Trump's neckbone. Documents in a Trump safe?
     Iran. China.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     How long has your all Republican right wing extremist Congress'sssss been assaulting U.S. by taking away all the securty nets of our great society? Your State?

     a. Since pre Civil War?
     b. Since 1890?  Or since 1924?
     c. It was incorporated into the original U.S. Farm Policy and never left?
     d. Since 1950 Green Bay?
     e. Damn the yankees and since the KKK, 1930's?
     f. Since the Cubs won the World Series?
     g. Since the new world oder?
     h. Since Trump was born with the bigly Slap 71 years ago? Or? Since Narcissism?
     i. Since Trump dodged the VietNam War five times?
     j. Ever since those darn democrats?
     k. When # 43 robbed Al Gore?
     l. Last week, but only in tea party land? Right Wing Extremists.
     m. When Fred Koch went to build gasoline plants for the Nazi?
     n. When Fred koch built Oil refineries for Joe Stalin?
     o. Dupont. Before during and after agent orange?
     p. Since Trump went orange? Or? Since Trump stoped paying taxes in the 1970's?
     q. When Trump became busoom buddies with Steve Bannon who pays no price, nothing for Foriegn Policy derangements and same domestic policy abhorents?  The same Steve Bannon Trump who got paid bigly rat? Scat with the cash, that Carl Ucahn Wall Street friend of Tump with the fat dough. ? Tax free.
     r. Since the Republican Governors Association was established by Grover NRA Norquist? Aka Robbing Government Assets. Aka, The National Russian Association. Aka, Your NRA. ?
     s. sssss.? Congress and "MALA"? Or? The Contract Against America?
     t. Double crossing lobbyists and Pals of the swamp since the robber baron days NY?
     u. Ever since the new deal?
     v. Since Sad Vlad Putin?
     w. Since the 43% that could not be bothered to vote?
     x. Since, the when it all happened 1960's?
     y. Why? Because the Koch bros have never been mentioned in any official U.S. documents. But if you want a date on that, Since SCOTUS, Scalia, Alito and Gorsuch, but really any date will do?
     z. Since demagogue Drumf was elected? And free private jets for all the swamp creatures in Dons jons.

We begin together

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     In Pyongyang, North Korea. Japan? North Korea? Japan. North Korea. North Korea.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. This is the real Trump. The virtual pimp, Trump. Why? Because it is all about make pimp Trump Rich Again. That includes all of his Vulture Corporate Raiders Cabinet. Virtual crime. Stealing your data for Corporate pro business applications. The dirty all inside the swamp job. Who would do such a thing in ever increasingly bold thievages?

     Heir Pence and that Russia connection. Right wing Extremists. Swamp creatures. Spies & Pals like that. Spy Pals like the Trump regime. That genuine all new heir Pence hiree. Thrrilling and where will all of that data go?  Gee? Let's guess?
     Well? All of that data could go to Experian and other like minded Corporate thievages worldwide.

     1. Trump taxes and the Koch bros
     2. Trump is such a downer  man.
     3. This Russia connection.
     4. Trump tarrif anti globalist Steve Bannon policy and the Steve Bannons war against China.
     5. Smelling the Drumf job. The Koch bros.
     6. The Drumf Pence Pals like that. After the facts, another Drumf punt to Pals in Congress. Only, where did all that money and data go? Panama? Panama Trump  papers?
     7. Trump Pals like that?
     8. Those Russia connections.
     9. These Russia connections.
     10. Phil Griffin, Urbiel? And Konstantin Kilimnik? Victor Yanakovich? Ukraine? Kurdistan? The RNC and Sergey, Sergey, Sergey Kislyak. Russia. Foriegn Agents?
     11. Your Russia Trump connections. 13 Catagories of Rikers. No Escape.
     12. Your all Republican GOP.
     13. Publishing. Unsexy? Putin Trump. Secret Black Ledgers? 12.7 Million dollars to Froiegn Agents. Oleg Derapaska. Kapersky? Kiev. Kostya, GRU? Since 2006 10 Million annually from Putin, Kostya GRU.
     14. That Drumf administration.
     15. Drumf lovers.
     16. Trumpcare, a complete mess. You'll see. "MALA" Make america Last Again by the Drumf among us. Heir Pence seconds the motion to rob us all.
     17. Now Trump wants to kill the Oceans and all in it.

