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That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection, a hassa named Trump and the pimp among us.

     Donald Trump;s shady small hands. And Trump is thrilled now. Trump is thrilled. And Trump's cabinet is thrilled too.

     The China connection and your Isolationist resident occupier. And no one makes more money for the Grover NRA Norquist than Make Pimp Trump Rich Again. That China connection. Your China connection.

     The magnitude of Drumf Bannon Isolationism can not be denounced. The collective ruiniziation of America by Trump, his cabinet and the Koch bros is exponential.

     That Russia connection.

     See your all Republican Congress robbing Medicaid and robbing us to death, all Trump approved. All for the Koch bros who do need one dime.

     See Trump killing Science. $179,700 staff of El Donaldo. Trump is thrilled now.
     The BCRA 17% is a complete disater.

     Then, there is your Illinois RGA Governor No Budget Rauner, sent to kill us all.
     The same Right Wing Extremist Illinois RGA Governor Rauner who renegged on at least 7.03 Billion of State Medicaid payments + 2 or 3 million more renegged from Medicaid. Killing the elderly the poor, hospitals and doctors , nursing homes and all MCO's, Managed Care Companies in Illinois.
     The Ill gov Rauner reply, "no comment". Rauner is an expert and pals with the Koch bros.
     GTCR which owned and managed many U.S. Nursing Homes knew quite well, just how to destroy Medicaid and the entire healthcare system A to Z-. Your Right Wing Extremist RGA and Grover Norquist. Paid for ny the Koch bros and all Trump approved.
     New Jersey RGA and Illinois is next. Ill Right winger gov Rauner. Populist RGA right wing extremist gov Rauner. Your State? Maine?

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Why does this Congress continue to persecute us, using healthcare as their prefferred weapon of mass destruction? Nobody wanted this 115th "Ratf**ked" Congress to mess with our health care. But, Paul Ryan insisted on robbing Medicaid for the filthy rich who do not need one dime. But, Mitch McConnell took the bag of Drumf and Trump, now clearly on the side of the Koch bros, wants the ACA killed entirely and says he will fix it later, leaving us all nothing. Total chaos and anarchy, Drumf. This clearly shows Drumfs lack of order, origin, completion and or knowledge of anything government. It also shows Trump is a whack job, with absolutely no accomplishments. Trump should be fired for performance.
     Meanwhile Congress keeps their curreny insurance all grandfathered and unmessable? Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. 2018?

     Mitch McConnell Care, pimp us allRobbing Medicaid. Trump pimp care.

We begin together

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     Khan Sheikhoun, Idlib, Syria. Assad and Putin.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection and that 17%. Now add that genuine Trump vernacular to what's his face. Bigly Itch. Like a bad rash.

     28% voted for Trump. 11% were duped by Pimp us all Trump. The 17% are the Koch bros Trump deep state. Those who clearly knew who, what, when and where Trump was and is long before any voting. 34 million? Trump pimp us all Care. You'll see, fairy dust.

     Your Isolationist resident occupier, Trump Foreign Policy; Make Pimp Trump Rich Again. Screw everyone else. 22% Internationally. 36% nationally and all Drumf.

     Swamp creatures. Spies and foreign agents. Them creatures. Swamp creatures. Those right wing extremist creatures, Drunf Digest and your pal Donald Trump. Trump creatures. Pals like that, the dirty rats. They are all thrilled now at the nut house.

     Your Trump Russia connection. Looks like, smells like Drumf. Lots of Trump spies there. Drumf. Your Isolationist resident occupier Donald Trump. Add that Trump vernacular there, Drumf. Make Pimp Trump Rich Again. $35,000 a plate and try the meat loaf. Pimp us bigly like Trump.

     Japan. North Korea. Venezuela. France? & Your Illinois governor Rauner? The Koch bros RGA populist right wing extremist pal Illinois gov Rauner.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     We know Grover Norquist sabotaged the ACA. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell Care. Your all Republican Congress robbing us like jerks.

     We know revolting and we know your all Republican Congress. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. You'll see. It will be Trump fantastic,

     We know Republicans are not the enemy. Better Care Reconciliation Act = Mitch McConnell Care? 2018? Aka, (BCRA).

     Fix and repair the ACA. Fully fund the 50 billion stolen from the ACA stabilization fund.

     The Koch bros have forced Congress to reneg on everything ever promised by the American government. Everyday.

     See the Koch bros now.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection and Trump is thrilled, thrilled, thrilled as Trump is being leaked on bigly. Putin and Trump. Putin, pal of Trump and that Russia connection
     Your Russia connection.
     Your all Republican "Ratf**ked Congress", looks like smells like Drumf. And gee, no surprises there. Let us all now listen to Ayn Rand.
     The G 20? .
     Speaking to a buffoon demagogue. Trump could not care less. And truely, Drunf does not want to know. 775 Billion in cuts. Vicious, nasty all Republican cuts. Rural healthcare and Hospitals dead. Not funny all Drumf. All nursing homes closed. Trump voters? We know Trump is infested with spies.

     We know the Koch bros have robbed 2% of GDP for deacdes.
     This has been done largely by strangling U.S. healhtcare to death. All the while the Koch bros and Grover norquist got paid,  we got robbed to death 
     Killing 1 sixth of the economy and stalling all U.S. GDP.  The complete ruinization of America is the end game.
     All done  with the vicious assault against U.S. by your all Republican Congress'ssssss.

     President Steve bannon and the Koch bros deconstucting the Adm State. Every rotton day. And see the Cabinet member there, the guy that is supposed to stop the unending massive Vulture Corporate RE Raiders from robbing us into oblivian. Seriously. Your all Republican Congress there.
     Never had to happen but is being forced by the need to kill us all Koch bros.

     You Isolationist resident occupier has not negotiated one new good deal for America. That fact has allowed the China Connection to take over the world. Your demagogue pimp drumf. Meanwhile the koch bros are robbing us blind. Does anything look like the same patern here or there? Your pal uncle peace, Drunf. No? How about now? Do you see a WMD pattern here and there?
     See pals of drumf there, but, no Sos?

     The thought of 71 year olds saving us from cyber attack is just plain drumf. Drumf has no clue. Demagogue Drumf. Add that Trump vernacular there to what's his face. After, criminal Trump withheld 50 billion fron the ACA stabilization fund.

     Then, there is your Right Wing Extremist Populist RGA. Paid for by the koch bros and Robert Mercer with utters. Trump voters? Your RGA.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Killing us all. The IMF downgrade of American GDP growth by Trump and this all Republican Congress destroys the CBO Score by it's wrongful calcu;ations of "tied to inflation or growth". a key element of twenty year projections and thus the total doom of the AHCA Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and Trump pimp us all Care.
There's a simple way for Republicans to highlight the CBO's mandate mania: have CBO score one version of the bill with an individual mandate, and one version without. It'll make as plain as day what those of us who follow this stuff see up close: that the mandate is the secret sauce driving the CBO's faulty coverage predictions.
     Why because Mitch McConnell Care destroys Medicaid and the essential health benefits schedule.
     Why? Because, Trump pimp us all Care is completely against all good women everywhere and incredibly cruel at best. Trump pimp Care. Women and children, the elderly. Cruel.

