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U.S. Immigration

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:49:37 PM | Link

     Watch the Good President of The United States Live. Now.

     2014. The good President od the United States. & The republican response? Your Republican 113th Congress is threatening, that, they (R's), may, do some work, in 2014. But, May, was 6 months ago, now was'nt it. And so was everything 30 years ago U.S. Immigration, by the will not work for U.S. Republican Congress's. Then, there is the RGA response. Doink.

The 2014 Turkey Awards are here

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:45:24 AM | Link

     Yes, yes, yes, yes. Could it be Grover Unit Norquist? Nah. He is forever remembered as the Goatman. And no one stalks a goat kid quite like the Grover Unit Norquist. Aka, gun and stalk you too.

     As we know there are multiple contenders this 2014 year. Blyth America shall now endeavor to explain the obvious, the dubious and infamy. Turkey's include but are not liomited to the following:
     U.S. Marine General Haus Cartright and there will be reparcussions. Eddy Snowden and anonymos.

     The murderous Cossack Putin, flight MZH-17. 290 all dead and Ukraine. Bashar Al-Assad and Malaki. Karzai and we want all of our monies back. Pals of Grover Norquist Al-Shabab. Pals of Grover Norquist Boko Haram. Mugabe. Qatar. Al-Queda. Al-Nusra. Arab Bank. Al- Fatah. The Taliban.
     The RGA. Ted Cruz and better the face of a boxer. The 113th Congress and work done for one person in America. "Mr. So Be It, aka Don't poison the well". The George Washington Bridge, for sale to bail out NJ. The Koch bros, seperate yet undivided. The JOBS of Hate, but, too many to list, all Libertarian Republicans. The Republican assault against our U.S. Presidentcy, every day and continuing.

     The lawyers and the ever growing parties of Republicans sueing the good President of the United States of America for doing his job. Republicans sueing U.S. with our own monies. Not one dam dime of Mr. So Be It nor Don't poison the well, our monies. Because we all know the NRA and the Republican Congress pays no price, nothing, for the complete ruination of America at every level and town.

     The 2014 violent  Republican forced U.S. Government Shutdown to come that never had to happen and we pay for it all in billions. The NRA pays no price nothing. Same as the Republican Congress. Incredibly dumb and a true contender every Republican Turkey year.

     However, this 2014 Turkey year comes with a twist, a gollows and the knife. There will be no pardon this year for the Turkey and or Turkey's. O' no.
     And soo.......we now name the Turkeys. Gasp and Skin 'Em Big. But wait there are more! yes, yes, yes, yes.

     The flea party of Grover Norquist no. SCOTUS and the all Republican supreme court who never heard fo the Koch bros for 7 deacades. And never heard of the JOBS of Hate. Your RGA assemblies, now just Libertarians of the fool. The 1% and utters, cant forget them. Americans for prosperity and like ill minded super-pacs all # 43 approved by the 95 visits to the white house by Grover Norquist. Did we mention the nuit atheist mba? Atheism. The Ill RGA wannabee, Wisconsin and a cast of thousands.

     The all but forgotten miserable death the Koch bros put on the continental new U.S. Electric Grid. Albeit in favor of the xl ramline by the racket Koch bros Libertarian Republican Congress.
     The horrid death of U.S. gun control after Columbine +13 H.S's. and Newtown, CT. FSU today and the campus nearest you next. Thank you NRA.
     The underground water table of the U.S. completely robbed by the Koch bros and polluted for the next 200 years. No Charges and no mention of the Koch bros, Haliburton who invented fracking, Dick Cheney and Grover Norquist. Indian property, hey rob that. No charges Indian pension big monies too.. Private property, hey rob that, pay no royalties and screw 'em all, the Koch bros way. forever.

