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That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     That Putin Trump connection. Your Russia coonection. & The Koch bros hard right special interests SCOTUS pick. The cold war and Russian submarines. Trump will go to o'nightmare-lag, Florida now. Your Putin connection and swamp creatures.

     Mystery creatures, gasp, monsters and a what is it? The swamp is glowing earie green now as the smell of blood in the swamp consumes all. Spicey. Bad for America. The bitter swamp.

     The Isolationist occupier administration of the filthy rich, for the filthy rich and by the filthy rich.

     The real question is? Should Flynn be allowed immunity? The answer is no.

     See the complete rejection of Trump.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     The Koch bros and that Putin Trump connection. Why? Because Paul Ayn Rand Ryan is America last.

     Paul Ryan does not see a problem. Paul Ryan approved all cabinet members. Then, see the House rejected, dejected, and slapped.

     Watch World Autism Day Live. And remember, Illinois RGA pal of the Koch bros right wing Governor killed Illinois autism on autism day. See Ill RGA gov Rauner, pal of Betsy DeVos too. See pals of your Ill RGA there. Your Ill RGA jobs killer.

     Last we want to thank the completely doomed Paul Ryan Care for advancing Medicaid nationwide.

We begin together

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     In Judasville, D.C.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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      That Russia connection. Everyday. NATO and that Putin connection. Just another hack job. And hey! A Putin hack is a Trump hack. It is all connected. Steve hate us all Bannon DeConstructing Governments. And again, advantage Putin and pals. It is all right wing extremist's. Everybody doing what we should not be doing while the Koxh bros waste everyones time and efforts, the Koch bros are robbing us to death and beyond. Remeber,Trump wants to know your panty size, Putin too. As a natter of transparency, maybe we should all send our panties to Trump and your all Republican Congress. It will be a panty party, that Putin Trump connection.

     How many times will the Isolationist occupier get sued? 17? Can we make the 17% pay for all those lawsuits? Or? Should Trump be made to pay for all of the endless lawsuits against him. Not us. Trump Immigration failure and Trump pays no price, nothing and Trump gets paid by the Koch bros hate.

     If you want to know about the latest new Isolationist pick. See The View for details. See The View. The View.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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    Your all Republican Congress America last plan. For the last 16 years and continuing.

     SOS. Absolutely no one is asking this Cogress to mess around with the ACA, Medicare or Medicaid. Nobody.

     But, the Koch bros are forcing the issue again and it never had to happen. See Ayn Rand and the all right wing extremist's there.
     Do you see? The Koch bros start the fight and receed.
     Everytime and everyday. Over and over again, to rob and rape the U.S. Treasury Dept, then force a taxpayer bailout.
     Your repeat offenders the Koch bros and your all Republican Congress's.
     No Changes.

     See no evil there, your all Republican Congress and Dons jons.

     See the ankle biter Grover Norquist sure to doom the ACA. Why? Because it is all the insider Corporate job. You do remember Grover NRA Norquist and your all Republican Congress's? That;s right, the same Grover NRA Norquist that pay no price, nothing and get paid. We get all the bills to pay and death, everyday.

     Improve the ACA.

We begin together

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     On Wall Street.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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    Gotta like U.S.Fashion. That Russia connection and the Rifters. Trying to get off the bigly Rift, that China connection. Take a deep breath? Rifty and Sifty, your Trump connection. Putin Trump. Your Russia connection. That Putin Trump connection and gators everywhere, pythons too, in the swamp.

     We know  kidnapping,1973 and that Trump connection. Kidnapping.
     We know DeRegulation of U.S. Schools by the Koch bros is America last.
     We know Trump's kleptocracy is a big part of America last.
     And we know the truth is worth fighting for against the demagogue Drumf sign anything for the Koch bros among us.
     Then, there is the constant ankle biter Grover Norquist and the trump cabinet, hand picked by heir pence and certified by the Koch bros.
     Sports fans; see pals of anti baseball Trimp there. The scurvy of it all. Killing Cub fans worldwide.

     The resident Isolationist occupier wants all U.S. taxpayers to pay for his wall by stealing all of your jobs to pay for trimps wall, not Mexico, as promised by Trump.
     Let the Trump voters that voted for trump pay for the wall, not our 72% that did not vote for trump. That is fair and easy to do. We have their names, cursty conway.
     Of the 28 % that voted for Trump, minus 11, those that were duped by trump, = the 17% that voted in favor of Trumpcare to rob us all.
     That 17% that voted for trumpcare should pay for his wall, not us.
     Who are the 17%? Well, that would be the deep state Koch bros, those who well knew who and what Trump was prior to all elections.
     Of the 17%, 6% are trumps hard core,. Let the trump 6% pay for his wall. Leave the rest of us out of that deep Trump one step.
     Who are the 6%? Those are the all things Koch bros, libertarian radicalized favorites. Until 1985, they were known as the 4%, now, the 6%. Aka, Right wingers, anarchists and white nationalists. See all known pals of the Koch bros there. Everyday.
     Let Trump pay for his wall 100% of his own money and no one else.Trumps America last plan.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Please! The Koch bros scotched earth policies of hate. Everyday. Another swamp and you guessed it. Wilbur Ross is there and all Republican "Ratf**ked Congress approved. Hello? Do you see your rubber stamped Koch bros all Republican Congress now? Execution? Botched.