     Your all republican Congress opening the flood gated of our U.S. treasury dept in every way.
     AHCA 800 Billion robbed from Medicaid. Trump pimp us all Care.
     This Congress does not work for us.
     U.S. Housing. Deconstructing Freddie and Fannie is all too good for the Vulture Carnage Corporate Raiders Trimp Pimp Cabinet of hell for hell.
     Raiding the treasury dept for the new world oder.
     Mitch McConnell Care, aka Better Care Reconciliation Act, 616 Billion in spending. It is all demagoue nation. Crimes against humanity is the better definition.
     "The Senate Bill is not a health care bill. it is a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class and poor families to the richest people in America".

     Demagogue Congress and Demagogue Drumf. Photo bomb, cookies and a big party for Paul Ayn Rand Ryan at the nut house. Paul Ryan is thrilled now. Thrilling  Paul Ryan. Nothing thrills Paul Ryan like Drumf.


adjective: vicious
  1. 1.
    deliberately cruel or violent.
    "a vicious assault"
    synonyms: brutal, ferocious, savage, violent, dangerous, ruthless, remorseless, merciless, heartless, callous, cruel, harsh, cold-blooded, inhuman, fierce, barbarous, barbaric, brutish, bloodthirsty, fiendish, sadistic, monstrous, murderous, homicidal; More
    "a vicious killer"
    malicious, malevolent, malignant, malign, spiteful, hateful, vindictive, venomous, poisonous, rancorous, mean, cruel, bitter, cutting, acrimonious, hostile, nasty;
    defamatory, slanderous;
    "a vicious hate campaign"
    antonyms: gentle, benevolent, kindly
    • (of an animal) wild and dangerous to people.
    • serious or dangerous.
      "a vicious flu bug"
  2. 2.
    "every soul on earth, virtuous or vicious, shall perish"

We begin together

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     In the swamp.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection in the swamp. Trump is resting now from his drop 'em bigly, golf game. Treacherous score card there. Whoa. Drumf golf? Better squirell and moose.
     This Russia connection. We know the 8th graders will get along famous. If not hugely, bigly, tremendousely. Fantasticly, bussom buddies. You'll see, sifty and rifty, if not cheeky. Better bring that genuine Drumf papel, just in case.
     See pals there. PeaceTrump peace? In the Middle East? And that Trump family vernacular.

     Then, there is your dreadfull Kansas RGA. All Koch bros induced, if not comatosed. And completely Gerry mandered.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Paul Ryan care, Mitch McConnell Care? Trump Pimp Care, 2017. 600 Billion given, tax free to the Koch bros. Your Koch bros.

     Paul Ryan with Trump the pimp renegged on 50 billions dollars that should have gone into the ACA stabilization fund. That destroyed the ACA on malicious intent to kill the ACA. All Grover Norquist approved and sabotaged. Insurers were forced to pull out because of Republicans starving the ACA. Your pal Trump Pimp Care.

     And remember, Paul Ryan has exempted Congress from having this white trash. Congress keeps their current plans unchanged. You get the shaft.

     Paul Ryan Care. No other country Mitch McConnell Care. In the world Trump pimp us all Care. Sinister. Sinister. Sinister. And sinister like a mug.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

Sunday is Church day

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     Please attend the Church of your choice.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Trump said he would not mess Medicare or Medicaid. Pals like that. Pals like Drumf.
     That Russia connection and this Russia connection. Then, there is that genuine Trump vernacular there. And deconstructing the Administative state by president Steve Bannon.
     Meanwhile, Special Counsel is screaming down all over trimp pimps neckbone. And can we get a holler there?

     Trump is thrilled now and thrilled again. See Trump pals there. Your pal Trump.

     Your Russia Trump connection. Time for another bon bon, cake too.

     Trump is golfing now and Trump is thrilled. Thrilling Trump golf bon bons and cake too. There is Donny now. Do you see Trump now? VP Pence won't be there. Pence is with his real pals.

     We know Trump is being leaked on bigly. And we know trump is surounded by spies. Spies like that and spies like this. Spies all up trumps legs. The man is infested. Yuck and add that genuine Trump vernacular there.

     Yuck, yuck, yuck. No one yucks it all up like Trump. Nobody.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     36% of the 200 million electorate were Medicaid murdered by Paul Rayn Care and Mitch McConnell Care.
     That same 36% are the ones that vote most often and are reliable to do so.
     Not just a stab in dark. Murder. And murder of the great electorate. Murder by the enemy within us. Murder of 72 million. Murder of the largest Insurance provider in the USA, Medicaid.
     The killing of Medicaid by your all Republican Congress is henious.
     Insidious evil.
     49% of births are subsidised by Medicaid. Killed that. All of 'em. 10,000 a day.

     We all know C should be free in A. And we all know D should be free in B. Fully fund A & B. There is no anything else. Then,..... there is your "Ratf**ked all Republican Congress assauting us with unlinited ignorance, And see your Illinois RGA gov Rauner there. 1 million people at risk to the Medicaid killer of Illinois, gov Rauner.  Everyday.

     A 600 Billion dollar tax cut for the Koch bros. And see Paul Ryan Care, Mitch McConnell Care, 2017. Meanwhile. Paul Ryan is working for the Koch bros and Grover Norquist. Why? Because the Koch bros want more. See your pal, Mitch McConnell Care there,

We begin together

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     Illinois, the world and the good President. Could have won that third term easily.

     It is sick to know the bookies worldwide are betting against Illinois and for Ill gov Rauner to sink the great state of Illinois into junk status and below, into bankruptcy. Ill RGA gov Rauner will complete his mission to destroy all of us and Illinois for his Right Wing Extremist causes. Everyone loses and Rauner gets paid for mass killings. Massacre Illinois, 2017.
     Another sad, if not desperate note is the economics of the sick mind. The income, wealth and wage disparity becomes magnified, heavily favoring the rich when the killing of the State of Illinois happens. Automaticlly the income gap range and disparity devalues all working wages and magnifies reall asset holding of the rich personel buying powers. It is fudalism. The act of the massacre is what makes the economic forces all happen.
     Driving Hate and division is the compeling force. This is seen at the RGA State and Federal level. And repeating. Congress. Constanatly repeating till doom. The doom of us all. Doom by hate.
     But first, terror. Get on that TV and tell 'em all you are going to rob them all to their face.
     Then rob them all in their face.
     Now they are all robbed to death. Declare them all broke. And now, all that left is their friendship, Serf and Serfdom.
     Perhaps a better example if you will, is Geo Pullman and the Pullman Company example of it all.
     Or, Bradley, Milwaukee, WI. And the new world order of it all.
     Try MacMillain Minnisota. The Koch bros, Kansas. And many more JOBS of Hate. Names, dates and places.
     Why? Because the problem is not only the here and now, but in the century and over the U.S. And, has never been properly addressed. Yes it was met with various headwinds and pushbacks in their days, but never properly nor fully addressed one time all time. O'h, no.
     The reliance of public ignorance has been a friend to hell too long. The repeating new world order dogmas and so far winning altercations are now clear for the world to see. Is there a need for the EU in America? Do we not see it all clearly now? The who, what, when and where. We know the why too. Right Wing Extremist's.
     Why? Because it never had to happen. None of it, none of this. But the evil has beseached thee. And that would be you. Sought you out. Actively pursued you. Stalking and stalking for the kill.
     King, Kennedy and the Rolling Stones could not quite put their finger on it. IKE knew damn well. Viet Nam, que bouno, napalm. The Koch bros. Meanwhile the drug epidemic went worldwide, no one, nowhere safe nor free. And what did Congress do? Nixon trried desperately not to get into Nam. Fact. Regan and enter the flea Grover Norquist who presented the failed Middle east equation with a Kuwait War under the hysteria the militant gangs are going to get US all. All a lie and all Grover Norquist, atheist too, if not pure heathen. And again the new world order won out, the Koch bros never ever mentioned anywhere above nor below, but everyday intrinsicly in it. and in it for your total ruinization.
     This continuing dualism of kill it all State and kill it all Federal has worked too well for the Koch bros and Grover Norquist. ALEC and Congress, all complete. Everyone sees, knows and understands that clearly now.
     Yes there were many that could not quite put their finger on it. But, they knew something was wrong, But they could not figure it out? They knew something was wrong in the seventies. The eighties they were sure of it. But what? Not just the manufacturing jobs gone and we do not produce anything anymore? No. There was more on it and to it than just that. The nineties were boom years and all had money and all forgot. 2000 constructions jobs slowed. 2006 the recession / depression hit hard and long lasting. Too much pain. 7 Trillion credit default swaps, uncle gino and underwater mortgages coast to coast. Long pain. Why?
     So many wise ones before us knew the problems of the 70's and on. What they all did not know was the unthinkable. The enemy within us.
     The enemy within us. Our own? No, it was not the Presidents, at least not up till 2017 and not Bush # 43, who was pulling out of it by his terms end. Owe him an apology and many others. You have it here and now.
     It was and is the enemy within us, there and then and here and now.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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      The Russia connection and a real sick joke. Let's all ask granpa to help us on technology matters?
     The Saudi Arabia connection. Make Trump Rich again and screw America. Trump is in bed with the enormous bigly pharmaceutical industry and just robbing the snot out of us everyday. Trump got paid, all else burned down.
     Putin and Trump. Everyday. Your pal Trump and Trump is thrilled now. See those Russia connection pals of trimp pimp there. Looks like, smells like Drumf.

