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Sports fans

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     See the cartoon lunatic.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2017

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     Long, fat Russian monies. Pals. Arg^(*_@!%? And the Isolationist amateur.

     Isolationist disaster policies. = Bannon white Economic Nationalism.

     See DeConstruction of the Administrative state. What do we call that? Turning off the checks and balances of each dept and agency. Turning off the whistleblowers and creating the pyramid autocracy at the top only. It is a pyramid scam, similar to Amway. Benghazi all Republican verified. So, now, ask yourself, where does that 37% go? You guessed it. The Industrial Military Complex. Aka, The new world oder.

     See the disaster that is a steve Bannon Presidency. National Security Sovereignty is complete Isolationist failure at all levels and it sends America back to the New Deal era. We don't want to go there. It is all president steve Bannon.

     See the completely failed economic nationalism of the Isolationist administration.

     Tonights speech is paid for by your NRA.

We begin together

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     The gentle pleasantries of Blyth America.