     Mexico. North Korea? Germany. Venezuela? Germany. Japan. Venzuela? China. Venzuela? Cuba. Iraq? China. China.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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    Your treasonous Criminal Congress. Holding us all hostage to and for Right Wing Extremists. No Regular Order. And really, just damn the entire constitution, crimnals do not do rules nor orders. 2017? And your RGA. 18 Million (Citizens) people robbed to death. A Stinkarue? Be nice to kangaroos. Towing the GOP Party line of complete failure with malice.

     Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress with your "Ratf**ked RGA. Robbing Government Assets. Everyday.
     See Steve Bannon bitch slapping your all Republican Congress there and whoa, what a mess that will be. The demagogue right wing extremist way. And hey, the Republicans can bring back Bebe to make sure it all gets done that way.

     A federalist lie. Nazi Trump, Pence Graham, Cassidy. the entire GOP lie. See the RGA there. It is all the Koch bros. Propaganda conservative Nazi radio and Steve bannon. Why? Because there is no federalism in Drumf Isolationist policy, only the need for Trump greed. The Trump RGA race to the bottom. 240 Billion robbed from the ACA and everyone robbed. Caps Medicaid. 120 Billion robbed from Medicaid. Children robbed to death. Your Trump Cabinet monsters. Trump Pals like this.


We begin together

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     On the 17th Parallel. That Trump free zone? See the Donald NRA Trump there.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Looks like. smells like Drumf and add the genuine Trumf vernacular there to what's his face. Why? Because it is all dark monies, unaccountable and dirty Finks everywhere in Dons jons.
     No one would be surprised to learn the National Russia Association, aka, the Grover NRA Norquist is also funding Trump's stay out of jail connections.
     Trump's Brand name merchandising (hats, mugs and assorted novelty gag gifts) monies went to Trump's stay out of jail legal fees.
     Then, there is that missing 50 million dollars from Trump's Innagauration that is sure to pay for Trump's stay out of jail legal fees. Paid for by Trump's Las Vegas Casino gumba and pocketed by Drunf. No accounting and no accounts.
     Your Isolationist resident occupier and the China connection. "MALA" Trump Drumf.
     Those Republicans? Spies. And your Koch bros EPA.
     Trump swamp creatures making it all rife for the stealings of Trump Cabinet Vulture Corporate Raiders and your RGA.
     Disolving the Watchdogs that exposed Trump University as a massive fraud.
     Disolving the Watchdogs that could and should expose the entire Charter Schools massive fraud scam nationwide along with the RGA. Especially in Kalamazoo, Michigan.
     Do not forget Steve Populist Bannon. You remember Steve Robert Mercer Right Wing Extremist Bannon.
     Heir Vp Pence is all in to rob millions of their insurance, Medicaid and much more. While Heir Pence is raising dark monies for himself. Heir Pence can smell Drumfs job. And you know it is all bigly Koch bros sabotage there.

     Kurdistan? Venezuela. The China connection and Drumf Isolationism. Roboso, Mexico.

     Those Russia connections.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Your all republican "Ratf*ked" Congress robbing Bilions form Mediciaid. All Republican thievage. Robbing Government Assets. Robbing your health insurance. Robbing children and robbing U.S. all, your all Republican "Ratf**ked" Congress'sssss. Every day.

     U.S. healthcare should be a right, not a Koch bros commodity. Get us out of the for profit Koch bros Cartels and put U.S. into the Not for profit U.S. People Healthcare for all.
     No CBO Score. No Regular Order and the Drumf among us.
     Congress Robbing Women.
     When everybody says no, don't do it. Trump and Congress double down on ignorance with malice.
     Sinister and dirty, dirty dirty your all Republican Congress, 2017.

     RNC dirty dark monies everywhere.

We begin together

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     All over the world. The VietNam War. And a review. You remember

     The same VietNam War Trump dodged five times.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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      The Russia connection. Trump and the Koch bros Deconstructing the State Dept. Cutting the State Dept is all Right Wing Extremist Steve populist Bannon and complete joy to Putin. To be sure, the Nazi Koch  bros are thrilled like drumf.

     North Korea?  Trump? This Russia connection & Wiseguys.