     Then, there is the good Nancy Pelosi. And your all Republican Congress.
     Faith based communities robbed and trump is thrilled like the pimp he is.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     50 Billion dollars was the amount Republicans robbed from the stabilization fund in order to defund and sink the good ACA. All pimp Trump approved.

     Paul Ayn Rand Ryan and Micth mcConnell Care, killing hospitals and doctors. And yes, that means murder to 72 million  Americans, Trimp pimp care. No need for gas chambers when you absolutely obliterate Medicaid, all will perish in agony. The dirty inside job by Grover Norquist and the JOBS of Hate. Everyone just die in the street, your all Republican massacre, 2017.
     Kill the jobs. Kill all personal. Kill the Institutions. Kill the area. Kill the region. kill all sectors. And just kill everything, evryone, everywhere. See pals of Drumf there.
     Your all Republican Congress got paid, you get death and ruinization, Congress pays no price, nothing and your unamerican 115th Congress got paid. Robbing Medicaid to bring you the very worst of America and in fact death.
     Trump is thrilled now. Paul ayn Rand Ryan is thrilled now. And Mitch McConnell is thrilled now.
     That thrilling all Republican three of death to the nation and trump voters too. Why? Because absolutely no one wanted this "Ratf**ked" 115th Congress to mess with our healthcare. No one.  But, that is what they wanted and that is what we got.
     Mind numbing. The world is agasp and Americans are horrified.
     There is no CBO score and the JOBS of Hate Koch bros are delighted now. as are the RGA who is currently killing Medicaid in your state.
     Killinig us all, killing Medicaid at both the State and Federal levels. America Last. Trump and Congress got paid.
     No CBO Score, but due in a few days? The last CBO score took three weeks or more. See the all drumf no accounts in on that trash.

     And may we remind Congress that murder is a crime.
     And may we remind Congress that robbery and burglary are felonies.
     And may we remind Congress that senior abuse is a felony. X 72 million.
     And may we remind Congress that all of the above is domestic terrorism.
     And may we remind Congress that passing hate laws against it's citizenry is, you guessed it. Genocide. But no. This is not the first time we have seen the same criminals performing repeating and unending same. Genocide.
     And may we remind Congress's they have committed war crimes against us.
1. Usually, war crimes. crimes committed against an enemy, prisoners of war, or subjects in wartime that violate international agreements or, as in the case of genocide, are offenses against humanity. Origin of war crime. ... The former is a lawful act of self-defense while the latter is a war crime.
     And may we remind Congress crimes against humanity will not go unanswered.
Completed fifty years later in 1996, the Draft Code defined crimes against humanity as various inhumane acts, i.e., "murder, extermination, torture, enslavement, persecution on political, racial, religious or ethnic grounds, institutionalized discrimination, arbitrary deportation or forcible transfer of population, 

We begin together

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     In Illinois. Trying to go swamp free, but no, your Illinois Right Wing Extremist connection. Populist gov Rauner.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Trump is thrilled and president steve bannon takes a bow.
     That Rusisia connection. The China connection and Trump is thrilled. Thrilled
     This Russia connection and where are Trump's taxes?
     Your Isolationist residedent occupier and Steve Bannon. Make America Last again. Your job killing resident Isolationist occupier. 4,000 jobs robbed by your deconstructing the administrative state, Steve Bannon. And Trump is thrilled.
     Make Trump Rich Again. America Last. Congress same and Grover Norquist is there. Trump is thrilled and thrilled again. Thrilling. Trimp pimps.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Your AHCA. Sad and sadder. Paul Ryan Care and Mitch McConnell Care.

     The big hack job. Trump voters and the House Judiciary Committee will do nothing. See pals of Ayn Rand, Paul Ryan there. Everyday.

We begin together

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     In Illinois. Held hostage by the one, your Right Wing Extremist Ill RGA gov. All  sufer pimp rauner cruelties. Bruce Rauner, pal of the Koch bros. Robert Mercer and other i%'ers. The kind of guy only the EU could like. See 1% pals of Ill gov there. Ill gov rauner.  Your rauner connection.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection, Trumps dirty inside job. We know the Koch bros own all Republican voters records and is in complete control of The RNC. Make Trump Rich Again. America Last. The Koch bros pay no price, nothing and the Koch bros got paid. Then, there is drumf dillusion.

     That Russia connection and Trump is thrilled now. Thrilled.

     Then there is the real Illinois. See the all Republican gov rauner Right Wing Extremist respose.. What a pimp. The job killer and state killer. Rauner downgraded the state  to near junk bond under the freak whose only job is to do us wrong.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Paul Ayn Rand Ryan Care. Trump pimp care. Mitch McConnell Care?
     The House Judiary Committee will do nothing. Congress?
     We kow Republicans are not the enemy.  This Congress? Congress'ssss
     6 Georgia.

     Congress is all for Cartel Corporate. AT&T wants to kill all of your perfectly working phone landlines. Say no to Cartel America. Say yes to landlines that work perfect everytime. Make Congress Rich Again. America Last.
     We all remember when Congress disconnected with malice and intent, killing National High Speed Rail. Soo wrong. All Grover NRA Norquist and all the Koch bros.

     When wil this all Republican Congress stop assaulting us?

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Your Koch bros SCOTUS. & Trump mutiny.
     The China connection.
     That Russia connection. See pals there. Pals like Putin. The Trump connection and the Drumf.

     Georgia. All Trump approved. How many other states are all wrong, the same RGA way? Wisconsin. Your state? N.C.?

     We know the new Gerry mandering case before SCOTUS will declare Trump unfit, inelligable and a fraud. And we know it will declare current and former Republicans as Confederates. We know SCOTUS could declare many Reupublicans to pay back their "Ratf**ked" slalaries plus massive finages, incuding many major other penalties and punishments. And we know that would declare all of the Drumf administration's actions null and void. And as such reset all U.S. Policy to Noverber7th, 2016. Congress would then be null and void and guilty of all legislative malpractices. all fines and penealties thereof per legislation per rep and utters. And Trump is thrilled now. Thrilled.