We begin together

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     In the confort of your own privacy. Then, there are the Koch bros making it legal to spy all over you by your all Republican Congress. Why? Because that is what they do, turning off all laws that protect us and then, rob us to death. Every rotten Koch bros day, Congress approved. You have been sold down river, for less than a pence. A host of creepy things, Trump, Congress and the Koch bros. You know Putin is happy now and that Trump smell test. That Trump smell test of death, America last. Trump wants to know your panty size.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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      Your Trump connection. That Russia connection. Dons jons and see pals. That Trump Russia connection. Let us look now at that web of partners. Your Russia connection squelching testimony. Why? President hate us all Bannon In the swamp. Dons jons. & That Trump connection. Russia and pals there. Grover Norquist is not going to like this.

     Trump kills the world, has party and an at a boy. See image fans there. There is no plan "B", only the new era of crack. As if we all live in Donnie world, 1970? Warning! The following demogoue is dangerous to children and all others! How much crack can the Trump Administration all do? Unbelievable rubbish. Your good jobs killer, Trump and make America last again. Trump jobs.

     America last; by Tump and pals of President hate us all Steve Bannon. Everyday.  See Trumps new jobs, America last.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Koch bros paid for, your all Republican Congress and Trump castaways. It is all total Trump disaster.

     The endless Paul Ryan lie and Trump, America last plan. Everyday. See Paul rob you Ryan and his "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress rob us all. Sold down the river by Paul stole your everythang Ryan.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     Russia. Fact check and trust in trimp? Putin.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Will it be all Republican failure? The Koch bros SCOTUS pick. Rubber stanp.


Dear John,

The Illinois gun dealer licensing legislation is scheduled for a committee hearing TOMORROW.  The time to take action is NOW!   

For more than a year, the Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence and the Illinois Gun Violence Prevention Coalition have been educating and advocating about the need for gun dealer licensing in our state. Licensing and regulation of gun dealers would help stem the flow of illegal guns, keeping guns out of the hands of criminals. 

This law would allow for inspections of gun dealers, background checks of gun dealer employees, as well as vdieo security to prevent theft. 

Click here to see the text of the bill. 

Senate Bill 1657 is currently scheduled for a committee hearing on Tuesday, March 28th at 2:30 pm in the Senate Judiciary committee. 

This is a critical time for gaining support for this bill in Illinois. Can you help by filing a witness slip? It's easy and just takes a minute or two. Follow these steps: 

Click here to go directly to the page to file the witness slip for Senate Bill 1657.

Under Section I, fill in your identification information (under business you can write ""N/A"", ""self"" or ""ICHV"")

Under Section II, write "self." 

In Section III, select "Proponent"

In Section IV, select "Record of Appearance Only." 

Agree to the ILGA Terms of Agreement.

Select the "Create Slip" button. You are done! 

You can a file slip until the hearing date on Tuesday, March 28th.   

Then please call your State Senator and ask them to support Senate Bill 1657 the Gun Dealer Licensing Act! If you need to find out who your State Senator is click here.

85% of Illinois voters support requiring all gun dealers to be licensed by the state – let's make sure our voices are heard and take action TODAY!

Thank you!

  In Peace,

Colleen Daley

Executive Director

Copyright © 2011 Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, All rights reserved.

222 S. Morgan Street   |   Suite 4A   |   Chicago, Illinois 60607

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     That Russia connection. There is no love of Putin in Russia, Russians want Putin gone, out, finished. And see the trump administration there. Colossal trump failures are killing us, bad for America and that China connection too. Your Russia connection and trump doom. Trump, the bank killer. Putin failing and trimp failing. Trump means doom. Trump, the job killer. Trump doom. = America last. 

     Nationwide protests in Russia against Putin. Goob-bye Reince Priebus, no pal of President hate us all Steve Bannon. The first of Wisconsin trios of failure and try to wipe those Trump bus tire tracks off your back. Russia.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     The new fillabuster shall include "Ratf**ked" by David Daley read aloud. This creates a new talking book for the blind, so do it right.

     The new filibuster shall also include "Dark Money" by Jane Meyer also read aloud and creating a new talking book for the blind.

     This shall be a massive new Blyth America Educational experience piece entered into the record for proffessional studies and must be done correctly. This new Blyth America Experience piece will adhere to strict proffessionalism of every kind as it is intrinsicly entwined with oath of office. 
     This new filibuster will be designed to show and tell a whole new era  in modern American politics and indeed will be a new model to the world.
     It is designed to be Statesman and or Stateswoman and will show nothing but.

     See list and include thr Koch bros repeatedly.

     Pure Syllogisms must be used periodically to address several key factors and their corelations to be shown clearly.
     Must have classroom syllabus and formats approved by CPS Grammar School Principal.
     To Teach Who Christ Is.

     1. Show "Ratf**ked" as it relates to the following and pure syllogisms thereof.
     a. The resident occupier demagogue is unfit, inelligable and a fraud because he did not win the popular vote.
     b. "a" means the entire new administratin and his cabinet are unfit, inelligable and a fraud. Syllogy there.
     Therefor, there shall be a new U.S. Presidential election November 8  2017 and the new 46th President shall be seated January 21st, 2018.
     c. Show "Ratf**ked"  2010 and since, the new freedom caucus as unfit, inelligable and fraud. Others too.
     d. Show the "Ratf**ked" unfit, inelligable fraud  of your all Republican Congress's approvals of cabinet members. What that means and the remifications. Syllogy there. Fraud can not approve fraud.
     e. Show "Ratf**ked" effects and ramifications before and after the Koch bros stolen SCOTUS seat. And the fraud of Republican approvals in direct corelations of the Koch bros new SCOTUS pick.