     Korea? Japan. The China connection. Korea. Russia. Spies. Switzerland? Roboso, Mexico
     We know Trump will make beatiful mentions of his Pal Putin in the UN.
     We all know, it was Putin and Assad that destabilized the region and told the world to pay all of the bills. The largest immigration since World War 2. All Putin. That lead to Brexit and humanitariian crisis worldwide.
     In fact, Trump may blow Putin purty little kisses in the UN. Trump loves that.

     Swamp creatures. Iran and Russia? Trump get's the big 3 pillars snub job and the Ambassador of Korea was not at the UN either.


Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     RGA attrition. GOP attrition. Koch bros attrition. "MALA" Make America Last Again. The killing of America, demagogue Trump.

     DACA. Your Medicaid and those RepublicansDACA. Those Republicans. U.S. Healthcare.  A Better Deal? Bring it on and add Child Care, a must.

     U.S. Health Care? No Regular Order? No CBO Score. Those Republicans. 100 Billion cut to Medicaid. Killing the ACA, see the Koch bros and Trump there.
     Nazi Drumf and Koch bros Pals. The Drumf among us. Hell bent. U.S. Healthcare, a commodity, not a right. Trump has no idea what this is?
     Your Koch bros, Trump, right wing extremist, Congress'sssss scorched earth policies of hate for hell. Soo wrong to mess with everybody's lives. Do you see your RGA now? No? How about now. Do not let right wing extremist Republicans rob our health care. Vote NO to pimp us all Trump, the Koch bros and your RGA robbing us all.

     Publishing, social media and more? Spies. Those Russia connections. The FCC? Congress? What was the all Right Wing Extremist entity that allowed it all to happen? Endlessly. You guessed it. The National Russia Association, aka Grover NRA Norquist.

     MLB. Power Rankings.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. The UN Trump. Unlimited dark monies funding Dons jons. Soo ugly and getting worse by the day. See Drumf's new OGEthics? Touting it is quite all right for unlimited undisclosed dark monies to fund all of Dons jons and those heir Vp Pence Russia connections.

     Trump goes to the UN today. For what? Nobody knows. Trump is completely irrelevant to all.

     There is Trump now. Yikes? You'll see.  Mr. Dip lomacy. So Sad. Drumf Foriegn Policy Nightmare. Note the demagogue among us and see, the big Spiff there.

     Jose Trump. Plagues. Maria Trump.

     Un residential Drumf, the Spiff is thrilled now. Cetainly unapologetic. The Spiff Drumf is thrilled again with that Russia connection.

     Trump sold us out. Another Trump connection. Meanwhile, spy Pals scat with the cash. 1.46 million  10 = ? 1.46 million X 20 = Pals like that. The stock too.


Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     You RGA and attrition. Cartels. And make pimp trump rich again. Swamp creatures.

We begin together

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     In Washington, D.C.

Sunday is Church day

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     Please attend the Church of your choice and make new freind today.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. The irritated bowel dawg, Drumf with a bad rash all down Trump's backside. We know. The Fink among us, Trump. And this Russia connection. You may be quite sure the Koch bros were and are all in that. Up, down and over. Those Russia connections.

     Now, add that genuine Trump vernacular there and see what's his face.

     Nobody likes these State Department cuts more than Putin.

     Swamp creatures. Steve Populist Bannon Pals. And El Donaldo's Bastardo.
     Trump Spy Pals like that. And El Maligno. "MALA" = Make America Last Again. The Drumf among us. Adios Donaldo.

     We know Trump has apologized for nothing. The Drumf among us. Trump makes no apologies. See Trump's entire swamp creatures cabinet. And no, no Trump apologies there, here or anywhere. That Russia connection. Trump Apology? Drumf wants an apology? Apologetic Trump? No. Trump makes no apologies.

     Searing the Trump brand. See Trump, branding Trump voters.

     ""MAGA twitter is absolutely on fire right now. His hardcore supporters seem shocked that Trump is a lousy deal maker who breaks his promises.""  As Trump sears the Trump brand all over Trump voters, one time all time. And Trump voters? Do not think you are the only Trump has scurged.

     Those 3 Congressional Committees?

     Juggalo in the swamp. See Trump there. Trump fans in the swamp.

     Korea? Japan. Korea. London. Guam? London? UK. BoE? London.

     El Donaldo's Bastardo in New York and Trump mockery, defiance of the law. See swamp creatures run amok. America Last. The Drumf among us.