     And soo..... will Trump try to kill SCOTUS now? The way Trump tried to kill the Russia connection? The way Trump tried to kill the DOJ? The all Drumf way? Well? Part of that is already done with the all Koch bros SCOTUS gerrymanderings by ths Senate to approve heir Gorsuch. And soo..... Will SCOTUS disavow Gorsuch too? It certainly should. Thrilling, trump is thrilled now.
     All redistricting should be of the Morrill Act, sexy.

     Will SCOTUS declare gov Walker guilty? Yes. Will SCOTUS declare all of the RGA guilty? Yes and for decades. Formers and currents.
     Will Scotus declare each state ALEC guilty along with present and prior RGA governors? Yes and yes for each State ALEC present and prior representatives. Yes.
     Will there then be multiple counts filed against RGA governors for gross, protracted executive malpractices per state? Yes and yes to each and every count.
     Will there be both group and individual ALEC charges of legislative malpractices per state? Yes and yes guilty to all charges.

     Your pal Trump really knows how to burn 'em all down. And drumf is thrilled. Thrilled. Thrilled.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     June, 2017? Permeated. Your all Republican House Judiciary will make and take no actions on the Russia connections. Nothing. Zero. Zippo. Nada. They all get paid and pay no price. Right wing extremis's. We get permeated Grover Norquist NRA Care, Paul Ryan Care and Mitch McConnell Care? 13, Medicaid, AHCA

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Afghanistan and Kazakhstan. We know the multiple and increasing Russia connections are going to slowly fry the drumf among us. Fry him bigly. You'll see. It will be make Trump Rich again. It will be Marvelous! It will be Magnanamous!! It will be Stupendous!!! And Trump is thrilled now. Thrilled. We are talking Trump thrilled here. Thrilling!.Drumf thrilled.

     It will be Drump, thrilling,. You'll see. Make Trump Rich Again, America Last. And Drumf is thrilled. Why? Because Grover Norquist is there. Everyday.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Your all Republican Senate working in secret to rob us all. Robbing us all for the Koch bros. And creating a vast serf nation to and for the Insidious Koch bros.

     Grover Norquist helps by allowing ever increasing violence eveywhere in America.Trump loves the NRA and their free millions. Chaos, mayhem and America last. Trump is thrilled. Trump is Medicaid thrilled. Thrilled.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection and the swamp has it's own buzz, if not hisssss. O'h, you can hear it now with that eerie green glow. A howl in the night and the grim of day. A search for the missing. Not MIA, just missing and under reported. Those genuine miscarriges of justice or murder. Swamp murder. Some say it has the gool of Chernobyl, others, excons stay away and want no part. No, it is not like the Badlands, not at all. A sniff of the South can acoste one, but there is more. And so much more. The deep, the insidious, no, it is not going away. The gool and the jackal come to mind, but fleets, if not to run skeard and skeard witless. The torment of the racing mind, ones adreneline not enough to escape. The Gators, bigly crocs too and swamp creatures. You know the kind, but this is not National Geographic, o'h no. And Marlin Perkins where are you now? Racing, racing the mind all for exit, exit, there must be an exit? But no. Not this time and the roar of the swamp takes another. Yes daytime too, no escape. Hey, that was not swampland yesterday, but it sure is deep and dark here now. There must be a developer in on this, surely? Help, help, as the splashing middle waters consume another, who and what was that! Out of here, out now, but how? Then the hisssss grows louder and coming at you. Coming your way all the eerie green, mean and too fast. There is no escape, the land is too far and the bog is here,here and all around you. A buzz and a feed. Frenzy, havoc and death. The swamp. Trump, b. The need for the Independent Commission.
     We know Trump wants out. All the way out. So he went to Cuba and left his administation holding that new bag of Drumf. Everytime.
     Cuba has no need or love of Demagogue authoritarian, dictators. None, but trump is there, right wing extremist and all. Tells all Cubans they will love him because he is the Drumf. Says he has pals, Marielito's and other Carribean sea radicals of Jamaica, revolutionaries and pirates.

     Your Illinois RGA will comlete his mission to destroy Illinois. Vulture Corporate Raider. Your RGA burning us down at both ends of the stick. If the all Republican Congress won't kill us, your Grover Norquist RGA will.
     If your RGA can not burn us down, your all Republican Koch bros Conress will.
     You'll see, it will be tremendous. You remember gov Rauner, pal of heir VP Pence and pyramid 1% Betsy DeVos? And all el donaldo approved.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Good news. Serious doctors there. Then, there is Paul Ryan Care and Mitch McConnell trying desperately to kill all of our U.S. Doctors and Hospitals. Killing all of us and all Institutions, killing everything. All for the Koch bros and Grover NRA Norquist.

     Let us list the names of those secret Republicans conspirng against us. Those (R's) that are robbing Medicaid, the poor and the vulnerable, those (R's) that are robbing us all to give it to the Koch bros.
     Those secret Republicans doing everything America does not want them to do.
     In the back room.
     Nobody knows.
     No kissy, no telly. And it is all smelly.
     The drumf test.
     Who is paying for this Drumf and why is this 115th all Republican Congress allowing all costs to be paid by taxpayers when in fact those being of Russia connections have the monies to pay for all that Drumf.
     Taxpayers do not want to pay one dime for all of the too vast Russia connections.
     Bigly Itch must go, but go Impeached, not OoJ. That comes later. The problem now and then? Your ever repating does not work for U.S. Congress. And Congress simply will not do their job for us. No. Not going to happen. Got to wait until after the 2018 elections. And it is all wrong. The wrong stuff.
     Senate; Key Players?
     Most memorable public moment?
     What the connection could lead to?
     House? Who is it focusing on? Key players?
     Most memorable public moment?
     What the connection could lead to?
     The Special Counsel.
     What is it focusing on? Key players? Most memorable public moment?
     What the connection could lead to?
     Princelings? Trump taxes?

We begin together

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That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Trump vernacular and place your bets on that timeline?
     That Russia connection, everyday. After, Suadi Arabia, Bahrain, tell yourself it is not the NRA. That peace to all religions in the Middle East, Trump and the new world oder. Steve Bannon. This Russia connection. Your Trump patronage loyalty connection.

     Then, there are those back stabbing swamp creatures. And who pays for that slop? See swamp pals there. Bigly Itch and drump papel.

     Trump is thrilled now. Trump is thrilled. Congress? Trimp pimp.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Your NRA. NRA incitement and right wing extremist's. You be the judge?

     After 8 years of your all Republican Congress telling us they are going to rob our health care insurance, Pual Ryan Care robbed our health insurance. Now Mitch McConnell Care secretly is doing same.
     Does Congress really believe no one is paying attention?
     After 66 repeals by Republican Congress's to rob our health insurance, Paul Ryan has opened the Treasury Dept to rob and raid Medicaid.
     Is it possible? Somewhere in America, there is a nice little old lady, who is not scared wittless by the knowing this Congress will rob their Medicaid?
     Could it in any way, be possible, that Congress does not know that? When in fact it is all malice with intent. A decades long chant to boot
     Does this 115th Congress really believe no one cares?

     Calm down the rhetoric? 800 Billion wealth transferred to the Koch bros by this all Republican Congress.
     And the Demacrats did that?