     2. Green Eggs and Ham may not be used. We like and respect the author, not the Texas terrible ted demagoue. See pals of the Koch bros RGA there.

     3. Charts, graphs and visuals are included.

     4. All new multi medeia platforms, interactions and formats are included.
         It matters not that they were not allowed yesterday for it was and is the Koch bros that keep all things SCOTUS, the Executive and Legislative branches in cunundrum status of arcaine antebellum antiquities, Let the Koch bros stay there, we have moved on and America is advancing.

     5. As this is a matter of the public record, it shall have instant download abilities and fullfill all transparancies.

     6. Various impact studies similar to those used on the floor of the trumpcare House in the catastrophic loss of All Republican thievage doomcare, aka, Paul rob us Ryan Care for the Koch bros may be used emphaticly.

     7. Show and tell the direct effects of "Ratf**ked" as it relates to the 31 RGA States and the all wrong effects of ALEC Legislations in those RGA States. This can have multiple catagories such as EPA, Gun Control, State budgets, Medicaid and etc.....

     8..Casting call must include yours and mine, our Fearless Girl. And hey, could be Nancy?

     This is a rough first draft and may need refinement. All input is welcome.

We begin together

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That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     Your Russia connection. Putins Russia dissent is deep, long and huge. Russians have no need or love of Putin.

     Trump and your all Republican Congress have doomed themselves. Leave us out of their tremendous absolute failures. See your President Bannon white nationalist right wing extremist.

     God bless all Americans that defeated the visceral assault by the Koch bros, Steve Bannon, Paul Ryan and Trumpcare right wing extremist's.

     Still Cartel and Corporatist's will stop at nothing. We must help each other. As the Isolationist resident occupier continues to undermine the ACA. And Dons jons dispatched heir VP wannabee dick cheney to renew the call of right wing ignorance in West Virginia.

     Trump is done, finished, completely irrelevant. Trump can kiss himself good-bye.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Trumpcare is a disasterous epic failure. Paul Ryan Care is complete failure. The Trump administration has been castrated. Paul Ryan is finished. See Sean Spicers "Plan B" and crash and burn there. 8 years, 60 attemps to undo the ACA, Paul rob us Ryan Care. Paul Ryan Care.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries. And God bless all Americans who defeated the visceral assault against us by the Koch bros, Steve Bannon, Paul Ryan and Trumpcare right wing extremist's.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     That Russia connection. Putin and your Isolationist resident occupier vaccum. The Trump Putin connection. Where does it end? Certainly not London. That Putin Trump one step. How many Russia Trunp connections here? Putin hear.

     Today is rob America bigly day by your fascist Isolationist demagogue resident occupier. He will sign anything for the President populist white fascist nationalist Steve Bannon. Then, it is off to o'nightmare-lag, Florida for martini's and an ever smaller fan club. Louie, lefty, frankie, paulie, ricky, petey and gus, Petrovof, Ivan, Irchnikovf , boris, igor and Vlady's.  And hey, a couple of NY motor cycle gangs too.

     Trumpcare is the first order of the new Administration to rob you bigly. Make america sick again = Trumpcare. No hearings, just rob us in the middle of the night and ramrod it through your all Republican Congress. No one knows what the 11'th hour rob us bill says. All on purpose to do us wrong. Trumpcare is wrong.

     Yes, it is true, the octogarian Koch bros want it all now, while they are alive to see the culmination of their lifes works dedicated to the total ruination of America. Today id the Koch bros bigly day and they will stop at nothing to absolutely robbbbbbb it all.  To Kill The New Deal Roosevelts plan to save America. To kill Medicare, Medicaid, your mama, your wife, kids, everything, Kill America. And Trump says yes, kill America. Steve louse Bannon can't wait his revolutionary takeover of the Republican party, all be it hostile like a mo fo.

     We know the delay of game yesterday was only because the Koch bros Steve Bannon did not at all think the killing of the ACA was harsh or nasty enough. The vote delay was to include far harsher and much nastier violent horredations of hell , populism and the Koch bros visciousness.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     We know the Koch bros are all too  eager to rob us to death today, right now.

     We know America last is the kill us all plan of this hell biten Isolationist resident occupier, this rattle snake Corporate raiders cabinet and indeed, Paul Ryan and your all Republican Congress of death, doom and destruction.

     You can watch America robbed by your all Republican Congress  Live, if, you gotta. A Trillion dollar tax cut for the filthy rich. You do remember Trumpcare for the filthy rich?

     Meanwhile, Your all Republican Congress has allowed themselves to rob your data and sell it without your consent. See pals.

     Paul Ryan rob you care.

     8 years of the all Republican chirp. Trump tries to abort. 8 years and the Republicans offer up slop. Trumpcare is slop. Paul rob us Ryan Care is slop. Tremendous Trumpcare Failure. 8 years of Paul Ryan lies and then, Trump torture. Paul Ryan care.

     Besides? Trump is late for o'nightmare-lag, Florida and his very own little fan club.

     Trump is the biggest loser. Paul 8 year kill the ACA mouth Ryan.

     The ACA is still the Law, with no changes, 2017 and on.