     London. Korea. London. The China connection. Japan. Kurdistan. Iran. London.

     Unadorned Drumf. 'Oddly adolescent?" Or? An Addolt. Completely Unresidential. Clinicly Narcissistic. Foreign Agents. & The heir Vp Mike Pence Russia connections. David Apol, Swamp creature for unlimited Koch bros monies to fund the white house, now known as Dons jons.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Congress. Florida? Your all Republican Congress'sssss will not do U.S. Immigration. And see the Nazi 1924 U.S. Immigration Act, starring eugenics sponsors, the Johnson Reed Act. Drumf and those Republicans.

     There is something about this? Tax Reform? Foorgettaboutitt. Trump voters.

     California and so goes the nation. Trump denied. Coast to coast.

     U.S. healthcare? It is all Congress.

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     Hunger Walk. In Chicago, 2017. & Publishing.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Trump is thrilled with that and swamp creatures.

     Spies. Those Russia connections. And Virtual Crimes? 

       Virtual crime or in-game crime refers to a virtual criminal act that takes place in a massively multiplayer online game (MMOG), usually an MMORPG. The huge time and effort invested into such games can lead online "crime" to spill over into real world crime, and even blur the distinctions between the two. < Better doink all of that.
     Do not look for a Congressional update there. Oh' no. "Do you know what that would mean?" < Paul Ryan.
     Virtual Collusion. = See Donald Trump.
     Virtual Conspiracy to committ and the completely anti virtual anything Trump. The freak aong us.
     Of course there is nothing new about the anti virtual RUSSIA Trump of the last 35 years and counting.
     Spies and spies like Steve Bannon, heir Pence, El Donaldo and the Nazi Koch bros.

     Dream killer Trump and the bad Drunf affect. Antifa for Trump = Anarchy for chaos. The Drumf among us.

     Swamp creatures and the need for greed. $25,000 dollars per hour. It's all Drumf.

     Korea. BOE? Venezuela? Acapulco, Mexico. Japan. The China connection. Iran. Russia. Iran. Russia. Iran. Russia. Iran. Assad. Russia. Tunisia. Nepal.

     Saipu, Nepal - Three weeks after US President Donald Trump announced that "as of today, the United States will cease all implementation of the… Paris Accord," Shiva, a subsistence farmer in the Nepali village of Saipu, says: "It's like God is mad and has disappeared and something evil is taking over the sky."

"Look at my corn. It's thirsty, but there is no water any more." He pauses and then quietly adds, "climate change. The people who are causing this are killing us."

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Fickle, funky and flipid. Drumf. See Clarity on DACA issues. Those Republicans? DACAThoese Republicans?
     U.S. Healthcare and anything for the Koch bros. Those Republicans. U.S. Healthcare. Nazi Trump has hardened his black heart..See your irritated bowel dawg, drumf. Very ugly.

     Trump tax reform = Bigly $ for the Koch bros. Enjoy the voodoo in the swamp. And, you may want to see that again? Your Pal, Voodoo Trump, 2017? Or antebellum 1800's NaziKoch bros? Foorgettaboutitt.

We begin together

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     In Florida. We know Trump could have opened Mara- Lago to the needy with it's generators for air conditioning, comfort and food. Could have served hundreds per day. But no.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Foriegn Agents. Spies and the end of Trump.

     There is Trump now with his Russia connections.

     The Drumf among us after Hillary threw the election. See the universal response and feeling the Bern.

     Those Russia connections. & Swamp creatures.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     To say Congress has not kept up with Congressional updates is to note any progress for America by these all Republican Congress'sssss. Pitiful is not the word. Criminal is the definition. A little bit of constarnation? After the facts of massive wholesale thievages, all for the money. $5 bucks a sale. How much did the bad boys really make on $5 X 160 million? = What Congress did not do for us.
     Because it is and are these all Republican Congress'sssss that allow our browsers to be robbed at will 24/7. Costing all, millions and millions of wasted man hours of futility. Purposeful hate, with malice for all. It is Congress'sssss job to fix soo many ills and wrongs, but no and continuing. Leaving us all in the Koch bros antebellum south of the 1800,s. Complete failure and all on calculated malice purpose. Now Congress, by failure and with malice want to make it all even easier for the bad guys to rob us more under Drumf regulatory cuttings. Everyday.
     Just the same as Congress allows Rx prices to be hijacked at 6,000%. Shkreli and all of the rest.
     Congress will not work for us.
     And, in fact these all Republican Congress'sssss have been working against us for far too long.
     Your "Ratf**ked" Congress'sssss.

