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That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection in o' nightmare-lag, Florida. It is all swamp creatures.
     We know Trimp among us hates the job. And we know the job has no need for trimp pimp. We know the job is pimping Trump bigly. We know the tramp trump is infested with spies and we know el donaldo would rather be in o' nightmare- lag, Florida retired.
     In fact, trump is totally pimped out by the job Hillary gave him to do. They call it, pimping him ugly. Drumf. Biten by the Hillary Clintob factor. And Benghazi too.

     Let us list the Drumf among us accomplishments. Shall we, hmm.

     Well? Of curse, there was that trimp pimp 1.7 Trillion dollar budget to kill us all.
     Paul Ryan Care, The AHCA. Trimp Pimp Care. Waste.
     SCOTUS Koch bros diatribe.
     Those 14 Isolationist, residential, occupier orders giving carte blanche to China. All a freebie, don'tcha know.
     And there are those everyday miscreants dealings of no reportings by cabinet members on corporate raiders russian steroids. Just regular russian back channels and thievages.
lame duck

ˈˌlām ˈdək/
noun: lame duck; plural noun: lame ducks; modifier noun: lame-duck
  1. North American
    an official (especially the president) in the final period of office, after the election of a successor.
    "as a lame duck, the president had nothing to lose by approving the deal"
    • an ineffectual or unsuccessful person or thing.
     By the way? "covfefe" means? = Donald Lame Duck Trump in arabic. Putin knew that. Covfefe, also means shanghai in Chinese. And in o' nightmare-lag, Florida, covfefe means we use our dogs comb.
     1. The $550 Bullion Arms deal to Saudi Arabia. The yacht is on it's way.
     2. The Arms deal to arm Kurdistan. How much money in that NRA deal? What is the name of the trimp pimps cabinet member that owns a bunch of U.S. gun manufacturers? Who got paid and how much? If you said the the new world order, the military industrial war complex, you are correct. If you said hassa trimp pimp, fat and long, you are correct. If you said the Koch bros, Grober NRA Norquist and cossack Putin, you are correct.
     3. Trimp pimp called his trip to the Middle East his complete peace plan amongst all religions? If you say that is a peace plan? Join the Trump admin now. Trump is hiring. But loyalty oath to el donaldo first!
     This Russia Trump connection. Felix Sadir? That Russia connection. Intent and malice for all.

     Do you see all those trump evangelicals hooting and hollering for trimp pimp now?
     Do you hear the trump fans yelping, get us out of NATO now?
     Do you know trimp fans are shouting, get us out of the UN?
     If you do? You hear the Isolationist calling. Culling for ruinization. Culling for ruinization by the viscous bludgening of ignorance. Everyday.
     Get us out of the WTO. But, you want to sell your goods?
     End the Paris climate accord, all for the Koch bros. And join your new pals Nicaragua and Syria. Trump has no policies, none. To ruin everything is not a policy, but hate. And hate by ignorance, Donald J. Trump. Intent with malice for all.
     Are trump voters happy now?
     Meanwhile, the Koch bros fracking is at an all time high production, could be one, part time job there.
     Define Isolationist. That genuine Trimp pimp vernacular and, what's his face.
     Start a new war room? Who is the el donaldo nut house at war with? Where you live.
     Henchman, Steve, white nationalist Bannon has created his very own war against who? Paid for by taxpayers, not trump voters.
     And do not forget that trimp pimp wall of shame and sham for hate. That too, paid for by U.S. Taxpayers, not trump voters.

     Drumf is in o'nightmare-lag, spy capitol of Florida now. Yucking it up, with his real pals Igor, Ivan, Irchinow and Sergey. Boris, Sergey and more Sergey, those back channelors.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Physics. & Publishing. Why? Because health care is too hard for your all Republican Congress.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection in o' nightmare-lag, Florida. Waitng for that free new yacht from the Saudi's. How much cash is on that new royal yacht?

     Make Donald Trump Rich Again. Spies. That genuine trimp pimp foriegn policy and see that vernacular there. It's a drumf bonanza!
     Then, there is the question again? Who is in o' nightmare now? Igor, Irchinov, Sergey, oh Sergey? Those Foreign Agents. Intent to deceive. Malice for all.
     Are the Koch bros there? Is Grober Norquist there? Swamp creatures? Wise guys and no immunity. The long list of Oligarch wannabees here. And no immunity. That Kremliology. That clan kremlin. Trump voters. Trimp pimp is thrilled. That Russia connection

     Understanding U.S. Trade. Drumf does not. Your RGA? Illinois gets the $ 15 dollar mnimum wage. Good for Illinois.

     Trimp pimp Drumf. See pals of Trump there. Fearless Girl. I'm with her. Get the stamps too.

     And remember, Trump is an abnormal Grober NRA Norquist fan. Domestic policy? A new trimp pimp war room, featuring white trash nationalist Steve hate us all Bannon and a swamp creatures list of populist right wing extremist's.




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Colleen Daley


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Copyright © 2011 Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, All rights reserved.

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See your Donald Trump NRA there. Everyday. The trimp pimp religious peace plan and his cabinet pals are making way too much money selling guns.

      Sports fans. Publishing; what you are not seeing is the massive cumulative effect of cartel Cable Companies now. Everywhere, non stop and to our total detriment. Corporate right wing extremism on Koch bros steroids. Seriousely!
     The Koch bros will stop at nothing.
     All over your mundane anything. The John Birch Society of Hate.= The JOBS of Hate.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     Army. Navy. Air Force. Marines.

     The Russia connection.

     Trump is not my President. Screw trump and his lecherous cabinet of finks.

     The world needs to know, The Real America stands with all of our NATO friends and allies. Unequivicly. Completely.

     Trump can go to o' nightmare-lag, Florida and fumble himself to Isolation madness. Why? Because we all know you can not make a sows belly out of a lame duck.

     The freak show that is Drunf is over. America wants no part of Drumf and his kill us all Demagoguery of hate.

     Trump does not speak for U.S. Your Isolationist resident occupier.

     And now, Drumf is setting up a war room against U.S. What the hell is that? Drumf.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Afghanistan. Iraq. Syria.  The South China Sea.

     We the people; hereby declare this 115th all Republican "Ratf**ked" Congress NULL and VOID! Yes! That includes Grober Norquist and the Koch bros too.

Sunday is Church day

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     All over the world. Everyday.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Trump vernacular Steve Bannon and finks. We know VP Pence and Steve Bannon threw the poor slob under the Grober bus. Spies, spies, spies! You know? Rince Preibus and that new pimp among us war room?

     U.S. Foreign Policy; Show trump the money. Memorial Day, 2017 robbed, worldwide, by trimp pimp, that trump vernacular there.

     Burning down our allies and friends for Trump's Russia connections. Drumf.

     That Russia, Koch bros tramp trump connection. Right Wing Extremist's.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Congress, 2017 is nothing more than a crime factory now. Paul Ryan & Mitch McConnell could not care less. And as such, the need for the Independent Commission.

     Roboticized, AI, rubberstamped. The Congressional seal of approval ,lobotomized. And for how long? Decades. See no evil, know no evil, hear no evil and speak no evil there. Oh, no.

We begin together

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     In India. Trump is going into the Ganges now to bathe for a month. We hope it works.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection leaking all over drumf and that genuine trump vernacular.
     That Russia connection leaking all over drumf and that trump vernacular.

     Trump goes to the Middle East and gives away $ 550 Billion dolars. Please note their is no condemnation of trump anywhere in the Middle East. Slightly curious? Or? All are happy there.
     Of course, trimp pimp did receive that shiney new solid gold sword and the shiney new pure gold rifle. See RGA pals of trimp pimp there. He also got a new yacht, as yet to be delivered. Probably to o' nightmare-lag, Florida.
     Then, after saving all of the worlds religions? Argh9!#$^%$^&*_*&^*&%^%#$@_*&$%?
     Trimp pimp goes to Europe to tell them all what a great pal he really is? No spoons included and barf bags a must. No golden toys there and we all know the great love of Putin there.
     The 1% of U.S. anything ploicy or president, (U.S. Trade) has no need for over exasperated hyper-bole attention. It simply is not.
     Climate Change? We know timp pimp will drumf that. Pal. And really what would Putin say there? NATO? See the Koch bros there. It is not loomage, but doomage.
     Trump, NATO  Demagogue. Pay Trump First!!! You dastardly Europe you. Make Trump Rich Again, now!!!
     Now you can say the Middle East understands business. And you can say Europe does not. But, to date, China is clearly the biggest winner so far. The Russia connection a no second hand loser either.
     Europe never bought trump's brand. That is the bottom line. And Europe understands business perfectly. The Trump brand is yiiiich. The kind of thing only a failed cossack could like.

     The resident, Isolationist occupier is the behavior and chief? 440 lies since being elected.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     The enemy within us. Everyday.

     We know the viscous assault against us, as perpatrated by the all sinister insiders dirty deeds done dirt cheap. Gee? Who could that be?  The deep State, new world oder and the powers that be. Killing our good ACA. Everybody said fix it and make it better. But no, Republican sabotaged inside and out. Kill, kill, kill.

     We know sabotage, knivery, the hook, the lance and all too fowl sexcapades of henious gamora.
     We know this 115th "Ratf**ked Congress is littered with Koch bros spies up the ying. As clearly China has been all too favored by the trimp pimp adm and swamp creatures abodanza.
     Subterfuge, fuedalism europa and right wing extremist's all for the total detiment of the USA. No, it would not take long to bet long on China via the swamp all insiders nasty job. Or, at least, a strong short bet on the Xi hop.