     The Tremendous Failure, Trump agenda's are all dead. End the Carnival Barkings The Paul Ryan agenda's are all dead. Change your underware and end the Koch bros brown nosings. Disgusting and for 10 years plus. This Isolationist administration Rience Preibussssss is dead. Your all Republican Congress is Tremendous Failure and Trump has seen to that.

     Do not forget President Bannon and the Koch bros who are bittttter over Trumps collossal utter defeat. Trump is finished. The nerve of not giving the Koch bros 1 Trillion dollars, Infidels and elbos!

     God Bless The Democrats!!!! And Thank you!

We begin together

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     The calm before the storm.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     We know treachery and we know that Russia connection. The art of the squeal and your all Republica Congress dirty rats. Pals of Trump. See America last;  President hate you all Bannon there.

     Trump Russia, Trump has surrounded himself by Russians and for decades. China too. Trump China, America last. Murder, that Putin Russia connection. Murder Putin Russia connection.

     SeeTrump insider Wall Street pals. See Trump's China, america last U.S. Trade policy and a smell test.

     America last. Making America sick again. All for the swamp monsters Koch bros. 

     See Republican Partisan Intelligence. Paul Ryan Care. And do not forget the ramrodded speed of this debacle Trumpcare through Congress. Remember also  Paul slop care Ryan does not effect anyone in Congress. All of Congress keeps their very good unchanged healthcare. You get Paul slopcare Ryan.

     You get Paul slopcare Ryan. Tremendous Failure. You'll see Trump aborts.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Your all Republican Congress, 2017. Robbing Medicaid and our ElderlyPaul Ryan rob you Care. America last, =Trumpcare. Republican Spies, protocal and breach.

     Just say no to the Koch bros SCOTUS pick. Gators Hyde's are thick.

     Your all Republican Congress and Russian interference 2017.

We begin together

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     In Damascus and N, NE?

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     Your Russia connection. Putin paid millions. Nobody kills more good paying U.S. jobs than Trump. U.S. Jobs killer. See NRA pals of Trump there. You do remember the Lobbyists? Trump said he was going to run all Lobbyist's out of the swamp? Why? Because that would be the same lobbyist. Let us not forget the Koch bros in all of everything swamp. That Putin Trump connection. Pals in the swamp. Chaos and Trump pals. Pals like that. Spies, protocal and breach.


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     Nancy. Maxine. And Susan. Schiff. Rose. and Biden.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     That Russia connection. New York? & Trimp endous

     See the America last Trump, the Koch bros and Putin first policy. Pals. Russia connection. Murder. Pick a building. Pals of the russian connection. America last, by pal trump.

     Your seat killer. See Pals of America last plan, the Koch bros.

     Your Russia connection
  and President white nationalism Bannon. SOS.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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      You'll see. It will be amazing, stupendous, spectacular, choice, less expensive and making America sick again. Trump Ryan Care. A fascist all republican Congress with a Russian Isolationalist occupier sign anything demagogue for the Koch bros. That stolen seat, SCOTUS and the Koch bros are big boy happy now. Just don't look for any doctors near you. Why? see the dreadful Trump cuts for your all Republican Militarized Industrial Complex. Aka, the new world oder.

     See the new Raul Detested Ryan Care, Trump Detested Care there. Aka trumpcare Tremendous? Collosal, magnificant, simply marvel lous.

We begin together

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     In Jerusalem. Holy Edicule.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     That Russia Putin Connection. Getting ugly with it. And that Trump Putin one step, sweeping the nation.
     The FBI rejects Trump. Reject. Trump Rejected. Reject Trump. Reject Drumf.

     Paul Ryan Care and your all republican Congress. Testing Rejection. And buy the official o' Nightmare- lag prodducts of Dons jons, formerly known as the white house.


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     To Kill The West. How the Isolationist resident and cabinet allow the Putin Russia Connection to control a vaccum narrative against the west. One could wonder whose  side and what interests are being represented? See pals of Trump.

     Author. Theoretical Physicist; "Beyond Understsnding?"

We begin together

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     America last is the official Trump, Koch bros, Putin policy, there is no other policy. Meanwhile, the Koch bros very much pursue their own globalised cartel interests, the ruination of America by the Koch bros all inside job Dons jons. Absolutely no American trade deals and in fact quite the opposite, no trade deals with America by anyone else for any reason means ruination to America and long term. Other countries and trade blocks doing major trade deals without the Isolationist occupier U.S. = America last, the official Trump, Koch bros, Putin policy, there is no other policy.

     To Kill The West; is the official America last policy by the Demagogue Trump, the Koch bros and that Russia Putin connection. 

     What that does is, it dramtiacally increases U.S. world trade imbalances.
     And it dramatically increases the U.S. debt while greatly reducing anyone that would buy U.S. debt and thus creating a Koch bros super derivative against the U.S. that no one can handle and force a global worldwide meltdown, aka, Depression.
     Goldman Sachs and the entire Trump cabinet of Corporate raiders clean up, the Russia Koch bros clean up and they throw Trump a bone for his Isolationist occupier illiteracies, if not white nationalist inspired populism. All be that, right wing extremist's.
     The world enters complete Koch bros serfdom, hell and doom. Anyone that survives will get Paul Eugenics Ryan Care which is nothing more than sick Koch bros world population control.

     Not one new job for Trump voters and to be sure, the Koch bros will rob all jobs and benefits everywhere.