     The ex Republican NRA Speaker of the House who was the forrunner of the 7 Trillion Credit Deafult Swaps, U.S. Deppression of 2007 says the Demacrats did that. The same speaker that led the Koch bros "Contract Against America".
     No Incitement there? Or then
     How about the massive all for Corporate health insurance premium increases for the last 30 years under the ex NRA speaker. Record Corporate profits and all of America robbed to death. Like? Some one forgot. Mr. all for Corporate ex speaker. No Incitement there or then either?

     Anyone? Somewhere want or need famous NRA quotes there? CPAC?

     Lo, How many millions given to the former speaker by the NRA?

     Please note; As always, there was no mention of Grover NRA Norquist or the Koch bros when it all hits the fan. but surely, and everytime, it was the Koch bros and Grover Norquist that started it all. All of it. Everyday and continuing endlessly.
     The Koch bros Grover Norquist got paid and they pay no price, nothing. Certainly, not even a mention by your all Republican House, Senate and Trump anti administration. O'h no, nothing.

     No, there is nothing good of it. No it should not have happened. No we do not endorse it in any way. Stop the violence. We wish all a speedy recovery.

     Yet it has been permeated, falsely, wrongly and all against us, the malice of hate with intent. Permeated over 7 decades, The JOBS of Hate.
     U.S. Gun violence? Gee? Who could that be? We all know the Lobbyist NRA, the same Lobbyist NRA Trump said he would end and do away with including all others. But took the NRA 6 million instead. Then went to the NRA pep rally.
     Just as sure as all Rx prices are allowed to sky rocket by Congress. NRA guns and gun control has never been acted upon properly by Congress. And Congress is what and who makes it all happen. Sandy Hook Elementary and on and on. No changes and it's all, down and dirty.
     And guess what? Yesterdays gun incident will not motivate this all Republican Congress to take any possitive actions against gun violence, possesion nor gun control. Nothing. Not one damn thing. Not even for their own.

     Who and where is the incitement? The NRA. Congress. And the Koch bros. Say it is not so. Why? Because now the NRA says yes to guns on the Baseball field. Alabama? No Incitement there? Your NRA.

We begin together

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     Cerveza El Donaldo. Everyday.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. An Oligarch fraud and your gerry mandered all Republican Congress'sssss.
                                                      Demagogue Nation, 2017.

     The raw display of gross patronage yesterday by Trump's swamp cabinet was beyond compare. Abhorent and dispicable.
     Yet, it is all soo true for Adonisssssssss Trump.
     Included in that video is the undying loyalty to Trump and to Trump alone. No God. No Country. Nothing, only Trump.
     Damn your oaths to country! Patronage, that is what the Demagogue Trump is about. And do you see the completely customized erection, steroids filled buitl to immortalized Demagoue Trump there.
     Nothing feeds Adonisssss like demagoguery. And it is all demagogue. Demagogue nation, 2017.
     The greatest or worst demagogue ever created. Trump. No, not a man of the people, oh no! A demagogue for wills, fancies and pardons that of self adorements only and nothing butt. Me, me, my money too. Make Liberacci , Don King and Alfref E. Newman look silly and loves Vegas.
     That same video includes, you guessed it? Trump pays no price, nothing and Trump gets paid.     We, all get burnt to the crisp, with all his bills we shall pay.
     You did not see Adonisssssss yesterday?
     You did not see that Adonisssssss does not pay his cabinet's salaries. A freebie for Adonissss. just the way he likes it and tax free too. Not one dime charged to trimp pimp ever? Trump is thrilled. And Adonisssssss is all appeased. So, fullfilled in himself he went to Wisconsin for more Adonisssssssments of undefiled requirements of undulations if not demagoguery to the zxn'th.
     Adonissssss must have his fix of adorations to bliss.
     Never mind that Trimp pimp once again drumfed on his job, drumfed Congress, his cabinet and his staff and went to Wisconsin? Leaving his staff to hold the dirty drumf bag. Again and everyday.
     Never mind that Trump has no loyalties to his staff cabinet or anything else and never will. Trump is thrilled.
     Never mind that Trump is a soloist in every sense and direction. Completely obsessed in himself and could not give a rats face about one childs future.
     Never mind that trimp pimp threw his staff into the caldron of boiling hell for all of his personal foibles, if not crimes and could not possibly be bothered for any reason.
     Never mind tha adonissss is suicidal. And all will die for trump. Jonestown, Coolaid and mass suicide. All are crimes, don't you know?
     Drumf the five time dodger, is textbook section 8. Had he been allowed to enter the army he would have fired on his own troops. Beyond friendly fire, treason is treason. his grandpa too. Bad dna. The wrong stuff.
     The single issue of AG testimony yesterday was? After the recusal, why was he actively involved in the decision to remove the good James Comey? Yes, we all know the make America Alabama Law again mantra. But the question is singular and not answered, we know you all recall and recollect. When you recuse yourself from all things Russia, you are out and out one time all time. Yet was active in the firing after his recusal of the chief investigator who was screaming down all over trimp pimp and the unlimited 35 plus years of all Russia connections!. We know.
     In short, Alalbama Law does not allow two ways. When you recuse, you stay out all the time, not one time and or anytime you just damn well patronage feel like ti. That is not Alabama Law and it it is not U.S. Law either. There is no inuendo, only Trump patronage and the trimp pimp patronage of failure.
     The other issue of the AG not being the firewall between the nut house and the Independent DOJ, aka,  Comey and Trump is not in dispute. Alabama Law again does not allow two ways there or here. The Ag either knowingly or unknowingly did not do it's job properly to be the firewall between Comey and Trump. And the AG does not recount, recollect nor answer the question proprly at all. That too is not a part of Alabama Law nor U.S. Law. It does answer all quetions  of Trump patronage, yes, but no others and as such; the need for the Independent Commission.

     Trump patronage and Adonisssss is thrilled. America Last by Demagogue Trump.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Your secret all Republican senate doing everything America does not want done. To kill America. America last. No hearing and no amendments. Rushing the bill under Article 14.   Legislative Malpractice, yes, there is such a thing. Mitch McConnell Care?

     Enter into The Congressional Record:,2017; the new Congressional update definition; :"The Deep State", See The Trump Administration and his entire cabinet. Included there are the complete absence of multi Ambassadors and to many positions to fill.
     Included, inclusive and intrinsic in the "Deep State" are all gerry manderings of your "Ratf**ked Congress. This is in no way limited to the current 115th Congress and very much includes all of Congress since 1950.
     The Koch bros.
     Grover Norquist with ALEC and the RGA. Grovers pledge to rob your Republic and all of Congress'ssss that has made it possible for decades. And continuing.

     Stop The Violence! Stop all of the violence. There is no need for violence. Do not engage in violence.

We begin together

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     In Condon, London, England. Grenfell Tower blaze?

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Trump vernacular and what's his face. The special Counsel. Will Trump kill the DOJ and U.S.? See president Steve hate us all Bannon and the need for the Independent Commission. It was Steve Bannon and Grover NRA Norquist who threw the poor slob under the bus and Reince Preibus is next. Bigly ugly bus.
     Trimp pimp Adonisssss is going to party with right wing extremist RGA gov of Wisconsin Walker today, celebrating death to all Americans via Trump care, Paul Ryan Care and Mitch McConnell Care. Says they have good cake there?  Meanwhile everyone in Trimp pimps cabinet is leaking all over Trump. Sergey and the Koch bros will be there along with the all Wisconsin Bradley Military Industria Complex multi Corporate Conglomerate new world oder. aka, The JOBS of Hate.
     How many lawsuits against Trump now? And are taxpayers paying for that too?  Trump should pay with his own money. And trump should pay 10 million dollars a day for all the Investigations.
      See your Illinois RGA killing the entire state of Illinois. And Virginia RGA doomage there.