     Americans are not seeing the composite undermine of America in every way by Congress. And soo......let us look at the short list of criminal undertakings by Congress in recent times. Albeit, too, too many to list here and now.
     Koch bros spy personel alll over and under D.C. Beyond stupid.
     2.0 GDP = failure for all and the Koch bros cleanup.
     Not one new job for anyone.
     3 Major Jobs Plans by the good President systematically robbed and shot to massacre death by your all Republican Congress's.
     Infrastructure, just a tlaking point. Foooget abbboouuutttt itttttttttt. The Koch bros have robbed it all since 1950. Hell o.
     The 800 Billion robbed from Medicaid is but a fraction of the Koch bros thievages in their decrepid, vile lifetimes.
     The fact that the Koch bros and Grober Norquist have never been charged of  anything anyhwere, anytime says what? Says it all. There was no crime? It's no crime if you do not get caught? Or? Too big to fail? We have all been there. And for the record, Regan well knew Grobers sinister ways back in the day, all to well.
     The ever faster repeating recessions and depressions are no accidents. It need to be noted very loudly here, our economists have not done a good job of any kind of better accountabilities here, there, or anywhere and in fact are woefull on all accounts. The best teaching of the economy are now found at NWU, North Western University in Evanston, IL. And there are more coming on board, the UoC, Notre Dame, Baylor and more. Good teachings. Need a seat there.
     66 times, the Republicans tried to repeal the ACA. Soo, vile, the hate.
     This all Republican Congress's really, sincerely want to inflict pain and hate upon us all.
     51 Billion dollars given to the Koch bros for eliminating the death tax. Your pal, Paul Ryan.
     To be sure. It was never random Big Insurance Co's operating independently of each other. Oh. no. U.S. Healthcare was and is all about white caucus collusion, monopolies and Cartels. All tax free to big Corporate. Nothing butt. All Gorber, all Koch bros and all Republican Congress's approved. Everyday, 40 years.
     Your all Republican Congress burning us down at every end of U.S. Healthcare. No other country in the world. GTCR? Let's guess who owns the nursing homes? And we know Illinois cut the senior care funding for the elderly forcing them into nursing homes in the all wrongful first place. They would have preffered to stay in their homes, but no, your RGA thievages and all for Corporate insider lobbyist Grober Norquist to kill the ACA and you. Inside and out, up, down and over, rob eveyones health insurance, pensions and security nets. Rob it all, evevrything. Install the death culture and kill 'em all. just die. Congress cut 800 Billion from Medicaid too. Do you see the assault on all Americans by your all RGA and your all Republican Congress now? Everyday for the last 40 years. Because it was Grober Congress that allowed the massive unaffordable health insurance rate increases to happen for the last 40 years. All unchecked, carte blache. And it was your RGA with ALEC that allowed the 60% increases per year in your state to rob us all for Big Corpoarate Monopoly Insurance Co's. All Made record profits and America robbed to death, junk health insurance.
     The complete persecution of the poor, the elderly and our children. No it is not a short list of leave no child a dime. Betsy Devoss, the RGA all of ever growing meaner and nastier everyday. No checks or balances, all of those positions were long killed by heir Steve DeConstruct the Adm State and establish the Oligarchy Dictator Demamgogue of no return. No accountabilty and really of no accounts at all, the all Russia bad boy ways.
     Heil Koch. Heil Grober. And heil total bafoonery. Endlessly approved by your all Republican Congress's. Robbing women.
     The whole of it all is absolutely no progress of America for any reason since 1950 and continuing. The JOBS of Hate Koch bros scortched earth policies nearest you. And it really is near you, no matter where you live.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Over there and in the swamp. That genuine trump vernacular. The enemy within us. VP Pence is running the nut house now. All that spy access? Right wing extremist's Grover and Bannon too. It is all worldwide sabotage, spies and treachery. Just the way the fuedalist Koch bros like it. So 15th, 16th century Europe. Koch bros glory, if not, to kill a country, to kill America. America last and Koch bros spies. Spies, spies, spies. Russia.

     This Russia Trump connection. Degrading the U.S. Presidency. Not just farce and fodder, o'h no! Unfit, Inelligable unpopular, electoral college vote, Fraud. VP Pence and the entire cabinet, all of it. Degrading the United States and degrading us all, the right wing extremist's. A mockery to all wars, paid for by the Koch bros and add 1.7 Trillion there to the JOBS of Hate new world oder.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Montana? The old body slam trick. So Republican. Montana? All that violence! Montana? The out of towner. Where is he from? Double the fines and run him out. Sherriff! Trump right wing exrtremist pals like that.

     Another Republican body slam, if not body blow, the kill us all everybody but, your exempt Paul Ryan Care Congress  AHCA. And a head shot. To be sure, Paul Ryan's  very bestest pal, Grover Norquist is there. Of course we all remember when Grober Norquist killed the GI Bill by forcing GI's to pay for the VA. And by severeley limiting acces and what is covered to or by the VA. And doing it all in Congress signed by Bush. That included not paying for active combat pay sernice, renegged for months in Iraq and Afghanistan under Bush. No body armour for all our troops. It was all Grober Norquist and Republican Congress approved.

     The 1.7 Trillion dollar robbery as proposed by heir drumfalot is far more than a give away to the Industrial War Complex, the new world oder, the Koch bros deep state. What trimp pimp's 1.7 Trillion does is hand the batton off to the new Koch bros hand picked S.S. of hell. Do you know who that is? Because the Koch bros have long been obsessed with successorship, as eveidenced by the absolute abolishment of the death tax. Death for all, but not death to the Koch bros evil monies. O'h, no. Not that.
     The Heiritage Foundation, CATO, and the propaganda paid for colleges of the Koch bros will continue long after the Koch bros. And the new henchman of hell will see to it, strictly controlled same as now and Grober Norquist. Conservative talk radio included. All paid for for generations to come. Hell, propaganda, demagoguery, all endless to the ruinization of America. All of it, Congress approved and never, ever a charge filed against the Koch bros by Congress. Not even a mention of the Koch bros in SCOTUS  Paul Ryan Care. Mitch McConnell Care. It is all a secret, those clandestine gerry's. Of course we all remember when  the analyst's said it was very well written, that Paul Ryan Care AHCA. Written by your all Republican Congress, 2017. Hiding those taxes, no CBO Score and the Mitch McConnell secret Senate? Oh' my? Or? The trump vernacular Congress, 2017. See Paul Ryan, Grober Norquist and Steve Bannon there. They love their fairy tales. All for the koch bros.
     Your Russia connection. 23 million Americans robbed and left to die in the streets, your all Republican Paul Ryan Care. AHAC. 2017.
     Paul AHCA Ryan pays no price, nothing and Paul Ryan gets paid by you, $ 275,000 to rob us all bigly. And Paul Ryan gets paid by the Koch bros too. Everyday.
     Pick a Russia connection. Pick an aid, any aid, all Republican, the RNC and all got paid. And hey, do not forget the paid lobbyist's all on Congressional payrolls. Oh no.
     See the Espionage Act of ? ? ? 1917??? And no Congressional updates there! Paul Ryan. Mitch McConnell. Your all republican Congress'sssssssssss.
     Do not forget that 800 Billion robbed from Medicaid for the Koch bros
. Robbed by your Paul AHCA Ryan Care. 23 million citizens to die in the streets.
     217 all Republican votes robbed 23 million citizens. You do the math 217 divided by 23 million = you guessed it, all for the Koch bros. Every ratfink day. See the unrepentant.

     All of the above, the need for the Independent Commission! Those American Oligarchs!!! American Cartels.

     Congress wins, 23 million citizens lose. Then, there is your sinister Koch bros RGA. What is next? Are we going to send out the child catchers for Paul Ryan too

We begin together

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     In Belgium. Brussels. Then, there is the demagogue, Isolationist, resident,  occupier. VP Pence runs the hellhole nut house now.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Donald Drumf vernacular. Sad drumf there.

     Degrading the Presidency. Degrading the United States and Drumf degrading us all.
     Ignorance is no excuse. See the Koch bros taking control of government assets in your State. Any infrastructure plan must include 325 million dollars x 365 x every rotten day the Koch bros have been alive tax. Payable by the Koch bros in full cash. Now.
     Fraud. VP Pence runs the nut house now. See the big Pence hack job there. VP Pence is relishing his new seat in the nut house. And now you know who the leaker is. Why? There is no why. Only que bouno. The backstabber and the gurka. Why? Because he did all the work with no glory and no gain. That second fidle. That dangerous triad of back power, Grover, Bannon , Pence. While Trump is away and he is always away, the nut house of no one knows, who, what, where or when. Yet, we all know the all too many trips to the nut house by Grover where Bannon lives and we know that third dimension when all to busy the VP bunker of do not tells. No telly, all smelly. 3 men in a bunk. Why? Because the Koch bros knows how to pick 'em. Certainly, the Koch bros learned early, when they had just begun their entry into the scortched earth policies of hate for hell and refined it to the anals of deciet for the agony of men. Why? Because it is all about the bunk. The bunk and the skunk. And skunk 'em bugly, 'eh bunko.
     Conspiracy to committ fraud with malice for all, ignorance and that genuine trump vernacular. Everyday. Those Russia connection 8th graders.

     That Russia connection. Right wing extremist's. This Russia connection. Russia Spy Drumf.

     The Special Counsel, your Russia connection and Trump.

     Trump and VP Pence will doom Montana. That drumf affect, NH and NY.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Your all Republican Paul Ryan Care 115th Congress. Unimaginable Level of Cruelty, 2017? Everyday. Your pal Trump. Written by VP Pence.

     The trumpcare, Paul Ryan Care AHCA? Paul Ryan Care. A CBO Score?