     Meanwhile, Pals of trump are cashing in bigly.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     Trump Regretters. The illegitimate Isolationist occupier. Too late, the damage done by your "Ratf**ked 90% Republicans. And add Paul Eugenics Ryan Care there.

     To be sure, Republican Millennials are not the only voters with regret. Trump saddens the nation.

      "We're becoming more and more mean spirited. And our government is becoming more and more corrupt. And inequality is rising," Sachs told The Associated Press, citing research and analysis he conducted on America's declining happiness for the report. "It's a long-term trend and conditions are getting worse."

He predicted that economic measures that the administration of President Donald Trump is trying to pursue would make things worse.

"They are all aimed at increasing inequality — tax cuts at the top, throwing people off the health care rolls, cutting Meals on Wheels in order to raise military spending. I think everything that has been proposed goes in the wrong direction," Sachs said in an interview with Reuters.

     Trump saddens the nation. Soo sad. Trump saddens all nations. so sad. And it never had to happen, but was forced by you Koch bros Russia Putin connection, everyday. Trump saddens the nation. Sooo sad.


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     Books. Books.

Sunday is Church day

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     Around the world. Happy St. Joseph's Day!

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     President white nationalist Steve Bannon is bitch slapping all Republicans.. With blessings of Russia Putin and the Koch bros. Dictatorship. To be sure, your RGA with Alec are all in it to rob it. See Grover Norquist there.

     Your pal Grover Norquist who runs the RGA iron fisted for the Koch bros. Grover Norquist is wholly owned and strictly controlled by the Koch bros. See and hear your RGA with ALEC gerry mandering districts, :the real "Rigged System" in all of the 31 gerry rigged RGA states. Slap Grover now.


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     You thought the Bush years were ruff. Yes, it is true Angela Merkel was cutting in on Drumf's drinking time in Nightmare lag, Florida.

We begin together

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     A grueling week of Trumpisms.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     An International disgrace, the way the good Angela Merkel was treated by a debt ridden imbecile heir demagogue drumf. Next time, let the Dons jons have the decency to cancel the appointment weeks in advance. The Koch bros and Putin, Soo Wrong! # 4 History.

     Another resident Isolationist occupier national security disaster. Another Putin inside job? WikiLeaks and all compromise of national security. Spies everywhere. Spies all up the Isolationist legs and Spies on his neckbone. You know that freebie data is long gone to that Russia connection, your Trump connection. And we know pal Putin gave all of that trump stolen data to ISIS as a favor to the Koch bros. Who? Who really wants to stay at any Drumfadata hotel?

     Putin's white nationalist President, but, Vlad is sad now. Baby doc, Idi Amin, Putin, the Koch bros and Kim Jung Un. Trump will not look back. 

     Pals of Putin and that Russia connection. Puppet copycat tactics. Absolutely no original thinking. All copycat brainless Trumptopia. You remember, Trump loves the poor? And we all know the resident isolationist occupier has loaded his cabinet with the absolute worst of Corporate raiders from the 1980's. See el maligno, aka el donaldo there.

     Trump loves the poor about the same amount (880 Billion Robbed) as your all Republican Congress loves the poor. Trump loves senior citizens too.

     Your scortched earth, anti earth resident Isolationist occupier. Absoltely no regard for anyone's future. And see what Putin and the resident Isolationist occupier will do for you.

     Just say no to crack. Dons jons have serious crack issues. So ghetto. Dons jons.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:43:31 AM | Back to Blygs

     Paul Eugenics Ryan Care. 2017? And, let the residents of the 1st district of Wisconsin be the first to experience Paul Eugenics Ryan Care. The rest of U.S. just say no.

     See long time ultimate insider pals of your all Republican Congress there. Bang! Soo important. And see your all republican Congress response to your citizenship vs  those Republican town hall meetings many (R"s) (Rubio) do not even attend. Killing freedoms and the Constitution. Your RGA and ALEC, it is all Grover NRA Norquist and the Koch bros. Your demagoggue makes no reply to white nationalisn.

     Paul Eugenics Ryan Care. Isolationist backing Eugenics.

We begin together

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     O' The Irish. Happy St. Patrick's day! ...................................Eugenics Snakes.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     Do you see Putin now? Do you see the Isolationist Drumfanov occupier now? Need a Putin video? Putin loves trimp and see the Russian dance there.

     Understanding Putin's evil of wrongful forced immigration. Everyday and see Russia, trimp pals there.

     Koch bros First. There is no such thing as trimps America First, that is an absolute Trump First lie. Everything is to rob the poor and give it all to the Koch bros. Kill all faith based communities services and sectors. Rob Medicare and Medicaid. The wall of shame and hate, for hate. Kill the State Dept for cossack Putin. Kill Science. and just kill everything for the Koch bros.

     Paul Ryan Care First. Screw America. 880 Billion from Medicaid. All for Koch bros.

     Give all of our monies to the Koch bros Industrial Military Complex known as the new world order. But, by same name as the "deep state" and players thereof. To be sure it is nothing new. 7 decades in the making and now here for the Koch bros. Don't forget Russia Putin all in their glory. Then.....there is crack. Dons jons and the sheer power of crack.