     Is Trump spooked? Is Trump a spook? Trump certainly is spooky. And that explains a lot. Of, course he be just plain ole haunted.

     The Panama connection and those Putin papers. Not quite the same as Trump papel, the official dons jons dispensed.

     The China connection. India? Cuba? Bears Ears and much more.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Sinister, sinister, sinister. And sinister like a mug. Paul Ryan. Mitch McConnell Care? The need for the Independent Commission.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection and spies. Cartels in America.
     That Russia connection and the swamp. Make Trump Rich again and that all Republican brand

     Trump slappage. And Trump is a whale killer. Sea Turtles too.

     Russia. Trump pimp job and the Trump right wing extremist affect. See pals.

     Your wholly owned SCOTUS by the Koch bros.

     France and tennis. France and The EU? Japan. Venezuela. China. Pakistan? Suadi Arabi. Bahrain. Turkey. The Phillipines. Puerta Rico. Brazil?

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     90% of Republicans voted in 2016. No hearings on the AHCA? None.

     Rx, All Congressionally approved. See your Grover Norquist RGA there. And for decades, everything Rx is Congress. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell? Your all Republican Congress does not work for us. Who does your all Republican Congress work for? The Koch bros. It is an all Republican freak show of complicits. Everyday.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection and your pal don "Bigly Itch" trump. What does Bob say
     The Oval Office? Donald Trump "I am not a liar". & try not to gasp.

     It is clear here, we need a complete and concise all new definition of the deep state along with the various sordid history lessons thereof. Because, that? Is not the deep state.

     We know James Comey's stock has gone way up after grandstanding all over trimps neck bone. And why not? The entire country had a party on Trump's neckbone. Could James Comey run for President? Could be.

     Donald Trump loves Romania. Nobody loves Romania like Trump. Then, there is Drumf in the Middle East. Russia is there too. And we all know Trump loves Russia Putin. Trump first, America Last. Saudi Arabia. Trimp is killing us for Russia and the Koch bros. Everyday. Did you know how big U.S. Trade is in Romania? No one else did either. But, trimp says it is important. Maybe, Trump thinks he will testify in Romania? Never mind Canada and Mexico. Romania, yes? Suadi Arabia Yes!
     Kill our bases and out our 10,000 troops in Qatar. All for Russia Donald Trump.
     Trump foreign policy.  Make Trump Rich again.
     Trump is a fraud, a flake and a total whack job, a Russia spy and the enemy within us.
     And to be sure, VP Pence is far worse. The Right Wing Extremist's. Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and the Koch bros are in their glory. America Last.

     Then, there is governor Rauner fullfilling his mission to kill everything in Illinois. All trimp pimp approved. And see Indiana RGA Pence records of how to kill all in Indiana. Pence, a nasty, right wing extremist, long list there and continuing. Mike Pence wrote the book on how to kill Medicaid and made Indiana taxpayers pay for it. A Koch bros henchman. Grover Norquist too.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Treachery. _____. The need for the Indendent Commission that no one asked for yesterday. Watch LIVE. House Minority leader. All of those Russia connections?

     1.8 million jobs robbed by McConnell Care, Trimp pimp care, by your Paul Ryan Care AHCA. There are a a whole lot of Republicans that are complicit. Doubling down on neoliberal policies at a time when the world is rejecting it. The world rejecting Right Wing Extremist's!
     Trimp has destroyed all of the circuit breakers, checks and balances. All Russia connections.
     Howling for Undermine. Trump is Authoritarian and a Demagogue. Trump first. Russia connection?
     Trump is a job killer. Everyday. Killing the Paris Accord is a jobs killer.
     Trump is unfit. Fact and facts. Everyday. Charm, bully, walk away and Trump sues you. Any mamal will do? The crowd size thing at the Innauguration was so he could pocket the 50 million from his Vegas pal.
     Beneath the dignity of the Office of The President. Trimp pimp Russia connections.
     Trump Sex Videos held by Putin all about Trump. Very ugly. Bigly Financials too. Russia connections only Putin could like.
     The good Nancy Pelosi looks good and is good.
     Facts, evidence and data are not traits of el donaldo. Russia too.
     U.S. Credit Rating lowered by the debt ceiling all Republican Congress.
     Freedom Caucus is a "Ratf**ked" disaster. All Koch bros, wholly owned. Putin fancied.
     We want a clean debt cieling.
     Poision pills by your all Republican Congress are everywhere with dire doses. This Paul Ryan 115thCongress does not work for us. Russia the big winner.
     There is no tax bill. No Jobs bill. Nothing. Republicans are a nasty mess and Putin is happy.
     Trump has abused his power and all of us. Article IV.  The freak and Putin says hooray.
     Where are Trump's tax returns? In Moscow?
     What agenda? Trump? Special Interests first, America last. That Russia connection. You'll see, it will be Trump tremedous. Fairy dust.
     Overtruned the fiduciary rule and other parts of Dodd Frank.
     The AHCA is drumf. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell want to give a tax cuts to the Koch bros. Robbing Medicaid by this 115th all Republican Congress.
     Make America sick Again. Your Russia connection and donald trump.
     43% of Americans want Trimp pimp Impeached. The same that did not vote.
     The U.S.S. Gabby Giffords! U.S. Girl Power.
     That ugly Trump affect and Grover Norquist with the Koch bros.   
     The need for the Independent Commission!!! Now. That Russia connection.

We begin together

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     In Kazakhstan. Beautiful Art.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Republicans like it. Republicans voted for it and Republicans own it. Illinois Governor right wing extremist Rauner will complete his mission and in short time. All Trump approved. It is all Vulture Corporate raiders. Steal all the assets and tell them all they are broke. All pals of Trump and trimp pimp is thrilled.
     Trump first, America last. Every rotten Trimp pimp day.
     Now, trimp pimp is having a birthday party for VP Pence.
     Watch it all today; CBS. NBC. ABC. And soo.....The winner is?

     MVP The good FBI Director James B. Comey.
     The biggest loser of the entire millennium is Donald Jackass Trump. And that genuine Drumf vernaculer there.
     The swamp has mutineers jumping Trump ships like fleaing rats. Rats.
     Trump sent in hiss personal attorney to pooh, pooh it all, but it all landed on Drumf. All of it. That Russia connection.
     See multi trump staff running for their lives.
     Know the single question not asked was? Mr. FBI man, is there a need for the Independent Commission? Yes, or No? Yes, yes, yes!
     We bring you no to TrumpiLeaks on Russian steroids. And whoa! Very ugly there.
     Drumf has called Dubai, your Russia connection, to reaffirm his non extradictable status. And confirmed, for another 25 Million, Cash. The monies sent.
     Drumf is now eying the enormous axe of death for his top cabinet backstabbers. They are all going to rat him out bigly. One by one and all for the sinister VP who created them all.
     Drumf is finished. Caputo. Finito. The lame duck, el donaldo was soo yesterday. There is no more Drumf. Only the IRS. FEC. SEC. DOJ. and a slew of rat him out big, bigly and bugger everyday. The Drumf among us.
     Si anara and goo  luck. Drumf.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     That Republican direction. Trump voters are happy with the way this country is going now. See Texas, Wisconsin, Florida and all RGA States. Then see Paul Ayn Rand Ryan grinning for that AHCA bag of Drunf.