     See U.S. Domestic policy. Make Trump Rich Again and Never Pay Taxes.
     Where are Trump's tax retturns? Make Trump Rich Again and never pay taxes.
     Swamp creatures do the Trump voodoo math, as trump sells out Millennials.

     See the Paul Ryan Care CBO score. Paul Ryan Care, the criminal AHCA. All a complete waste of time for the last 8 all Republican years of endless failures. The only winner is the Koch bros. America last. Trimp pimp care and Paul Ryan pimping us bigly. Remember, Paul Ryan has exempted himself from receiving the AHCA. Congress get's to keep what they have, no changes. You get the Paul Rayn Care shaft. The AHCA. Nice. Attaa- boy Pauly. Ayn Rand is so proud of him.

     The theory was Congress goes to make laws to protect us.
     Now Congress makes and passes hate laws against us  Crimes against humanity, your all Republican Congress, 2017.
     And yes, your RGA states gets to rob you further.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries and an Evan Vucci original Iconic photo

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. That Russia connection, x 17. It is all trump nasty.
     This Russia connection and the Trump, pimp us all bigly, criminal nation. Criminal Trump.

     Where are Trump's Taxes? No legislation until aDonnissssss releases his taxes. You remember? Donald Trump,the Fink among us. You'll see. Trump's pals, like that.

North Americaninformal
noun: fink; plural noun: finks
  1. 1.
    an unpleasant or contemptible person.
    • a person who informs on people to the authorities.
      "he was assumed by some to be the management's fink"
    • dated
      a strikebreaker.
verb: fink; 3rd person present: finks; past tense: finked; past participle: finked; gerund or present participle: finking
  1. 1.
    inform on to the authorities.
    "there was no shortage of people willing to fink on their neighbors"
  2. 2.
    fail to do something promised or expected because of a lack of courage or commitment.
    "administration officials had finked out"
    • cease to function.
      "your immune system begins finking out and you get sick"
late 19th century: of unknown origin; perhaps from German, literally 'finch,' but also a pejorative term. Students started to refer to nonmembers of fraternities as finks, probably by association with the freedom of wild birds as opposed to caged ones. The term was later generalized to denote those not belonging to organizations such as trade unions.
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Use over time for: fink
Translations, word origin, and more definitions

       There is Donny now, with your all Republican Congress standing next to him.
     Your pal, pimp us all Bigly, Trump.
     Trump voters, all pimped out bigly.
     Seniors lied to and robbed again by Trump.
     Trump, with Congress, sabotaging the ACA. House vs Price? Try Gover Norquist thievage, conspiacy and risen premiums through the roofs for the last 40 years. Grover paid no price and got paid everyday. We got robbed to death. All Republican Congress'ssssss approved.
     Swamp creature, voodoo on crack. Lots of crack.
     Pimp job Trump. 3,800 jobs robbed from the EPA alone.
     Your Paul Ryan's war on poverty. Just die.
     That Trump Cover Up.
     Collusion with the Kremlin, Trump.


Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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      Hate, hell and the perceverrance to all things odio. Sickening. Putrid hate. Your all Republican Paul Ryan Care Congress. Robbing the sick, the poor and the elderly. Everyday. No remorse and in your face. Sure as the gun. Your all Republican 115th Congress.

     The need for the Independent Commission. That Trump connection. Your all Republican 115th Congress.

noun: collusion
  1. secret or illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially in order to cheat or deceive others.
    "the armed forces were working in collusion with drug traffickers"
    synonyms: conspiracy, connivance, complicity, intrigue, plotting, secret understanding, collaboration, scheming
    "there had been collusion between the security forces and paramilitary groups"
    • Law
      illegal cooperation or conspiracy, especially between ostensible opponents in a lawsuit.
late Middle English: from Latin collusion-, from colludere 'have a secret agreement' (see collude).
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     And hey, See no evil, know no evil, hear no evil. Speak no evil there. Everyday.
     Your all Republican 115th Congress. Scandalous! Paul Ryan and pal Trump.

We begin together

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     A Light to the Nations, we pray for Manchester. Pablo, Cook County Jail and The Counselor. But, alas, nothing, will save the enemy within us.
     Nothing will save Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell and your all Republican 115th Congress from thier tyrannies against U.S. Paid for by the Koch bros and strictly controlled by Grover Norquist. The fowl Koch bros personel all onboard the Trump Administration of doom with impending cataclysmic implosions. The death of America, America last. total ruinization. The new world oder and the deep state 4.

     To be sure, we prefer a happier note, but no, robbed that too, by your Grover Norquist NRA. See Grover Norquist pals, the RGA, robbing government assets nearest you.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Right wing extremist's Steve populist Bannon and Trump. Then, there is that, genuine pure Trump, early 1970's vernacular? Who talks like that? Anywhere?

     Meanwhile day 122? Trimp is giving away your farm to those that ate him up. Says no sweat there. And why not? It is not his. Your pal VP Pence is in charge now, at the nut house.

     The Drumf affect. Cutting taxes for the filthy, robbing 800 Billion from Medicaid and more. Your pal Trimp pimp. Do you see the Koch bros now? No? Okay, how about now? Do you see the Koch bros, Trimp pimp us now?

     Montana? North Carolina Gerry mandering. And there is Trump's pal, Grover. You do remember Grover NRA Norquist?

     That Russia connection.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:47:23 AM | Back to Blygs

     The need for the Independent Commission. Your 115th all Republican Paul Ryan Care Congress. All for the Koch bros. Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell do not work for us.

     Of course, we all Remember Paul Ryan's War against Poverty pledge. And there it is.

     Trump, the lame duck has no agenda. No legislative achievements, as the failed Paul Ryan Care, no CBO Score plan, has not been sent to the Senate because it is illegal and of pure heartless failures. Cheney not included, but, there is the cheney wannabee VP. Looks like, smells like.....
     Tax reform will not happen without doomed Paul Ryan Care,Trump pimp us Care.
     Nothing should happen without the release of Trumps Taxes for the last 25 years.
     Thus everyone can clearly see the Koch bros big push to kill us all, here and now. Everyday.
     There is absolutely no other agenda.

     Contempt of Congress? Or? Contempt of America, by, your Paul Ryan all Republican 115th Congress, that does not and will not, work for us.

We begin together

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     The Independent Counselor. x3.

Sunday is Church day

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     In Prague. Czechnia.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:46:38 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection. Intent with action, malice for all. Looks like,

     Trump foreign policy; Make Donald Trump Rich Again. That is it. Now you know.
     Trump domestic policy; Make aDonnissssss Trump Rich again. Are there any questions?

     Let us look closer now at Trump Foreign Policy. Shall we, Hmm? Why? Because Trump is ditching the white house, aka, Dons jons, for his real pals the Russians. How will the cover up lame duck, resident Isolationist, occupier be recieved?
     How many criminal investigations of Trump are happening right now? With clamouring for the new Independent Commission too.
     Israel. Poker face? Saudi Arabia, will Trump bow? 9 days? Belgium? Abbas, Palestine. The PLO too? Taormina, Sicily? I love you, me, Sicly? Or, Trump, Sicily?  Ending with the G-7 in Brussels.
     Trump's foreign policy is Tax Free and Taxpayers paid for. Yiiiiick!
     See Russia media for details? Oh Sergey. Sergey, Sergey.
     Arms deal. So russian and do not forget the all for naught, Afghanistan.
     What the Middle East needs to know about Trump.
     No docett of who, where, when and why? That passenger list of A1 Trumpanov. Hezbollah and maybe some Lebanese hashish, hooka time. But, no dockett. No visa needed, no photo ID, nothing, that A1 ride of no return, it's all one way, make Trump rich again.
     Is it any wonder, Trump's love of strongmen are all closed societies and all autocrat run at the top with all guises and disguises of the farce and fraud kingships? Theocracy, benevolence, practice or precepts? Iron dicatators all for everything demagogues, idols, idol worship and aDonnisssssss in the Middle East.
     To be sure, Trump has no clue of the Middle east. Pals maybe, or at least of the casino. But no, Trump will not visit the Jordan casino. Hark! There could be, a refugee there!
     Will Trump it include non extraditable, get out of jail free, Dubai? We think so. All prepaid, but a peek at the papers still intact could be needed. You remember tax free Dubai? That eatsern gate of the anti west. How much money does Putin make there? Then, there is Turkey? Trump says no problem there? Turkey. Thugs.
     Could we see another Trump golf course in Saudi Arbaia?
     Of course, there is that war in Yemen.
     And is it possible the EU could put a pricetag on the true costs of the worlds largest Immigration, humanitarian disaster, since World War 2 all forced by Vladimir Putin, Trump's best and only friend, starting with the Iraq War invasion and to date Syria + all else?
     We, the world, would very much like to give Purin the hack, that bill. Yes. it is more than 200 billion dollars, no rubles.
     Trump is trying to leave behind tremendous domestic failures. That Trump baggage everywhere.
     Is Trump's travel merely an enormous right wing propaganda extension with lots of tax free cash included?
     Will Trump visit the Bishop? Yes. And trimp pimp has been given an extended list of vast right wing extremist's to visit and A1 plane travel with, by, you guessed it, the Koch bros very own VP Pence. Allbeit, a derangement list. You may remember the VP just made his world debut recently to prime the pump. The Drumf pump.
     Will sad Vlad meet Drumf along the way? A little kissee-poo party there.
     The thought of Donald Drunf going to save all of the worlds religions is? ____.  Or Daesh. Is it any wonder, the penalty of stoning? The animal spirits? Or Drumfaesh! Drumf Propaganda Demagoguery and the Koch bros paid for Heiritage Foundation too. Aka, The JOBS of Hate. John Birch Society of Hate.
     And if you really want to start a fight? Go into some religious rants to nowhere by El Donaldo Trump.
     Looks like, your Russia connection. Trump nut job. Sergey. Probage.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:44:17 AM | Back to Blygs

     8 Years in the all Republican making? Your all Republican farce fiasco. We all know you see the need for the Indendent Commission there and everywhere.
     Still, Paul and Mitch say, see, and hear no evil. Ever. And let U.S. not fail to mention the Koch bros wholly owned SCOTUS too.
     Then, there is your all Republican grattitude. If not attitude in the ever more conflicted all republican swamp.