     Trumps new Military spending bill robs and kills millions of American jobs.
     Killing U.S. jobs by Department and Agency, your Isolationist occupier trimp.
     We all know the demagogue trimp first military expansion plan is same as the WW2 build up of pre 1939.
     Kill Science, but keep Paul Ryan Care Eugenics?
     Kill Faith based communities. And remember trimp and koch have absolutely no regard for your future, none.
     Killing the State Dept for dear pal Putin.
     Trumps wall of shame for hate and forcing Americans to pay for it because the Mexicans will not pay as el donaldo falsely claimed.
     Humanity Murdered. Your pal Trump steals your money.
     Butchering U.S. trade, developments and foundations = the poor.
     EPA Desicration and really, dahm the world.
     Ruination by the demagogue freak. For Putin and the koch bros.
     See whitte nationalist's Putin and pals getting paid for that slop.
     Big bird now walks with limp and talks backwards. Call the anti cruelty society.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     Paul Ryan Care Eugenics, 2017. Your Isolationist rob you 880 Billion occupier.

We begin together

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     Hooray for the Dutch.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     Russia. Russia. Russia. Russia. That Russia connection. & Putin's White Nationalist freaks. The demagogue Isolationist occupier. Your Russia connection. & Putin slapping Dons jons. Your Isolationist occupier
     Everyday. Putin's white nationalist insider pals, aka, Dons jons. Enter VP dick cheney wannabee. Your Putin Russia Koch bros connection and Dons jons.
     Russian hacker pals of the resident Isolationist occupier and see the demagogue there. The big all Russian hack job. A massive attack against us. 2 Russian spies? And hey, Trump does not mind a whole shipload of Russian spies.
     The demagogue Isolationist occupier has ordered a complete review of the executive branch. See how the Koch bros big data right wing extremist's broke American politics.
     Putin loves trimp. Russia's 5th Column. See biggy rat and itchy bother there. Then see Putin trimp and heir Bannon. Those right wing extremist pals in the Russia connection.

      Dugin, who's been described as everything from an occult fascist to a mystical imperialist, lost his prestigious job running the sociology department at Moscow State University in 2014 after activists accused him of encouraging genocide. Thousands of people signed a petition calling for his removal after a rant in support of separatists in Ukraine in which he said, ""kill, kill, kill."" Eveyday. TrumpPutinism = Pro Russian policy

     But why? Well? You gussed it. And see the beginning of the end of right wing extremism worldwide.

     The swamp thickens now. Conflicted gators everywhere. Trumpcare, aka, Paul Ryan Care and see ankle biters there. Need an ankle? West Virginia and Medicaid Paul Ryan Care cuts.

     Your all republican Congress simply does not need your voteYour state? The 28% like the new direction of Steve white nationalist Bannon. Paul Ryan Care and add Eugenics. 

     Your ACA and Medicaid robbed in front of your face. That was round 1 of 3 to robbbb you further and further.. AARP
    Medicaid robbed. The ACA robbed. GOP ankle biters, your torso  and sure as the gun, your long time Koch bros insider operative pal. Grover Bang Norquist, robbed those entitlements and remember round 2 and 3 coming soon. Just like the Republicans have said for years, they are going to rob Medicare and Medicaid. 

     Do you see the Koch bros robbing  800 Billion from Medicaid now? Well? Do ya?
In order to finance all this tax cutting, the GOP bill guts Medicaid, reducing it by more than $800 billion by 2026, and revamps Obamacare's health insurance subsidies, making them far stingier for low-income households. Going to mara-lago.

     See the Paul Ryan Care chart of destruction and your all Republican Congrees. Know, that all Republica doom is upon us and add the henious Eugenics included and passed by Paul Ryan Care. Your Trump regime. Nasty. Paul Ryan Care demolishing your families and punishing the poor. Your hack job Paul Ryan Care. Possessed Paul Ryan Care.


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     Love. Soul? And hooray for the Dutch.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     Hawaii and all the people said Amen. You may want to see that again. BraveHeart is your all Republican Trumpcare. One, two, three. Your all Republican 4th district rep, Iowa. Russia. 4th District, Iowa White Nationalist Steve Bannonites and KKK pals. See pals of the swamp there. You may want to see that one more time. Never mind, there are no replacements and disregard everyone;s future, your pal, Purge, aka, Spectre. Never mind your Koch bros masssive Judge shortages all over the country. Just Trump Purge it all. Your all Koch bros stab. All the residents men. And the real America.

     Putins pushing right wing extremism for chaos and jive X 50. Everyday. Putin and the State Dept. Putin pal recusal gives more power to Steve White Nationalist Bannon. Pals. Pals? New Isolationist Dons jons Ethics? Don't laugh. Now what? Putin and sudden death. Russia and a foreign agent. Where in Trumprussia  does it all end? And a quiz? How many no tax paying Companies are the Koch bros? Your State Dept and fear.

     South Korea. Foreign policy? Afghanistan? & The Dutch.

     U.S. Medicine. The pick, pro pharma. Complete disregard for science. Hark! Eugenics, your all Republican Congress, Steve White Nationalist Bannon  and the Eugenics Koch bros. Horrifying! Trumpcare. aka Paul Ryan Care. Ukraine.

     Louse. Louse. Your code name Donald J Trump. Putins PAL.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     It all starts with the RGA and ALEC robbing voters. Redmapping and gerry mandering districts to favor the Koch bros hijacking of America. Do not forget the 50 million koch bros all Republican voters list and INFOR, And to be sure your Grover Norquist is in it to kill it. Your all Republican Congress? See your EUGENICS all Republican Congress. Your all Republican Congress? Paul Ryan Care, aka Trumpcare.