     The Senate and what about that bogus House investigation by your all Republican Congress? Who started that mess?

     U.S. Healthcare? And complete Koch bros GOP failure.

     Cleveland? Cleveland.

We begin together

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     In Florida. Los Bibliotecas.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection and your irritated bowel dawg, Drumf. Sinister.

     We know Hillary threw the election. Nazi Eugenics.
"I think he's being played," Clinton said of Trump, suggesting that he's given aid and comfort to Russia's Vladimir Putin and North Korea's Kim Jong Un. "I think he doesn't even understand the kind of strategic overview of what's happening in the world, and what we need to be doing to prepare, and so I'm gonna keep speaking out."

     Your antebellum freak' ssss holding America hostage to the past.

     Now, Hurricane Drumf, is threatening all of the cities nearest you. And it will be ugly. Just make sure Trump gets all of the municiple bills, not local taxpayers.

     2.5 Million for Trump Pals and DACA gets the shaft. Your Dream killer Drumf.
     America Last. The Drumf among us.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Those Republicans?

We begin together

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     In Florida. Swamp creatures. Irma Trump.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Everyday. We know Trump is a phony person;
something that is phony; a counterfeit or fake. 5. an insincere, pretentious, or deceitful person: He thought my friends were a bunch of phonies.
     But. Did you know Trump is raising your prices to the ridiculous! Trump is making tech way too expensive and Trump is driving up crime rates nearest you. Please note all profits are U.S. Tax Free, all Trump approved, and no, those phones are not made in America. Now see Nazi Trump and heir Pence Pals robbing the snot out of you everyday.
     Give your data to Donald Trump and heir VP Pence, Pals like that. Everyday. As Drumf, Pence Pals like this double down again, on all for Corporate ignorance with bliss. And it is all a freebie for the Nazi Koch bros. They used to call it Spectre, now, they call them Sssssfinkter.

     Miss Texas and science. There is Trump now. You remember Trump? There is Trump and trump is thrilled. The Drumf among us.

     Harvey and Irma Trump. Irma Trump. El Donaldo's Irma. Now comes El Donaldo's bastardo.

     Those Pence phonies. Why? Because Pence did and does all of Dons jons hirings.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Your all Republican Congress? What a Jip. See your all new Good Congress to come. Why? Because we need all new blood in Congress. The present all Republican Congress'sssss have gamed and gleamed all. And they must go.

     Conservativism? = Nazi Koch bros Ayn Rand diatribe.
     Right Wing Extremist Populism? = Steve Bannon roaching out America and got paid bigly for it, pays no price. Steve Bannon and the Drumf among us, Make America Last. Complete loosers.
     Radicalized Grover NRA Libertarianism Norquist, since 1980? And the penalty is? See pals of radicalized right wing extremist Grover NRA Norquist there.
     It is all Fascist garbage, complete failure and beset to inflict masse harm on and against all peoples not Nazi.
     U.S. Cartels. = Your completely gamed all for Corporate Caucus Koch bros JBS of Hate Congress'sssss. And it all must end with the advent of millennials in Congress. Kill all the dinosaurs and monsters among us. They truely serve no purpose, but to hate. They are a death culture and never should have been allowed in any fashion, nor demagogue fascist propaganda ways and means.
     Those Republicans. Civility?  2018? A loyal base? Or Trump mutineers? And we all remember how Trump treats his own with those viscious cuts, hacks and stabbings. Why? Because Trump loves howling for undermine. Guess who there? You guessed it, Grover NRA Norquist, aka, National Russia Associates.

     Michigan and more.

We begin together

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     Grover NRA Norquist Day. Paid for by the Koch bros. Yet, don't there ever be a mention? Not here, not there not anywhere? See everywhere and the Drumf among us.

     Here, we must pause and say Thank You to all sources who have contributed to our goodness with Pro's not of this one, but the elegantcy of excellence unsurpassed.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection and Trump's free house Mara-Lago. $200,000 to get in. Make Trump Rich Again.

     Irma Trump. Mara- thievo. The federal government should Not pay Mara-Lago again. Irma Trump? Donald Trump should have opened Mara-Lago as a Shelter for all. But, no. Oh' no.  Sea Trump's Irma and denial.