     Do not forget about your all Republican "Ratf**ked" Populist RGA with ALEC either. Do you see Steve hate us all Bannon there? Your Illinois RGA and conservative jive time radio. Robbing Government Assets, your education. Do not forget ALEC. See your Illinois Republican governor robbing senior citizens. Who owns nursing homes? Gee, let's guess? Now see your Koch bros Illinois RGA governor.

     America is screaming at this 115th Congress to install the new Independent Commission now!. Butt, Paul Ryan sees no nut job. Mitch mcConnell hears no nut job. Meanwhile. Sergey and Trump are off on A1, but, not before officially renaming the white house. The new name of the white house, aka, Dons jons, is now, the nut house. And you guessed it, VP Pence says he will take over. The Koch bros are the first invites. Grover is on his way too. 2017? The party is on at the new nut house and who is the big boy now? Steve Bannon on the lurch.

     Paul and Mitch are mute to the facts that Mueller could hire James Comey to his Independent Counsel. And, or, James Comey could be named to the all new Independent Commission Too. Paul and Mitch know no evil hear or there. Ever.
     Paul and Mitch? Your all Republican 115th Congress. Mitch and Paul.
     Do you see, hear and know Mitch and Paul now? But? Do you see the Infependent Commission? 50 thousand feet? A1's? Americans want this 115th all Republican Congress put on the short leash of the all new Independent Commission now! Mitch and Paul are the deep state 4 Koch bros. Everyday.

     Nobody wants Paul Ryan Care. Sickening. Trimp pimp care.
     Weakening Pre existing conditions.
     Major cuts to Medicaid!!!!!
     Increased costs, plus a major age penalty. Paul Ryan Care.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.  It is here that we very much want to Thank the real writers for their pros and proffessionalisms everyday. Thank You to all sources. Everyday.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 4:56:32 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection. Steve Bannon and pimping us bigly. 119th day? It's a Drumfectomy. The Trump Cover Up. 2017.

     We know, Trump is thrilled with the appointment of Special Counsel Robert Mueller. Thrilled!

     And soo..... let us count the ways Trump is thrilled. Shall we, hmm. Why? Because this is now a criminal investigation.

     We know Trump is thrilled to be leaving Dons jons and of the deep fonguuy there.
     That Colunbian connection? Will Trump give him the 450 million?
     We know trimp is thrilled to be selling 200 BBBBilion dollars of arms to Saudi Arabia. And what's his cut?.
     Try to count all the ways trimp will be working for aDonnis only and per foreign country. Iran.
     Got to do the Taj Mahal math there.
     No reporters allowed. Accept Russia intell and a swamp slew of that and those.
     See Igor, Sergey, Inchanov, Sergey, Miklahavonitch, Boris, Sergey and ankle biters avass.
     Meanwhile, see the Koch bros policy here. Every trimp pimp day.
     No. No U.S. State Dept employees allowed, killed them early, and Putin was thrilled and is still thrilled.Are you thrilled? Because trimp pimp wants everybody to be Trump thrilled and thrilled for aDonnissssssss'sssssssss.
     Thrilling. Trump Foeign Policy & that Russia connection. Your Trump connection. This Trimp pimp connection.
     Just, exactly, what the hell is Trump Foreign Policy?
     Well? That would be all for Trimp Pimp and screw all others. Screw the Middle East. Screw Asia and all in it. Make Donald Trimp Pimp Rich Again. That's it Trimp Pimp foreign Policy. And now you know.
     But, for anyone anywhere that can not or will not understand the above Trump foreign policy, See the reall American Foreign and Domestic policy here.
     Zero accountabilty. All tax free. No transparency. Reporters zippo and burnt down.
     Sos not needed, but, the daily doss of Drumf will apply.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 4:54:46 AM | Back to Blygs

     An Independent Commission is an absolute must now, to replace both, the failed all Republican House investigation and to replace the failed all republican Senate investigation.
     An Independent Commission would take over both the completely all Republican failed House and the failed all Republican Senate investigations, thus saving taxpayers billions.
     There would no longer be the Paul Ryan all Rpeublican failed House investigation or failed Senate investigation.
     Americans want the Independent Commission! Now!

     Because of Paul Ryan and the debacheries of the all Republican House puposely failed investigations the new special counsel has been named with full Indictment Powers and an unlimited budget.
     Will there be Indictments in the 900 Billion dollar Medicaid fraud House?
     Grand Juries.
     Will there be lots of Indictments in the House and secret AHCA 900 Billion dollar rob Medicaid Senate?
     Supeana Powers. Lots of that.
     Will Grover, Iran-Contra, ratfink Kuwait, 9-11, Iraq War, Norquist be named?
     Will the Koch bros be Indicted formally and publicly in the House and Senate? For the first time?

     Will Trump be made to pay 10 million dollrs per day for the endless Russia connections? Paul OBM Ryan says nothing about that and knows nothing about that, just add it bigly to the deficit and everyday. Screw the children and your grand children too.
     Hush now too. Trump pays no price, nothing and Trimp Pimp Bigly gets paid.
     Let us note here U.S. Taxpayers Costs!!! Open ended and endlessly by this 115th all Republican congress.
     And Taxpayers should not pay one dime of Grover Norquist's all Republican Congress, massive endless thievages.
     Still, trimp pimp is thrilled. And why not? It is all a freebie and aDonnis is making Trimp pimp rich again. Everyday.
     There is no CBO score for all of the Russia connections costs to date and why would your all Republican Congress for Grover Norquist want to keep that open secret far and away from the public? Other that the freebie of adding to the Grover Norquist, pay no price, nothing and get paid daily and adding it all onto the national defict. Mitch McConnel says no eveil there. Everyday.
     And hey, less drama, now, with a special counsel?
     No. it is not hard to tally the CBO Score everyday costs of treason on Russian stroids. Oh, Paul Ryan no.
     The Trump Cover Up, 2017.
     Now Trump is having serious difficulties finding anyone to be in charge of the FBI after the good FBI Director Comey firing. No one wants the job. Any political appointment is a disaster. Should grandpa run FBI tech spy crimes? Could grandpa run FBI tech spy crimes?  And do you see the good James Comey now?
     In fact the Trump administration has many, many, many job openings long unfilled for all reasons Trimp pimp bigly.

We begin together

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     A Special Counsel

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 4:49:47 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection. Trump fonguu and the wretched Grover Norquist. Malice for all. Intent and action.
     Chaos. Anarchy, Trump. Steve Bannon and the Koch bros.

     The Democratic House held a press conference updating it's investigation. Butt, then see the all republican response of jive.Taxpayers costs for all of these Russia investigations should be paid 10 million dollars per day, CASH, by Donald pimp us all bigly Trump. And see Paul Ryan again.
     An Independent body.
     The Independent Commission is a must now and fast.
     The Independent Prosector. An Independent counsel.
     12 Member Committee fully funded. Trump is a danger and disturbing.
     Michael Flynn. Russia and Trump. No Taxes and completely conflicted.
     Too many Russians everywhere. Spies, spies, spies.
     The FBI Director is hired by Congress. Not Trump.
     Your all Republican Congress makes and takes no actions against Trump.
     Contempt of the DOJ = Trump.
     Contempt of our good IC. = Trump.
     Contempt of America by Trump, the sabotage of the administrtive State by Steve Kill US All Bannon.
     The Koch bros personel appointments all over the Trump Admn. Very ugly. Spies and bigly spies like a mofo.
     Obstruction of Justice by Trump and a swamp slew of others.
     Trump's intent of malice for all, with malice to all. Intent and action.
     Constant tweetings by Trump to the detriment of all  Everyday.
     The cost of Trump is too much. Dump Trump Now.
     Paul Ryan could Impeach Trump tommorrow. But No. Ayn Paul Ryan Rand, the Koch bros will not have Impeachment,not that! Death to the entire country first.
     Your everyday Trump Demagogue Fink.
       What other informations has Trump been giving to the Russians per day? Daily. Everyday. And Trump has lots of help inside Dons jons giving unlimited huge informations to the Russians. Tremendous thievages, every Trump day. All top national securuty matters!
     Grover 911 Norquist investigation had 100 members. What do we get? Drumf!
     Trump stinks and finks. See pals there.
     Takes time, a commission. We do not have time. There is no time for Trump.
     trump time is Jive time. 17 agencies know Trump is wretched.
     End the right wing extremist assault against America and all of our Institutions. Indeed our people everywhere.
     Drumf has impaired the Presidency too many times and too often. Roaching U.S. out. Trump is irradic and dangerous. Impeach Trump Now!

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 4:47:24 AM | Back to Blygs

     The great state of Illinois. And then, your wretched NRA.




Dear John, 


Great news – legislation that will help save lives passed out of the Illinois House Judiciary Criminal Committee today!   SB 1657 – would license firearm dealers in Illinois and help keep guns out of the hands of people who should not have them.

The measure now moves on to the full House of Representatives for a vote.  


TAKE ACTION NOW!  Call your State Representative and tell them that Illinois needs to license its firearm dealers and vote YES on SB 1657!  If you do not know your legislator click here.  