     Now see Steve Economic White Nationalism Bannon and your Republican Congress planned massive tax tarrifs on foreign goods. And remember, your new resident could not care less with complete disregard. Dubious quacks and hacks.

     Your 28% die hard Trump fans really will die hard at the hands of your all Republican Congress. And let us not forget 90% of all Republicans voted for Trumpcare, aka Paul Ryan Care. Not to mention all of the thousands of jobs your new resident Isolationst has killed already with a hiring freeze to make sure no one ever gets a job.  And surely not to mention ONE new job anywhere for any die hard trump fan. Not even one new job scraping up people dying in the streets from your all Republican Congress paul Ryan Care. Your all Republican Congress, 2017.

     Your all Republican Congress's health insurance is not at all changed one bit and is far superior to Paul Ryan Care. The 28% gets Paul Ryan Care + Eugenics.
     The 29% and the 43% will keep the ACA as is, no changes, no matter what this all for the Koch bros white trash Congress 2017 does. Paul Ryan Care, aka, Trumpcare. Paul Ryan Care and see pals there. Your all Republican Congress, 2017? See pals of Paul Ryan Care robbing the 28% that voted for resident cut you now and cut you bad. Putin loves that, 24 Million Robbed by Paul Ryan Care. Your all Republican die in the streets resident Trumpcare. Repeal you and rob you, 7 1/2 years and now, your all Republican Paul die in the streets Ryan Care. Why? Because, your new resident Trumpcare, no longer needs your 28% vote. Do you see the Koch bros now? No? How about now? Do you see the completely globalised all for Corporate Koch bros now? You can be completely assured the Koch bros are not at all Isolationst's, never were and never will be. You do remember the Koch bros? Your Koch bros pal Ayn Rand.

We begin together

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     Best Lent Ever. Where you live.           and then............_____?

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     Filling a maniac ego to suffice an out of touch wall of self indignities. Your isolationist wants to rob us to pay for what needs not happen. You do remember the wall. Those Isolationist cabinet members?

     The Isolationist State Dept, for Jared Kushner? Those cabinet picks. A fundamental of the new Isolationist oligarch resident administration and cabinet is to kill all checks and balances along with kill all whistlebloweres. Very Russian. An Isolationist bad word

     We know Republicans are not the enemy. Trumpcare? Paul Ryan crackcare? Paul Crackcare Ryan

     France Elections. Europe.

     See pals of Russia dumping for your Isolationist Corporate tax dodging Koch bros. Apple and more. Everyday. Trumpcare loves Russia and see Paul Ryan hacking tools thereNow see the Koch bros pick for how to do all Mexicans wrong. Ustedes recuerdes El Maligno segundo. See the branded manifesto of Musilinni Isolation and add crack.

U.S. Education

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     DeRegulating U.S. Education is ugly. Imposing ugly. And it never had to happen. DACA? Ugly. Wrongful education policies are harmful in many ways and far reaching. And for the record, lies are not a part uf U.S. Education anywhere. Lies will not be tolerated, not  for the fool and not for this wrongful Koch bros administration. Lies will not be tolerted by government hating cabinet members of the JOBS of Hate, Your nasty John Birch Society of Hate. See your RGA there. Robbing Government Assets. Your Ill governor Rauner holding Illinois hostage to right wing extremist failure for pals of the Koch bros Richard Uihlein of U Line Shipping and Packaging. Your Illinois RGA Governor Rauner.

We begin together

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     In Shale Territory. Understanding big oil can be complicated. Select vs swarm? Big oil.

     And, a give away. That Russia. connection.


Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:28:18 AM | Back to Blygs

     Russia. The FBI. Russia. History & That Brand. Branding. Allegations? Or Alligators in the swamp? Putin.

     France? Macron is the anti-Putin. & The Euro

     International Women's day. God Bless All Women. Your State?


Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:26:00 AM | Back to Blygs

     Tremendous failure. Need a hack job, see the all Republican speaker. Need a bone cut, see your all Republican Congress. Need help call Trump. Need health insurance, drop dead, your all Republican Trumpcare.

     See how nasty Trumpcare cuts and hurts women.

     71/2 Years in the making, your all Republican Norquist Congress got paid for that slop that no one wants except the Koch bros and Trumpcare adds to the national debt. Trumpcare is a massive tax plan. Trumpcare is transfer of wealth from the poor to the filthy rich by your all Republican Corporate Congress.

     The largest part of the U.S budget, healthcare being rammed through at lightning speeds without even 1 hearing. Zero hearings by your Republicans on national healthcare. See Bernie Sanders.

     Let us all now wave something shiney in front of this oligarch administration and in front of this all Republican Congress. Albeit Trumpcare.

     The good President got 37% of what the real Congress offered in the ACA signed into law.
     The 63% of the ACA robbed by the all Republican Congress led by heir Grover kill'em all and die Norquist is what is to be improved upon.
     That's it. Improve the 63% robbed by Grover Norquist. Need Trumpcare? And, does Trumpcare cover toxic pollution cancers?

     Trumpcare, anything for an oligarch and there you go pal. That Trumpcare brand. Trumpcare. Need a new heart? Robbbbbed that. Your Trumpcare brand.