     This Russia connection. & That Russia connection. Irma Trump.

     The Pence factor? Not so curious how much Steve Bannon likes the VP? Irma Trump and Pal Rx Rush.

     See Grover NRA Norquist, aka, National Russia Association there.

     These Russia connections and Trump Pals like that. The America Last policies of Steve Bannon and Trump. Complete failure, with malice for all. Your EPA and Koch bros Cartels.

     Korea. Japan. London. China, the anti Trump and Russia.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Congress? Congress. Congress. Steve Bannon. Those Republicans. U.S. Immigration, Katrina.

     U.S. Healthcare? Those Republicans? Your U.S. HealthcareYour all Republican Congress. U.S. Immigration. Harvey.

     The Koch bros Congress. All for the Koch bros. Dancing? Hissing and groaning. U.S. Immigration, Irma Trump.

     Your Republicans. Fuming and ripping. Those Republicans. U.S. Immigration, Jose Trump. Alabama.

     Congess and America's Credit Rating? See your all no Republican Congress. And guess who?

     Your all Republican Congress'sssss. Think you know U.S. Immigration?
The Immigration Act of 1924 limited the number of immigrants allowed entry into the United States through a national origins quota. The quota provided immigration visas to two percent of the total number of people of each nationality in the United States as of the 1890 national census. 
     Parts and Eugenics. See SCOTUS, your RGA and your all Republican Congress'sssss. And the Nazi Drumf among us.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Trump and the completely failed globalist vs populist Isolationist president steve Bannon. Making America Last. Economic white trash Nationalism. Trump, Bannon. Threatening the world with depression.

     See Steve Economic Nationalist Bannon there.

     The great manipulator. A wing man? A moral equivalacy? A globalist vs a populist? Complete demagoguery. Steve hate us all Bannon.
     Economic Nationalism? Practicing and threatening us with world wide genicide and doom.

     Economic nationalism refers to an ideology favoring policies that emphasize domestic control of the economy, labor, and capital formation, even if this requires the imposition of tariffs and other restrictions on the movement of labor, goods and capital.     

     Economic War with China is catastrophe. White Nationalist's Steve bannon and pimp us all Trump. Make America Last. Meanwhile the all Vulture Capitalist Corporate Raiders Trump Cabinet clean up for just pennies on the dollar, world globalist wide. Korus and the Isolationist failure Drumf cabinet.
     Steve Bannon while DeConstructing the Administrative State, practicing and threatening us with depression. All the while, the Koch bros have practiced suppression of the masses for decades. Steve Populist Bannon Demagoguery. DeConstructing the Administrative State.

     When everyone says we don't want it, don't do it, Trump does it. Then Trump doubles down on it, all ways wrong. The ruinization of America.

     Swamp creatures and Mara Lago Irma Trump. On the bus, trying to get out? Whack - mole DrumfDate killer Trump. Irma Trump.

     We know, Irma is Trump's step daughter. And we know Irma does not like Trump. Irma Trump. See Trump's angry step daughter, Irma Trump there. Your Irma Trump.

     Korea. Japan. The China connection and spies. Korea. Japan. Canada.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Your all Republican CongressAnd Trump, pimp us all gratitude. Steve bannon. Those Republicans? Abandoning Revenue Neutral.  And a Trumpectomy. A Government Shutdown? Trump ruling by crisis.

     Abandoning Revenue Nuetral is all Republican Congress bad and raises the national debt.

We begin together

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     In Woodlawn. Full of Pssibilities. Come to Woodlawn today. Be a part of all things good in Chicago.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     Power Rankings.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Trump the abhorent. And the Drumf among us.

inspiring disgust and loathing; repugnant.
"racial discrimination was abhorrent to us all" See Steve Populist Bannon there.
synonyms: detestable, hateful, loathsome, despicable, abominable, execrable, repellent, repugnant, repulsive, revolting, disgusting, distasteful, horrible, horrid, horrifying, awful, heinous, reprehensible, obnoxious, odious, nauseating, offensive, contemptible

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Labor Day, 2017. RGA. Your right wing extremist Ill gov RGA. Trump the abhorent. And Pro- Labor.