From 2009 to 2013, more than 3,000 guns recovered from crime scenes in Chicago were traced back to just three Illinois firearms dealers. In other words, just THREE out of Illinois' more than 2,400 gun retailers were the source of close to 17% of Chicago's crime guns.  State licenses would give Illinois a pathway for stricter scrutiny of these bad apple gun dealers, and the ability to deal out consequences if they fall short.  


Click here to see the text of the bill.


85% of Illinoisans agree that Illinois needs gun dealer licensing to rein in its unscrupulous gun dealers!  Make your voice heard and tell your State Representative to vote YES on SB 1657!


Thank you!


Colleen Daley

Executive Director

Copyright © 2011 Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, All rights reserved.

222 S. Morgan Street   |   Suite 4A   |   Chicago, Illinois 60607

     Let us look at the latest updates on the Paul Ryan  House of jive investigations.
     And nothing casual there. Your all Republican Congress. Let us not wither, nor not willow from the crimes drama. The drama, the drama.
     What is the latest update, if any, on the snail Senate investigations?

     Then, let us look at the distinct possibilities of enormous international failures, if not disaters in all foriegn policies beginng in the Midddle East tommorrow, by your Drumfalot.
     Will Congress rush to Israel to say the coast id clear? Again.

     Paul Ryan Care. Indeed, it is right and just to understand the immorality of "all for profit" big Corporate Insurance Co's vs, non for profit healthcare is a right for all. It is called human dignity. And it is being robbed from us by your Paul Ryan Care. America is being robbed by Trimp Pimp Care. America is being robbed for the Koch bros, 900 Billion Dollars and it is all Paul Ryan Care of death.
     Think Americans don't know? Trade in your cell phone for health insurance? Ted Cruz? Will save us? And Mitch McConnell seeks less drama?
     Please note; not memo, there are no rallies nor protests at the Koch bros headquarters, there are no town hall meetings at the Koch bros residences. And that 900 BBBillion Paul Ryan is stealing from Medicaid for the Koch bros?

     Uh,? We will just put a little memo there, next to Mitch. "I hope you can let this go".

     Those all Republican Congress's personal OATH loyalties? Eh, h, hem, OATHS. Yes. The same OATH loyalties that look like, smells like Ayn Rand Care. Yes that would be an oath not to the country, this United States of America. No, those are the oaths of loyalties to Grover Norquist and the oaths of loyalties to Donald soon to be impeached Trump. And your all Republican Congress loves a photo bomb.
     Fee, fye, foe, fum, the Drumfalot comes to ruin the GOP. 2017.
     Chaos. Paul Ryan is why. Legal quagmire? You betcha, like Grover wearing lipstick. Your pal Paul  Ryan Care.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 4:17:04 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection and the enemy within U.S. There is no doubt. No question, the freak, Trump has put American lives at risk. Some might really die, from trimp pimp illiteracy.
     Did Donald Trump act alone? No. We know Dons jons is infested with spies. Spies for the Koxh bros. Spies for Robert Mercer. Spies for Russia and a spy for China too. Why? That Trump cover up.

     Because Donald Trump is all for the money. Trump is all for his money, not at all this country, this United States of America. Thus we know the good Senator of Illinois, Dick Durbin was and is correct. Trump is dangerous and Trump is danger. Stranger danger! That Russia connection.

     We know the Trimp pimp Dons jons are and were all about their money, never about U.S. Tramp trump's administration was and is nothing but, the indidualist, all about me, Corporate raiders, certainly the worst offenders, only Vulture Capitalist's were chosen to rob us all to hell. Pick a country , any country, the Columbia connection and on and on..... the deal was and is for the individual cabinet members, no one else. Cyprus, Saudi Arabia, Egypt and etc..... Make America lame again, = Trump thievage on Russian steroids. This Russia connection.

     Not the first time Trump has sold us down river and not the last, oh no.
     Treachery. Sordid. Multi players. Steve Bannon. Subterfuge. Grover Norquist. Hate. The Koch bros infor. Those Russia connections.
     International intrigue.
     Exposure and you know we do not want to see that. Will someone please give Trump an enema. Make that two.
     Russia. China. Japan. The Philipines. Iran. Hezbollah, 2013.Trump. Turkey. Venezuela?
     Unfit. Inelligable. Trump is a leaker. Trump.
     Infinite ignorance. Paid for by the Koch bros. Trump, international spy.
     Gross failure and conspiracy to committ.
     Obstruction of Justice with malice for all.
     Donald Trump is a lame duck, starting right now. Your increasingly isolated, Isolationist, anarchist, resident, occupier El Drumfalot. The man is infested with spies and a slap in the face to the IC. The enemy within us and your all Republican Congress'sssssssss.

     The other Russia connection. Need a global witness? See pals of Trump there. Do you see the Koch bros and Grover Norquist there? Well? Do ya? Why? Because not, since Alexander the Great.

     Trump asked Comey to end Flynn investiagation. Trump, the VP and the entire ratfinked administration must end now. Your doubting all Repugnigant Senate, after footdragging the all Republican investigation wants to see the memo of death. The memo is all unclassified for the shameless agony of your Koch bros 115th Congress. Meanwhile, Trump does more crack.
     But this memo is for your all Republican Senate worthless investigation.
     Your all Republican junk Senate investigation,
     It is all documented.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 4:15:58 AM | Back to Blygs

     Your Congress? We want to thank this all Republican 115th Congress for their complete derilictions of anything Trump. Republicans like the direction this country is headed now. Congress. Republicans are happy now with their new direction.
     Let us count the ways of debachery and sabotage of this 115th Congress;

     The sabotaged Paul Ryan House Investigation of aiding and abbetting.
     Same of Mitch McConnell and the forloreign Senate foot dragging, aiding and abbetting.
     The photo bomb blunder in the rose garden and the two week vacation called by Paul Ryan after he tried to rob 900 BBBBBillion dollars from Medicaid, our senior citizens and the most vulnerable for the Koch bros. And really why not take a paid $ 87 per hour, 24/ 7 vacation, there, after breaking into our U.S. Treasury anf leaving the doors wide open for the Koch bros. Congressional racketeering.
     No. Not at all the first time.
     And not the last time. Your all Republican 501(c)4 Tax Code and endless dark monies.
     The no call for the special prosecutor. repeatedly, early and often.
     No. Not the first time.
     Trump's russian tax returns.
     Secret Republican penalties against us. Those dastardly Americans.

     Mitch McConnell wants less drama. Mr. see, hear and know no evil, only does what the Koch bros want. Americans do not want this 115th Congress to rob Medicaid and the ACA. DeConstructing the Administrative State by Steve hate us all Bannon. DeRegulations of U.S. Education and all else. Tax Reform for the sordid rich and killing the ACA is not what Americans want from and by this speak no evil 115th all Republican Congress of "Ratf**ked" hell. The good Merrick Garland wants no part of the Trump all Republican Congress mess. Nobody wants to work in Trumps very own mess. They are dropping like flys now.

     Your all Republican Congress. We used to have friends. Paul Ryan, conservative right wing extremist talk radio and Mitch McConnell works for who?
     See your "Ratf**ked Grover 911 Norquist RGA there, assaulting all of us. Everyday.

     Your all Republican 115th Congress does not work for U.S. Article 2, section 4.

We begin together

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     In Washington, D.C. Is Donald Trump a Spy?

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Trump nasty with Steve Bannon and pal Grover Norquist. Shaken country syndrome, a stickler for some. Donald Trump's America? Shaking up staff.

     Meanwhile, Putin is having another bon bon. Those Russain developers, Is trump there? Racism, white trash nationalism and Trump populism.

     Trump is destabilising U.S. with the Koch bros for Russia. Fundamental Ignorance and radicalized.

     That Russia connection. Is it any wonder trimp was all smiles for his real friends from Russai last week in Dons jons.

     Assad, 2017. Russia. & Kurdistan.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:43:56 AM | Back to Blygs

     Sinister like a mug. Paul Ryan? Sinister. Mitch McConnell? Sinister. Destroying your ACA. Sinister.

     This 115th Congress's inaction has left us in the death grip of enemies, and we all know what that means.

     Your Koch bros Gorsuch SCOTUS N.C. N.C. Very ugly, as the sinister Koch bros assault against U.S. continues.

We begin together

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     In the swamp. The vile and contemptouish sinister assault against all of U.S. continues now.

Sunday is Church day

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     Happy Mother's Day.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Rappers delight. & The Players.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 10:11:15 AM | Back to Blygs

     Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell. Is there any debate? As to why? Who, where, when and how there is no cybercrime bill or law in the U.S. since 1991, when Al Gore gave us the internet. Or? Who thinks 72 year old Rudy will or can save us? Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell? Paul Ryan, 900 Billion robbed from Medcaid, Trimp Pimp Care.

We begin together

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     In Detroit, Michigan. Smart.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:41:10 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection. The Trump connection and the conflicted swamp.
     The Koch bros Russia. farce and fodder trump.
     Grover Norquist. & Your pal Trimp, the tramp 
     Steve Bannon. Trimp the pimp. Tramp Trump. & Looks like, smells like Drumf.
     Lawyers for Trimp pimp? Next Tuesday? Is wimpy there? A 1 page document from Trump's lawyers? Wimpy does not release his tax returns. Drumf is a mess.
     Trump is unfit, inelligable and a fraud.

     Then, there is your right wing extremist Illinois RGA holding Illinois hostage by not passing a budget on purpose to defund you and our great American Public Schools. Pals of Betsy DeVoss there, your anti education trimp pimp pick. Guess which Illinois governor owns Illnois Charter Schools currently defunding all Public Schools? Illinois, same as trump holding America hostage by the one,,the right wing extremist, the fool.
     Of course, there are plenty of RGA worngs nationwide by your grubbernaught Grover Norquist.