     Your pal Paul no cbo score Ryan thinks it is great taxpayers are paying for all investigations while absolutely nothing else in his 115th Congress is getting done. And Paul Ryan gets paid with your all Republican Congress. Everyday. Of course we know Paul Ayn Rand Ryan, Nunes and the Confederate cast of Koch bros Congress aided and abetted all obstructions of justice and yet, Paul Ayn Rand Ryan and pals get paid. America Last by this 115th Congress. all Trump approved.
     Trump is thrilled.

We begin together

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     In the swamp, 2017.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection in the swamp. Trump is a bad leak.

     President Steve Bannon. Isolationism and populism. We know there are all kinds of Americans who are not fully aware of the dangers and wrongs of Fox news and the unending Koch bros drum of conservative diatribe talk radio, media outlets.
     They are Americans and they can learn the correct informations that show them the true decency of America.
     Getting all info from Fox news is not a diversified content.
     In fact it is a mind numbing content and Fox news format that was and is right wing extremist from the Koch bros start

     This Russia connection. Trimp pimp. Why would el donaldo run reality TV advertising during live FBI Director Jamed Comey testimony? Unprecedented intent with malice for all.
     Morning cocktails and daggers for all. What to bring for the good FBI James Comey vs Trump the bigly, dirty rat, American Battle Royal Extravaganza in the Swamp, 2017? This could get messy. Very messy. Bigly Drumf.
     Comey's greatest hits. Trump push backs? Comey avoids. And that Trump vernacular. Round 1? Maybe? The Bell and that is no Vegas. Marques of Quensbury? No. Swamp rules. Duck! Saga and a slip? The refferee is? you guessed it? Paul high blow Ryan. Will officiate.
     Genuine Trump toilet papel. Now the official designate of dons jons.
     An Oscar for best fake.
     Earmuffs for the trump commercail breaks.
     An attitude of gratitude. Thank you Jesus, thank you Lord for free TV.
     Fill out the free credit forms from Cable TV to get $45 dollars off your next cable bills because the Drumf Comey fight was not televised on bigly cartel cable. FEC enforced.
     Live streaming of gators everywhere.
     $200,000 for a seat at o'nightmar-lag, Florida. Monies go to? The local YWCA.
     La, di da da. LA, Di, Da daa!
     The Russia Trump connection. Ding!
     FISA. Foreign Intell Surveillance Act. Spies  and spies like Drumf. Drumf demands oath of loyaty to Drumf and nothing but Drumf! America Last. And what of the Wray?
     See the Trump memo and the Russia connection. More genuine Trump vernacular. Loyalty?
     The glove fits and if the glove fits, you must Impeach!
     The glove will fit on the Koch bros and VP wnanbee. Steve Bannon too. The Drumf.
     Does trimp pimp have the tapes? The nut house.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Secret. Spies and lies. See Grover Norquist there  Guns too. All for Trump pimp. Make trump rich and screw all others. Your all Republican Congress.

     N.J. Texas. Illinois? And the swamp. Great healthcare, Trimp pimp care. Paul Ryan Care. The AHCA. Kansas. The Koch bros shall here of this. Manana.

     And soo..... Was it Trimp pimp who killed the legislative agenda 1.7 Trillion ways with swamp creatures avass? Meanwhile Trump is in Cinci having bon bons with Sergey.
     Or? Was it Paul Ayn Rand Ryan Care AHCA that cooked the books of doom and demise for all Republicans of Congress?
     Or? Was it your all Paul Ayn Rand Ryan Republican Congress that would not and will not allow the Independdent Commision? Nunes and utter O o J.
     The correct answer is all of the spies for the Koch bros, all spies on the inside job killed U.S. all. America Last.

     We know this Paul Ayn Rand Ryan 115th Congress is guilty of Obstruction of Justice. Repeatedly and continuing. Multiple counts.
     We know that Drumf should be paying 10 million dollars a day Cash for the too many investigations. Not taxpayer monies. Same of his swamp cabinet freaks.

We begin together

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     In Kazakhstan.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. That Trump vernacular. Trump chaos and anarchy. Trump first, America last. Mission; Trump, Putin, The Koch bros and Grober Norquist.

     Swamp creatures. Irchinov, Sergey and Oleg? O'h Sergey?

     The Suadi Arabia Connection and where is Trumps free new yacht? Gatorville? Never mind our bases and 10,000 troops. Qatar?
     Your Isolationist resident occupier and the China connection, burning down the State Dept. SOS says it is all now pre Woodrow Wilson and not at all what it has been like for decades. Individualists, solo sovereignties, not cohesive no pacts or treaties. The victor is Isolationisism. The huge winner is the Kochtopus who owns currency Trading and Commodities Tradings. Killing the State Dept.

     We know the Koch bros own all of the Republicans Voters records that Russia hacked.

     We know the America Last; And we know it is all sinister like a mug. Everyday.

     We know it is all about Koch bros fuedalism. Preffferred European Koch bros fuedalism of the 14, 15, 16 and 17th centuries, but hey, now the whole world too. . Divide and conquer. Send in the Vulture Corporate Raiders to divide the lootings and pilagings.
     We know it is all about the scorched earth policies of hate by the Koch bros.
     Is a long triumph of the Right Wing Extremist's Koch bros kabul of Insidious disaters all of which are the JOBS of Hate.
     Destabilize the area, the region, the state and the Nation.
     Kill the Duke by the Dutchess and or any other means. Certainly all economic killing are included always.
     Kill the Kennedy President and or cabinet by right wing extremist muslim russians. Kill King by the JOBS of Hate.
     Do the Brexit, destabilize Europe, the euro and all else. Viva France and Macron.
     Do the Iraq War, destabilize the completely stabilized Saddam Huesain and Iraq, but do not stop there. Syria and all else. Yemen..... etc.....
     Occupy the Crimea and steal Ukraine. The Baltics next.
     Destabilize Cuba and connect Venezuela. All of the Caribean.
     The welath divide poor vs rich. Tyraids of decades off the charts. Pirates, hoodlums and traitors all. No king, no crown the new world order of the Industrial War Complex and really these goons are serious about world population decline of the masses.
     The enemy within U.S. Your all Republican Congress burning down all social and security nets. Soo cold.

     Trimp pimp begins his smear campaign against the good director. Will the FBI holdback? We know knives have been sent from around the world to the FBI for use in the Russia connection this Thursday. Will the FBI use a gurka? And say the Turks did it? Whoa and lo, too many want the FBI to use it.
     Could it be best to just let the original backstabber, VP Pence takeover? Yes or no.
     Obstruction of Justice? Yes or no.  Should we all wait to Impeach the poor suffering slob?
     Will trimp pimp present any of the 275 requests by Congress to produce documents? 275? Yes or no.
     Should trimp pimp take the stand on his own defense? Or offense? Could get smelly. Fast. May need fumigation. Yes or no.
     Should President Steve Bannon testify? Yes or no.
     Trimp pimp and too much chinese.
     Too many want the FBI to stick it to him. The teflon Don?
     What does it all mean? It means there should have been the Independent Commission months ago. That is what it all means but was foiled by your all Republican Koch bros Congress. The same that want to appoint the no one voted for VP Pence of complete Koch bros ownership and control. Your pal Trump and that Russia connection.
     It means America last and every nasty inch of the way. The Koch bros.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     You'll see, it will be tremendous. Marvelous. Stupendous!!! Fairy dust.