     Congress? Your all Republican Congress? Those Republicans. 6 in 12. = 13.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. UnAmerican, your Nazi Trump Fascist Pence Make America Last. You'll see, complete Drumf failure. Pals like that and spy Pals like this. Add that Trump verncular there.

     That Russia connection and the unfit, inelligable fraud of Trump.

     This Russia connection. Foriegn Agents and Foriegn Monies. Tactics? Hackers for hire. Spies. Tremendous experience with Russian. Foriegn contributions expertise. Donald Trump's Tax Returns. Crimes. Overseas bank accounts. Disclosures? Chech the Box? Panama papers and Drumf papel. State and Federal Taxes. See Trump Pence there.

     Your anti U.S. Labor Day Trump. Support the minimum wage and the living wage.
     Squatter Drumf failed Immigration policy and the Trump nasty assault against DACA. Dream killer Trump. Dream killer Trump, soo wrong. Trump picking on chldren. Drumf DACA.

     Demagogue Trump. Everyday. Swamp creatures.
     Squatter Drumf papel and a new round of Sonic Attacks in Cuba. Spies. Spies.
     Drumf and his hatchett man. The Drunf Administration.
     That Drumf Dossier and Drumf papel. The Drumf divide.

     We know Trump is a foriegn policy nightmare and the resident squatter Drumf does not speak for us. Trump is a farmer killer, ranch killer, job killing fool. No one, kills domestic policy and jobs like Drumf. And the winners there are, you guessed it, Drumfs Vulture Cabinet Corporate Raiders with the Nazi Koch bros and Steve populist Bannon. Make America Last by Donald Trump, the complete ruinization of America by the dirty insiders, the Drumf among us. KORUS.

     Those all too many Russia connections and the sell out of America, Drumf. Quid pro quo's. Bribery. Treason. High crimes and mis demeaners. Make Pimp Trump Rich Again. You'll see, the fiscal disater that is the Donald Drumf.

     Japan. North Korea. North Korea and miscommunication. Kim Jong-Un.

     Will anybody trust Trump's new tax plan? Where are Donald Trump's Taxes? See the Trump there. Drumf bitch slapping all Republicans and to be sure Steve Bannon was all in on it.

     Japan. China. North Korea. Japan. South Korea. Kim Jung-Un.

     Trump has DeStabilized the whole world. Steve Bannon, the Nazi Koch bros, Grover NRA National Russia Associates Norquist and Putin are thrilled now. Pimp us all Trump takes a bow.

     The China connection. BRICS and Pakistan.

     Your irritated bowel dawg Drumf. China Drumfing and failed Isolationist, squatter, Nazi Drumf. Fascism and another anti science Nazi Koch bros spy swamp creature.  What a fool can do for Cartel foods, MN.

     God Bless U.S. Labor and Unions. All for the minimum wage and the living wage. Down with RGA right to work states. And down with the Nazi Drumf among us jobs killer. See job killing Ill RGA gov Rauner killing unions at all costs, your Right Wing Extremist Nazi and holding  children hostage to do it. Your Ill gov Rauner killed the minimum wage too. Your anti union RGA.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Your no update Congress. The Koch bros favor the arcane. Congress? And demagogue Trump. Chaos  and disaster. The Drumf among us and your all Republican Congress.

     Trump is sabotaging the ACA and all else. Those Republicans and the Drumf among us. Steve Bannon and the Nazi Koch bros are thrilled now. Drumf sabotage, it is all Grover NRA Norquist. Spies.

      Your Tx RGA and your EPA. Your RGA. RGA. Robbing Government Assets. Your Ill RGA and swamp creatures. Your RGA swamp creatures, all for the Koch bros. Your secret RGA and Grover NRA National Russia Association Norquist and Cuba. Your RGA, see your EPA Koch bros there.
     Your recipe for disaster RGA. The Houston Harvey is testiment to Developers. Developers like Trump. And you gussed it. Developers like Trump pay no price, nothing and got paid. Scat with the cash. Leaving taxpayers all of the bills, the clean ups and the miseries. Endlessly. Your RGA too.
     After hurricanes Sandy, Katrina, Hugo, Andrew. Now comes Irma. No changes? 
     Your EPA RGA. Hurricane Donald and those Trump optics.

     Those Russia connections. How many? Too many and Trump pays no price, nothing and Trump gets paid.


We begin together

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     In the swamp. Trump's wall. A far cry from a line in the sand.     Help.