     Let us look further now into the dark and sordid State of the Nation Education, vast thievages of our American Public Schools. Shall we, Hmm? Trimp pimp says he knows nothing about that.

     Who owns the Charter Schools in Grand Rapids, Michigan? Who owns the charter schools in all of Michigan? Hint? Pals of  Illinois governor Bruce Rauner.

     Now, who owns the charter schools in your State? Please list by State, all fifty States?

     Why does anyone even mention these dastardly foul things? Well? Because none of these criminal actions transpire in Saudi Arabia. None of this happens in Canada, Qatar, Germany, Australia, Ghana, South Africa, China, Bolivia or Columbia. That is why. Only in criminal America, That is why. And to be sure, your NRA is there.


Dear John,

As you know - he Illinois gun dealer licensing legislation passed out of the Senate and has now moved to the Illinois House of Representatives.  SB 1657 is scheduled for a committee hearing TUESDAY and the time to take action is NOW!   

For more than a year, the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence and the Illinois Gun Violence Prevention Coalition have been educating and advocating about the need for gun dealer licensing in our state. Licensing and regulation of gun dealers would help stem the flow of illegal guns, keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. 

This law would allow for inspections of gun dealers, background checks of gun dealer employees, as well as vdieo security to prevent theft. 

Click here to see the text of the bill. 

Senate Bill 1657 is currently scheduled for a committee hearing on Tuesday, May 16th at 11 am in the House Judiciary Criminal Law committee. 

This is a critical time for gaining support for this bill in Illinois. Can you help by filing a witness slip? It's easy and just takes a minute or two. Follow these steps: 

Click here to go directly to the page to file the witness slip for Senate Bill 1657.

Under Section I, fill in your identification information (under business you can write ""N/A"", ""self"" or ""ICHV"")

Under Section II, write "self." 

In Section III, select "Proponent"

In Section IV, select "Record of Appearance Only." 

Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement.

Select the "Create Slip" button. You are done! 

You can a file slip until the hearing date on Tuesday, May 16th.   

Then please call your State Representative and ask them to support Senate Bill 1657 the Gun Dealer Licensing Act! If you need to find out who your State Representative is click here.

85% of Illinois voters support requiring all gun dealers to be licensed by the state – let's make sure our voices are heard and take action TODAY!

Thank you!

  In Peace,

Mark Walsh


Campaign Director

Copyright © 2011 Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, All rights reserved.

222 S. Morgan Street   |   Suite 4A   |   Chicago, Illinois 60607

     Okay. Now list the per State backers of those that own your charter schools per State. In Illinois he lives just north of the border and he receives huge State wrongful subsidies endlessly. Michigan, Grand Rapids, like nobody knows? And everybody in Michigan has long known.

     Now, who, what, when and where do all of these charter school owners and backers have in common? List per State. In Colorado he lives on a sixty mile square ranch.  In North Carolina he owns strip malls. List the per State, of the Nation Education. And don't even forget Florida and Texas. Please include all charts, graphs, multi media platform videos and expose's. Think you know?

     Now that you can clearly see the masive state and National criminal underminings of all federal and State public school dollars being robbed per State and Nationally, systematically everyday undeterred by anyone anywhere? What are you going to do about it? Call your all Republican Congress? Or, call Paul Ryan? Call the AG? Call your RGA Governor? Call your all Republican 31 States Assemblies, Aka, ALEC? Don't forget, your pal Steve hate us all Bannon fired all of the U.S. Prosecutors nearest you. No replacements.

     Why? Because in Saudi Arabia there are no phone calls to be made. Only your Trimp pimp America.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Paul Ryan and Congress are on vacation now. Because of this, let us now do the  new Congression definitional updates.

     Define; this 115th Congress? ____________________ ____, _______.

     Do you have the correct asnwer? Why? Because Congress has done no defintional update of it in over 100 years. Thats why.
     Emoleuments is a divided loyalty = Trump.

     Who does this 115th Congress work for? ______ ___ __. ____. Glamour Magazine?

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Trump, making America sad again. FBI Director, James Comey should be reinstated, with a raise plus 10 million dollars CASH paid by Trump per day for all of the Trump investigations. Trump fears and to be sure, the good James Comey has plenty on  the trimp pimp Dons jons. It is all increasingly murky in the swamp. The Trumpugly Cover Up Continues now. Every trimp pimp day. 

     Trump Obstruction of Justice! And your all Republican Congress too. 2017. There is no doubt and do not forget Grover Norquist who has been in Dons jons 99 times this 2017 year, if only for pal heir Steve Bannon.

     And soo..... let us all now waive something shiny in front of Dons jons. And let us all thank the pimp trimp now for his derilictions, his turmoil if not snake oil, false edicts and general overall negativities thrust against U.S. and the world. Trimp pimp gloom is everywhere and no one likes it. Not at all. See the higher divorce rates, less sex and the endless littany of cursed pessimisms the world over. Trump has doomed the world with gloomage. Trump, making America sad again.

     Trump is a bummer. A real downer.
     People do not like Trimp pimps cabinet picks. See trimp cabinet pals there.
     People are skunked by the fraud Trump and nobody likes Trump lies. The last word by the Koch bros VP. Trump usary is disgusting.
     No Showboating all up and down trimps face. No showboating like a mug all over the trimp creature of the swamp.
     Trump is plain deppressing. Never mind Trumps ratings are in the toilet.
     And no grandstanding on trimps neckbone. No grandstanding like tire tracks all over trimps back.
     Trimp travel ban, see the Trump affect there. And now you know who killed the big rabbitt. Trump stressed the poor rabbitt to death. Pitiful. Trump thought it was a muslim.
     People like James Comey and the ACA. Hello. People do not want trimp pimp care. Trump, making America sad again.
     That earie green glow of the swamp creatures. Oligarhy rule, or rue.
     Will trimp pimp Veto a Congress request for the special prosecutor? You betcha like a glowing freak in the swamp wearing lipstick.
     The ugly Trump affect. The Rx Trump affect. Where are Trumps Tax returns?
     See tremendous trimp tax failure here. DOA. Trump really is that bad and Trump should be fired as the problem.
     But, don'r you be asking what happened to that $50 Million dollars pocketed by Trump for trimp's unattended inauguration of pitance.
     Trump is not popular at all and trimp pimp, you guessed it, says he is the stuff. Soo Trump sad.

     As America lies in Isolationist Trump ruin. Held hostage to the fools, by the fools and for the fools. This 115th Congress, the abhorent. And do you see the Koch bros there now.

     Trump. You must declare your undying loyalty to heir Drumf. Just like heir Grover Norquist pledge and screw the Constitution. And damn your oath.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Mitch McConnell? Paul Ryan? See no evil. Hear no evil. Your 115th all Republican Congress. Everyday. You GOP Congress

     People do not want Paul Ryan Care, which is exempted by Congress.

     Paul Ryan and your all Republican Congress does not work for us. They only work for the Koch bros. No one else.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries. We begin in French St. Martin? It is not all about Islam or Christianity.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection, the Trimp cover up and president Steve hate us all Bannon DeConstructing the Administrative State, in favor of much more sinister and dastardly crimes against humanity. Who is Rod Rosenstein and what is next?

     The Trump Cover Up. 2017. Or 18 days? Where are those genuine James Comey Russia documents? Who has those documents? Scandalous!!!

     Lo, it is all but common crime, by low grade criminals. 1973? Or 18 minutes?
     There is no novel or genius about killing the investigators. It is all after the fact crimes.
     This presidency, 2017 has been made a complete mockery. Total disgrace.
     There is no revolutionary experiment to kill all who make government work. It is the common Koch bros. And absolutely no wizard of anything there. Only a lifetime of failure for hell.
     There is no grandiose of treason, traitors, or those who have de-friended all of our allies in favor of Isolationist failures into ruination. No, only anarchy and chaos live there for the delusional friendships of larceny and hate.
     What will this all Koch bros 115th Congress do about it? Pat 'em on the back, atta boy! GOP!

     No, it matters not what side of the aisle you come down on pro ot con about the good director, the FBI or the rogue trimp administration. Why?
     Because the House already botched their invetigations. The Senate same. Mary McCord of the DOJ. The firing of the good AG Sally Yates. The firing of all AG's nationwide with no replacements and much more. Neil Gorsuch, who, actually took the job and yikers there! And now trying to fill 8 years of Obama robbed judges, all Koch bros approved to the benches of hell nearest you. That is why. And which side of that hell infested aisle do you come down on now? For it is not, the one ioda of whimsical foley, that of the trimp, o'h no, but the cumulative evils of treacherous tyranies, the scorched earth policies of hell, the right wing extremist Koch bros that are solidifying America, the failed State. Total ruinization.

     There is no doubt James Comey was and is the best in his business. Very thurough and greatly gifted. The best. Nobody wanted to mess with the good director. We know Republicans are not the enemy. Mitch McConnell?
     And still, Comey has plenty on Russia, Trimp and plenty of others. No changing that.

     Trimp is skeered. Where are Trumps tax returns? Trump must pay 10 million dollars a day CASH for his swamp mess. Meanwhile, Trump meets with Russia today. Russia. Russia. Roaching us out. Trimp pimp on the short leash. Russia? And the Koch bros last word

     That Russia connection. Is this Moscow? & The trimp pimp connection.

     It is all about Justice and a crisis of Drumf confidence. Drunf must pay 10 million dollars a day CASH for this mess.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Is this 115th Congress going to help U.S. with one damn thing? Anything at all?
     If your answer is yes, you should go fly a kite.

     If your answer is no, what are you going to do about it?