     And the need for the Independent commission. A confederacy of dunces leakers and backstabbers. O'h Grover Norquist! Obstruction of Justice.

noun: failure
  1. 1.
    lack of success.
    "an economic policy that is doomed to failure"
    synonyms: lack of success, nonfulfillment, defeat, collapse, foundering More
    "the failure of the assassination attempt"
    "all his schemes had been a failure"
    antonyms: success
  2. 2.
    the omission of expected or required action.
    "their failure to comply with the basic rules"
    synonyms: negligence, dereliction; More

We begin together

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     In Kazakhstan.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Trump diatribe. & The need for the Independent Commission.
     Unfit, Inelligable and a complete fraud. See Trump right wing extremist ally there.

     Swamp creatures. Cartel domination of America. & The China connection.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Notice how happy Paul Ryan is after handing that AHCA bag of Drumf to Mitch McConnell.
     And? Paul Ryan with his all Republican Congress actually got paid for that?
     Trump is thrilled.

We begin together

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     In London.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Donald Trump does not speak for U.S. The Finks.
     Steve hate us all, white trash nationalist Bannon does not speak for us. The Fink.
     VP Heir Pence does not speak for us. Koch's boy.
     Grober Norquist deregulationist will continue to destroy the poor slob. O' Sergey. That Russia connection.
     Rience Prebius must be kept happy or trimp pimp will suffer the wrath of Ayn Paul Ryan Rand and his anti American Congress of the Koch bros. See the China connection there. Your pal Drumf.
     Meanwhile, swamp creatures, the Koch bros ultimate Corporate raiders not seen since the robber baron days of New York 1905 are on hopped up Russian steroids looting and pilaging everything everywhere and all for their individualist greeds of no reportings in their swamp infested cabinet positions, aka also known as a license to steal.
     The Isolationist Drumf has a solemn duty to make Drumf rich again. Period. Drumf has no other agenda, accept to make America Last. The China connection.
     We know Drumf should have received 100 slaps in Saudi Arabia. Instead Drumf got paid.
     The world needs to see clearly, the real America is not at all with heir Drumf, the Koch bros and all of their finks.
     Trump voters, read Putin's lips. Lips. Do you see 7 decades of the Koch bros JOBS of Hate now? Your China connection. Drumf crack. There is no 38%. There never was. Trump is a 28% electoral college loser. See the Trump learning curve Trump voters voted for. Got kids? See trimp pimping. Drumf among us. & The China connection. America Last, by Donald Fraud Trump. Right Wing Extremist's. Your Isolationist resident occupier. Demagogue Drumf. 
     Cartels left unchecked running amok and wreaking havoc. And your Panama connection. See the Putin papels there. She has blood in her eyes, the Trump nut house and Grober cartel Norquist.

     Then, there is your all Trump approved, Kill U.S. Education, Koch bros RGA. The assault on U.S. Education.
     Your all Trump approved Illinois Governor robbing education. Butt, please note there is no defunding of Gov Rauners owned charter schools. O' no. How many charter schools does he own? And for anyone asking there should be no merger of CPS Teachers with charter Illinois right to work State spies.
     CSU Cougars robbed by gov Rauner. And yes, the fiend Grober is there.
     Many other Universities all over the great state of Illinois, robbed by gov Rauner. And gee, let us guess where and who all those robbed monies go to? Right Wing Extremist's. The complete ruinization of State, by your right wing extremist Gov Rauner RGA. See your state being robbed where you live by your RGA. That is your right wing extremist's, Trump approved, Koch bros RGA mission. Kill the State. And kill it all.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Scratch. In Chicago and all over the USA. New York Drumf. 134 days is enough,
an independent commission with subpoena power is needed.""This is more sinister than Watergate,"" Everyday. That Drumf connection.

We begin together

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     In Kazakhstan. You guessed it. Pals of bigly Itch.      See the global response.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Trump's dumbbell waiter does not got to the top. Spies, we know trump wants to bring in even more spies. Yangster drumf and yucking it all up bigly, the race to the bottom and America Last by Donald Trimp pimp us all. Trump says he loves an elevator operator. Trump loves an elevator and drumf is thrilled.
     Your right wing extremist nut house. Steve white nationalist Bannon and the Drumf affect. Soo wrong. The Trump affect.
     Trump voters? Trump voters like the new direction this country is headed now? That anti Obama direction. That anything but progress complete gridlock that is the swamp today. The Russia trimp pimp connections all taxpayer paid for, but not by Trump voters. The all Republican agenda, the same all Republican agenda of the last 16 years. Trump Voters like the new direction this country is headed now? Read Putin's lips. Very oderus. Trump voters. If you can not see Trump and his Russia cabinet robbing all of your security nets evevrywhere, you might get a part time job in the nut house. Trump voters. Trump really will, GIVE Cuba, back to the Russians. See Steve Bannon and the Koch ros there.
     See Trump's new deregulation transportation bill. The same transportation bill, the Koch bros do not pay for, but get's paid. It is called the Grober Bannon decconstrustion state bill and was Rat i fied by your all Republican RGA. See the 1% Koch bros RGA robbing U.S. Education in Illinois. All Trump pimp approved.  That grober tranny bill is all tax free too. Paid for by taxpayers. So conveinient.

     Now, enjoy that genuine 1970's Trump vernacular by what's his face. Trimp pimp is stuck in the 1970's. Drumf. Meanwhile, we all holler for Kushner to pay ten million dollrs a day cash, for all of his and heirs very expensive taxpayer paid for Russia connections, if not Saudi Arabia connections, if not China connections and more. Pals of Trump. Cover ups too deep for all. Drumf papel and the New York Trump connection.

     Then, of course, there is your all Republican Congress robbing Medicare. Medicaid and the ACA. All Trump Care approved. Trump will demagogue that! If not hissssss for Paul Ryan Care.

     You'll see, it will be collosal!!!
     Watch trimp pimps every generation after him, as Trump burns us all down. the climate change denier. The moral to that story is? No One has a future with Trump. Make the Isolationist Trump Rich Again. America Last by Donald Trump. It will be tremendous!!! In China. Trump is a total loser and does not speak for U.S. See that trump face vernacular there. Trump voters. Got kids? Trump voters and the Yangster China connection.
     Tump is a huge 6 million dollar Grober NRA Norquist freak. You'll see.


Dear John,

June is Gun Violence Awareness Month and we are kicking it off TOMORROW, June 2nd by asking everyone to Wear Orange.

Millions of Americans are coming together to fight for a country where every person can live a life free from gun violence.  If you believe there is more we can do to save American lives from gun violence – then join us, and WEAR ORANGE tomorrow!

The color orange symbolizes the value of human life.  Hunters wear orange to alert other hunters that they are there – as a way to take care of their own life and the lives of others.  A couple years ago, teens on the South Side of Chicago asked their classmates to wear orange in honor of Hadiya Pendleton.  Now we are amplifying their call to action and turning orange into a symbol for the value of human life everywhere.

Join us!   Tomorrow WEAR ORANGE and post pictures of yourself on social media using the hash tag #WearingOrange and tag ICHV on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram (@nogunviolence).  Please encourage your friends to do the same.

Don't have anything orange to wear tomorrow?  Use this link to change your profile picture. 


Dion McGill

Program Manager

Copyright © 2011 Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, All rights reserved.

222 S. Morgan Street   |   Suite 4A   |   Chicago, Illinois 60607


Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     The sad you see's. Taxpayers should not be paying one dime for all of the trimp pimp investigations. Paul Ryan? Mitch McConnell?

     Where are trump's taxes?

     Make trump pay 10 million dollars a day, cash, for all fo these Drumf among us Russia connections.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.