     You do the all Republican Congress Trumpcare math. As America is the only country in the world that does not guarentee National Healthcare. And, do you see the Koch bros now? Flukey numbers Trumpcare..

     As for all of the above, try to imagine, what this all Republican Congress will do to Medicare / Medicaid as repeatedly stated by the speaker of the house and others? The AMA says a Tremendous No to Paul Ryan Trumpcare as does the american public. Pals of Trump robbing us all and it never had to happen, but was forced by your thievage all Republican Congress and your Isolationist oligarch administration.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:12:54 AM | Back to Blygs Jonah and NinevehNineveh.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     Crimea and make Russia great again. Pals like that? Everyday

     Fever. Fervor. And Stability? Complete disillusion and the power of crack, crack, crack. See the freedom death caucus pals there. = Make America sick again, the only country in the world. Your Koch bros doom machine.

     The 25th Amendment. That Russian fertilzer guy? & Oligarchs.

     See your pal Steve right winger Bannon. Do you see the Koch bros now? All Republican Congress approved, of course.

     Why? Because it is all pals, pals of alligators in the swamp. And there you have it. The Russian new 26 lawyers Connection.


Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 12:52:26 PM | Back to Blygs

     Somewhere, out there? Setting the record straight. Another IC fight. Russian hackers and conservative talk radio

     Why? That Russia connection.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     Travel Bannon escalations. & Books, books.

     What the travel Bannons escalations do is to lock the world in place. Killing freedoms worldwide. The worst of it all is that it locks Syria and conflict areas into permenant strife with no escape. Exasperating misery into rubiced compounding miseries for all. Your all Republican Congress and the doom administration. And do not forget, Assad long ago did away with all of his doctors.

     None of the above had to happen. But, was forced by wrongful illicit fears that do not exist.
     There is no Mexican invasion. We all know that.
     There is no Iranian invasion.
     There is no ISIS invasion in the U.S.
     There is no invasion.
     Killing freedoms world wide kills all trade, free flow of ideas and peoples. It kills globalization and heavily favors Cartels. Only an Isolationist would want that.
     Killing freedoms destroys the good image of the U.S. and kills us worldwide for many years out. The new order. Shush. The new oder. Un-American.

Sports fans

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     The WGC in Mexico City. Golf.

Sunday is Church day

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:56:38 AM | Back to Blygs


U.S. Congress 2017

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     Your all Republican Congress. Killing another 3,000 Jobs. Your 97% cut EPA? Sickness and death. Make America toxic forever. See pals of Congress, the dick cheney wannabee, who recently attended the right wing extremist big Koch bros one on one sitdown with German National Soveriegnty Leaders the Koch bros.

     Nothing but DeRegulation racketeering. You do remeber your pal grover Norquist and the National Sovergnty of DeRegulation Racketeering. Buy, do not look for your all Republican Congress to work for us. The Satae Dept?

     Steve president Bann on. Sad. Sad. Sad. So sad. Sadder. Russian branding investors. The brand. Messy self branded tattoo. The sad brand. The sadder brand. That sandwhich, the general was talking about. Everyday and see heir Bannon there.

     Sports fans; The WGC in Mexico City is a huge new venue for the PGA.

U.S. Ecology

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     Energy and environment.

We begin together

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     In the swamp.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:10:45 AM | Back to Blygs

     Ear and ears. Isolationist right wing boon doggle. Maddeningly vague on all subjects. Killing the IC.

     The DoE? The IRS? And the dick cheney wannabee. That Russia connection. Slick. Your Russia connection. & Slicker.

     No matter what side of the aisle you come down on, trade is but an ioda of the job and is clearly meant for the DOC. Why over hype the nanno's?

     Get the Isolationist and your all republican Congress out our the ACA.

     What's next? Your RGA  And Ole' Sourpuss, aka, El Maligno.

     Make Russia great again. Yes, oddly enough, the same parallels of the Putin ideology, dogma's along with the same failed cossack czarism to restore the old russia. Same paralles. That bromance continues now.

Critter time

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     Elephants. Lions. Giraffe. And, a new Ark.      Bad Zoo.

We begin together

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     On a sunny day.

U.S. Education

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     Robbing our great American Public Schools. Indiana. Everyday. Ir is called DeRegulation of Schools and Education and not any other name. Illinois 501 C3 ownerdhips in privately held trusts. The all Republican assault agaist our great American Public Schools.

     Say what? About that funding? And indeed, what funding for anything, anywhere? That big Isolationist Zero Funding speech of nothingneess

     Do you see the Republican Governors Association now? Your RGA, wholly owned and strictly controlled by the Koch bros. Robbing our great American public schools. Your RGA, Robbing Government Assets. Higher Ed.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     Reviving the American spirit, president Bann on and the Isolationist.

     Isolationist umfphobia and the job killing Isolationist.

     Right wing extremist's, every day crime. Why? Because you do remember that Russia connection. And you do remember the bloody Koch bros Duetsch, the bishop.

     We bring you now to Dons jons, formerly known as the white house. Stooping so low, the Isolationist. Plagued. & Cutting world aid by 30 to 40%, your Isolationist. Then, a don isssss, says, don't you love me now. And see pals there. Do you see the Koch bros now? No? See steve Bann on Isolationist Economic Nationalism, aka U.S. Ruination. Your Isolationist. Isolationist radicalized. Who runs Dons jons?

We begin together

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     Ash Wednesday. & U.S. Ecology.