We begin together

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     Where you live. Is America a failing State?
     If your answer is no, you should join the Trump administration. Those China connections. Or the Koch bros new world order? That China connection. China who?

     If your answer is yes, what are you going to do about it?

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. The China connection. & Trumpugly. When will Trump release his tax returns? The freak. Trumpcare. Russia and Trump Spies! Trump must pay cash for that mess, starting today. 
     Trump is surrounded by spies. Spies all over the Drumf. Chinese spies. Russian spies. Nobody has ever seen soo many spies in the whole world the way all the spies are on Drumf. Drumf is an espionage niightmare in denial and must be quarentined for public safety. Is Drumf a spy? Who does he work for? See Trump and pals like Trump gaming housing there.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:27:34 AM | Back to Blygs

     Everyday. We know taxpayers should not be paying the bills of the exhaustiong Trump investigations in the swamp and of the swamp, for the swamp.
     We know El Donaldo should pay the entire costs of all of the dreadfull Trumpugly investigations. Not Taxpayers.
     10 million dollars a day cash, El Donaldo Maligno should pay for all costs of his sordid, if not totally corrupt regime and administration. Not taxpayers.
     If Donald Trump does not pay for the investigations of endless deciets and derailments? The Trump voters only, should pay all costs of the multiple swamp insiders investigations. That is fair.
     And, because Trump is a total fraud, his entire cabinet is fraud, null and void.
     There will ne NO VP Koch bros Pence taking over as president because we all know he is fraud too.
     There will be no Paul Ryan Care president either, as clearly the leader of robbing Medicaid of 880 Billion dollars and killing our most vulnerable can not and will not be president. And because we all know this 115th all Republican Congress has obstructed everyday and every way all of the investigations process's and peoples, aiding and abbetting treason, treachery and all things wrong against America. Why? Because we all know this ratfinked 115th all Republican Congress did not and will not do their jobs that allowed, unimpeded, everything rubberstamped Trump cabinet wrongs and getting worse each and every rotten Congress day.
     This is not a government, but, some third world sham swahili, your Gorver Norquist, Koch bros, Donald J. Trump discombobulation fascist regime of hell.
     Soo Egypt. Soo Roman. Firing the investigator, prosecutor, Soo Koch bros.
     Your secret all Republican Senate. That is some fungooey. The trump affect?
     Therefor; the Special U.S. President Election of November, 21st, 2018 is on.
     This will be the Popular Vote Only 2018 Election as we all know the electoral college vote is obsolete
, with no definition updates, purposely, by your all Republican Congress's for 100+ years. All for the arcane Koch bros.

We begin together

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     Over there and over here

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Trimp pimp care, Paul Ryan care, robbing 1 Trillion from Medicaid for Tramp oligarchy pals of the filthy. The ever repeating Trump saga of hell. Not just another trimp pimp horror show. Your Trump connection.
     No hack jobs? In the swamp. Foreign Agents all Trump approved. Will there be Russia bombshells in the Trump swamp of hell? O'h yes! What kind of Chinese bombs in swampland Trumpanzee? You guessed it. You know the kind. Stinky, extra stinky and finky. What does it all mean? It means Trump is a fraud and Trump is a spy?

     That Russia connection. & The China connections. Those Trump connections. Steve Bannon Right wing extremist's. See swamp creatures there. Steve Bannon needs to be investigated by Congress.

     We know Tramp trimp is the anti vaccine freak. See the affects but know Steve bannon and the Koch bros are there. See glow in the dark creatures in the swamp and the EPA killing researchers from Science review board. Science.

     Viva Le France. France. Viva le France. France. Le good France. France. Then, there are right wing extremist's. Putin pals.

     Russia. Trust in Putin? This Russia connection. Putin spies. Putin Spies. Russia spies.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Your all Republican 115th Congress?   On Vacation. 1st Wisconsin? Somewhere? Your all Republican 115th Congress robbing us.

     Your Texas RGA, and your Texas RGA witl ALEC? Do you see Grover norquist there? No worries? Your RGA. aka, robbing government assets.

     We know, Republicans are not the enemy.

We begin together

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     Lectio Divina.

Sunday is Church day

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:37:57 AM | Back to Blygs

     Viva  France!!!  Macron! Congratulations!

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     The Russia connection. Hey, you know, Trimp says that was Brazil? Your pal El Donaldo Maligno. No surprise there. President Steve hate us all Bannon policy.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:54:48 AM | Back to Blygs

     Stinky and finky pals of the Koch bros. Meanwhile, Paul Ryan Care opened the treasury doors wide open for the Koch bros, then, did his Tarzan and went to Dons jons for the bigly party.
     Your all Republican Senate is going to ram through your U.S. Treasury in the dark of night an unread, unknown, no CBO Score, too fast, Rob The Hell out of Medicaid, much more right wing extremist anti America Paul pimp us Ryan Care, Trimp Pimpcare. Mitch McConnell Care? Or? How about right wing extremist Rand Paul Care? All of it is your Koch bros Congress robbing 880 Billion form Medicaid.
     There is no doubt. Trimp pimp will fight to sign it on the spot, just in time for Mother's Day!

We begin together

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     In Portugal, 2017? May 6,

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:45:29 AM | Back to Blygs

     We must rally against this rob our good senior citizens Medicaid by your all Republican Congress and the freak among us Trumpcare.
     Burn the Paul pimpcare Ryan, trimpcare smack talkers down at the polls!
     Trimp pimp care, Paul pimp us Ryan Care.

     Your Russia connection. Trimp the pimp putting around with his real pals in Jersey. Not just a dangerous disability. Inelligable, unfit fraud. Trumpcare.
     See the latest anti trimp rallies and protests. Sad.

     That Russia connection. & This Russia connection. Very sad, Drunf. & another Russia connection.

     Viva Mexico! Long live Canada! And Viva Le France Macron!

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:39:31 AM | Back to Blygs

     There is no competition in U.S. Healthcare. The big four, Aetna +++ are monoplolies moving to cartel. It is all the work of your Koch bros caucus Republican Congress's for 7 deacades. Paul Rayn knows that. Just like American Motors, Packard and others of the car industry and the same in all American Business Indusries, all have been hijacked into cartels. Certainly the new world order of the multi conglomerate Military Industrial Complex. Your all Republican Congress is all too well in the knowing of cartels all.
     So for (R) Congresman to get up and say providers are pulling out of their State is wholly disingenuous.
     Todays cartels answerr to nobody and nothing. They do not take risk and will not. See todays Cable and Internet Co giants  not going into smaller markets, because they do not have  too. Very much unlike AT &T of the 1920's. Carnegie and Rockefellor who did manifest destiny. Todays Koch bros cartels will not. Sears and Jewel Foods did 135 years ago but not the Koch bros cartels.
     Your all Republican Congress' were the ones who were to guard against the tyrannies of Corporate.
     But, in fact, it was and is your all Republican Congress's who have and are facilitating all and anthing for Corporate.
     The same Corporate Cartels that are failing us on purpose because they can.
     Grover Norquist knew how and where to sabotage Health Insurance in every insidious way and did.
     Red lining and Red mapping, churnings. Over and over for decades, Republican death spirals to hell.
     The Koch bros, Grover Norquist pay no price, nothing and the bad guys get paid. We get all of their bills to be paid. Enough. 7 decades, The JOBS of Hate, enough.
     Allowing Insurers to pull out of markets increases the costs for all others. There is no math there. Do you see the new world oder here and there.
     Pure market insider manipulations.
     Not at all free market systems. 
     Only the scorched earth policies of hell for the Koch bros new world oder.

     Your all Republican Congress exepted itself from the AHCA. Hello!

     We know and love the good women of our nation. Then, 7 out of 10 disssssssss approve of your all Republican Congress'sssssssssss. What's next, well? Actually 100% of nothing. Why?

     Because we all know Paul Ryan Care is a tax cut fro the filthy rich. The Koch bros.
     Because the only winning answer for the Senate is to kill the AHCA entirely, here and now.
     Anything else is a complete waste of time money and life. The only winners here and there are the Koch bros.
     The ACHA is a diversion from the Russia connections. of which your all Republican Congress will not do their jobs. That's all it is.
     Nobody wants the AHCA. Nobody. The Koch bros Congress well knows that.
     What Paul Ryan Care does is open the treasury department doors to the Koch bros, that is what the Republicans did and nothing else. That leaves the Treasury doors open for the Senate to pursue ignorance, all of which is for the Koch bros to rob anaother Trillion dollars from Medicare, Medicaid and the ACA..
     Americans see and know that.
     Americans want the ACA fixed and improved. Congrees well knows that but, will only do as the Koch bros say and absolutely nothing for the people.
     This "Ratf**ked" Congress does not and will not work for U.S. Everybody sees and knows that clearly. Burn 'em down at the polls. Paul Ryan Care.

     Viva Mexico!

We begin together

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     In Damascus. Pablo. Putin and Assad.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:13:30 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection. Spies & New York City. It is a low down and dirty darn trimp shame. Trumps swamp. Trump has no plan B.
      Trump is killing us for the filthy rich. Cruelty to Americans.

     Then, after the house won a narrow victory, all the Republicans leaped to Dons jons for atta-boys, photo bombs and cookies. A disgusting Koch bros display of the race to the bottom. Yucking it all up on the taxpayers dime and said it was better than intelligence porn party. Yippee!
     Putin is eating cake now. and Trump is off to New York to grope The Statue of Liberty again and sink the U.S.S. Intrepid. Then on to his private club in Bedmonster, N.J. for craps and gigles with the goomba's.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:10:43 AM | Back to Blygs

     Your all Republican 115th Congress killing us all. The Koch bros all Republican assault to rob all Insurance, all security nets, from all Americans for the last fourty years..

     Nobody wants this AHCA trash. Nobody!
     The AHCA can not be imposed on the public, the AHCA is garbage.
     Completely Cruel. Republican Cruel. VA Closings.
     It is all sabotage by Republicans. This Koch bros Republican virus.
     The AHCA is Republican 192 Billion dollras NOT funded. Total bust.
     Paul Ryan Care, Trumpcare = death and insolvency. Trumpcare is Bustcare.
     Trumpcare steals from Medicare.

     This GOP anti healthcare vote never had to happen but was forced by your right wing extremist Koch bros 115th all Republican "Ratf**ked"Congress.
     Trump care, Paul Ryan Care, 2017. Riading and robbing Medicaid, your 115th Congress. How many billions are the Koch bros robbing from Medicaid this time? 880 Billion, this time. Last time, it was 800 Billion for the Koch bros.

     See Paul Ryan Care robbing us. And trust in your 31 RGA, Republican Governor Association States? Whew!!! Looks like, smells like.....Grover Norquist there. Trust in your all Republican 115th Congress? And that "T" RGA?
     Not one open hearing. Oh' no. No CBO score. Unread and super fast rushed. No Regular Order of the House, none. The all Republican House has not done their jobs, deferring and abdictaing their jobs to the Senate. Pitifull.
     Killing hospitals and giving taxpayers those extra bills to pay. (R's) know that.
     The Koch bros wholly owned Pence pushing the death of Americans.
     Making America sick again. When will Paul Ryan Care, Trumpcare, Republicans stop?
     Right Wingers!!! Less patient friendly. $17,320 if pregnant. $5,550 for Autism. $190 Billion dollars Republican Unfunded. The AHCA is more than 50% Not Funded and therefor, intended to fail, leaving taxpayers to foot all of the bills the same as a Taxpayer BailOut plan. Or, another $190 Billion added to the national debt by Republicans. Do you see Grover Norquist there.  Kills Trump voters states the worst
     Republicans stabbing Obama. Vote for Macron!
     The Senate rules change could be a Constitutional crisis.
     Trumpcare, Paul Ryan Care? How much crack can the Republicans all do at one time?
     The sick Paul Ryan joke of tax credits is? You have to have income first. Paul Ryan Care knows Medicaid recipients can not and will not have income and therefor automatically kills them all from Medicaid roles. Long past cruel. = ____.
     30% Surcharges by Insurers. RGA States Opt Out = 31 RGA States, DOA.
     Paul Ryan Care, Trumpcare robs all employer based plans too. No one is safe! The committee for Responsible Federal Budget?

     And see your RGA robbing government assets there with your "Ratf**ked"Congress'ssss.

     Paul Ryan Koch Care, aka, Trumpcare.

We begin together

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     In Venezuela. Caracus? Your 115th Congress?

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:54:09 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia, thievage, Putin connection. The resident Isolationist occupier  Cartel Oligarchy. & Your Unfit, Inelligable electoral college, Fraud, impersonating the president. Trump is conflicted and confused in the swamp. What's next? Trump = Gross Failure.
     That China connection and Trump?

     Wait till you see the enormous anti Trump rallies and marchers in New York City Thursday, May 4, 2017. Tremendous anti Trump crowds. And who knew? Trump is the cookie monster?

     Now, see what success looks like. Then..... see Dons jons and the bigly trimp pimp hack job. Clearly Trump has damaged his brand worldwide. The art of the squeell. We know the name of trump will be stricken worldwide. And we know. the smart building owners worldwide wil demand, Trump, to pay them for his wretched name. Then, building owners, they will make trimp pay to remove the trash from their eddifice'ssss. Aka, the trimp towers of hell.

     Meanwhile, see the vicious killing of thousands of U.S. jobs by Trump. Families and lives ruined. Your palTrump.

     We know any Trimp pimp us all gas tax should be calculated as follows;

     325 million x .05, x 30 gallons per week, + .25 tax on all gigantic municiple vehicles cruising around all over town in 3 mpg horrifying, deaf defying vehicles of hell, and calculated at the highest retail cost level of the six region gas suppliers when gas was over $5 bucks a gallon.. All of which should be billed to the Koch bros 7 decades of Trillions robbed against America and prorated back to 1950. Daily.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:37:18 AM | Back to Blygs

     Your 115th all Republican Congress? And Trimp pimp. Your GOP?

     Robbing workers overtime monies. Why?

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:14:59 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection and Spies. Everyday. Trump and what the Koch bros 17% knew, long before the 2016 election. See Steve hate us all Bannon there. Your unfit apocolypse Trump. Your illegitimate not popular Trump. And Trump Fraud. The fourty year health insurance, all Republican assault against all Americans. Very disturbing, Trump. Trump is disturbing, bing, bing.
     Bing! This can not go on.

     The Koch bros VP Dick Cheney lover, Mike Pence will lead your forced death of the ACA, Medicaid and Medicare. While, trump plays ducky with Bannon.

     Enter, you guessed it, Trump says he is the stuff. See pals of Trump there.
     Now, Trump, the Koch bros and Steve hate us all Bannon want to kill  the Senate, the U.S. Constitution and everything else. See swamp pals there.
     And soo..... trimp the tramp says he wants a vacation in September. That is a no can do. Trimp, tramp, trump wishing for o' nightmare lag, Florida.
     Meanwhile, Tramp trump takes beating from Hillary.

     Your Oligarch Trump Administration swamp. Sad and do you see the koch bros now? No? How about now? Do you see the Koch bros Oligarchy now?
     Your Russia connection and trump treachery. Swamp creatures. Very Sad.
     We just heard the Tuesday 10 a.m. air raid siren, eveybody ducked and said? Trump.

     That Russia connection. Putin has been busy. And the Trimp Oligarchy.
     Your Trump Oligarchy will kill us all. See Steve hate us all Bannon DeConstructing the Administration State. Turning our good U.S. Presidency into fascist right wing extremist  Cartel Oligarchy, that's all it is,  Aka, the Koch bros deep state 4. Government for the few, the sick and the ugly. Your "He is a big boy" trimp pimp, Putin, Koch bros oligarchy and the new world oder. Swamp creatures, bottom of the barrels.

     Japan. Le Voleur. Coup d'etat. & a Putin turncoat? Trimp takes a smack down by Hillary.

     The German Koch bros are very much on the march now. And to be sure, Grover Norquist and Steve Bannon are in lock step. Right wing extremist's. See the Koch bros affect where you live. For his Holiness, Cardinal Joseph Bernardin and the Great Ecumenicalist Cardinal Francis George.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:41:06 AM | Back to Blygs

     We know, it was and is your all Republican Congress'sss that allowed the Koch bros complete descimatioms against genesis and against God.
     We know, it is this 115th Congress that is allowing the Koch bros all truistic defilings of man, time and life.
     The enemy within U.S.
     Absolutely unparalleled complete access to and for the Koch bros. Complete ruinization of America. America Last; by Donald J. Trump.
     And continuing everyday, getting far worse.
     Irrepairable damage, 7 decades of the The JOBS of Hate = Koch bros.

     Trimp and all Republicans will live and die on healthcare this time. After that coming disaster, Trump and all Republicans will be lame ducks, 2017. Allowing RGA States to opt out of pre-existing conditions. The same RGA States that are currently robbing our good senior citizens of their Medicaid.

     Absolutely no one wants this Congress and this Drumf to mess with Medicare, Medicaid and our good ACA. Nobody.
     Butt, is being forced again, by the Koch bros to rob at least 1 Trillion dollars by Paul Ryan, open the treasury doors, Koch bros Congress.

     And, for you Civil War fans, have at it. Your Drumfiss.

     We know Republicans are not the enemy. & Your all Republican fiasco. Until September?

We begin together

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     East and West. In Alexandria, Egypt. Today.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:14:55 AM | Back to Blygs

     The Russia connection. Your pal Trump. And Right Wing Extremist's. Putin, Trump. Isolationist Trump, China connection. Fooey.
     That Russia connection will be replaced with another Russia connection in the swamp. Trump has been rejected. Fooey on trimp. NIH and more.
     Japan. MS 13. Ted Cruz. Venezuela? Russia. Japan. Russia. Venezueala.
     Your Trump Russia connection. See Steve Bannon there. Turmoil.

     Those ever growing, nationwide anti Drumf, rallies and marches continue now.
     Tremendous Anti Trump demonstrations show the enormous discontemp against el maligno Trump. Churchill.
     And trimp says he is the stuff. Everyday.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:55:52 AM | Back to Blygs

     How many thousands U.S. Jobs cut, in the Russia connection, Trump "rub 'em out" sswamp department cabinets? 200,000 U.S. Jobs cut. All to the benefit of Putin, the Koch bros, president Steve hate us all Bannon and your right wing extremist's new world oder. Drumf is a drag against us. What a drag, man.

     Mayday, 2010!!! Do you see your "right to work", "right to kill" State, RGA there?
     Why? Because it was and is all Koch bros Congress approved. SCOTUS too.

     We know Republicans are not the enemy.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:58:17 AM | Back to Blygs

     Mayday, 2017. Mayday,. Mayday. Mayday. Trump, the job killer is loose! Run for your lives!!!

     Your anti worker resident Isolationist occupier, Trump;
     Intimidation of Federal Workers. A Trump Bigly. No Doubt.
     Anti worker and against all laws.
     Anti living wage. Venezuela.
     Anti minimum wage.
     Anti union, Trump.
     Right to work State RGA job killers. Trump loves 'em all. Do you see the Koch bros RGA now?
     Trump devalues Ameica everyday.
     See right wing extremist pals of Trump.
     Anit Immigration.
     Anti people, show ell donaldo the money.