      Also a perinial contender is the #43 Bush, let me say that again Bush, 2006 recession / depression, no one, in our lifetimes will ever foget and certainly are not over, to all too many Americans wiped out by the Republicans of scotched earth policy here and worldwide.
     The 47%, now, just Republican genocide. Safer Syria.
     Tax free Grover Norquist. Tax free Koch bros JOBS of Hate.
     9-11-2001, A Grover Norquist special. No charges, not even a mention.
     The 2010 Haliburton Gulf Oil Spill. And claims paid out?
     The Republican dis-connection of national high speed rail. Curtsy gov Walker and utter RGA pals.
     The 50+ repeals of ACA law by Mr. waste everybodies time and absolutely no work done. So Be It.
     Defunding of Hurricane Sandy. All Republican.
     Hackers who have obliterated every store in America. Massive thievage and all the inside job.
     Defunding U.S. Doctors by no longer paying them for Medicaid baby boomer patients. That's a Republican forever Libertarian special. Robbed all baby boomers to come.
     Head start. Nope. Just kill the unit kids, by heir Grover Norquist.
     Don't leave out boots in the ground Iraq and Afghanistan. The Republicans want all in against ISIS too.
     The 75 billion VA bill for the next 75 years costs of both wars, curtsy Grover Norquist and the Koch bros.
     WMD's. ISIS.
     The job killing 112th and 113th Congress's.
     The did no work at all in 2014, 113th Congress. Never missed a check at $87.00 per hour. Everyday.
     All of the Grover Norquist Republican forced U.S. Government Shutdowns.
     All of the never had to happen fiscal cliffs to hell by you Republican Congress's.
     The tea party flag, snake, mascot and the rathead in Koch bottle. Eveyday.
     The NRA.
     The White House Secret Service, a bunch of yahoos. They all make over $100,000 per year. Send 'em all to Honduras - no state dept. Then watch the resignation letters fall in. O' riot snicky. All new culture.

The RGA 2014

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:59:37 AM | Link

     Texas too. Grover's very own. The Ill gov RGA wannabee? Wisconsin?


Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:58:01 AM | Link

     Nihon chinbotso.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:47:12 AM | Link

     In Farc, Columbia and world food.

Sports fans

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 10:05:55 AM | Link

     The NBA. The NBA? The NBA.

Critter time

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:46:56 AM | Link

     Reindeer? Rhino & Snoop dog? Cattle. & Marten.


Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:38:30 AM | Link

     Assange. iUniverse. Wires. Bricking. & The Nation Conference of Independents March 14, 2015 in NY.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:12:53 AM | Link

     In Warsaw, Poland. And in Magdeburg, Germany.

U.S. Law

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 12:14:09 PM | Link

     Oklahoma and pals of the Koch bros.

U.S. Domestic Policy

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 11:47:37 AM | Link

     Don't poison the well. The Republican assault against the U.S. Presidency coninues now. When you sue the good President of the United States, you sue U.S. all and with our own monies! The Flea party Republicans pay no price, nothing and your flea party racket Koch bros Congress gets paid. Paid to rob U.S. and sue U.S. Every rotten NRA day.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:30:37 AM | Link

     In Chicago, nice and easy. We welcome the new Cardinal. And God Bless Cardinal Francis George the Great Ecumenical Genius who leaves no doubt, the real thing and a massive job well done. Indeed, God Bless The College of Bishops, worldwide and in your neighborhood. But, beware the flea party has poisoed the well.

Understanding big oil

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:51:02 AM | Link

     Dick Cheney, paid for in billions of new, freshly minted never circulated your U.S. Henry Paulson of GS, treasury dollars, curtsy #43, loaded onto C-131 cargo planes supposedly headed to the Iraq war, but really landed in Cheney, Wyoming, the Koch bros and Grover Norquist. One may remember Hughes was fiercely independent back in the day and was well aware of freak Freddy Koch and the JOBS of Hate, now, just exhumed, robbed by the flea party and soon to be radicalized. Then reburied the flea party Koch bros NRA way. Yes. It is an all new drill,baby drill oil cartel and the Koch bros racket Republican Congress XL ramline.

U.S. Foreign Policy

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:47:17 AM | Link

     A year of action, 2014.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 4:21:57 AM | Link

     Grover Norquist and anonymos are there. Why? How? Well, we know it was the Grover's Republican 112thCongress and the Grover's 113th Congress's that robbed the good President's Drean Act, Fix It First plan and robbed all infrastructure and new roads jobs plans for America. A Grover Norquist hat trick with the racket Koch bros Republican Congress's.

     We know that when the Republican Congress's knowingly robbed all of the jobs, every type of social disorder will occur and repeat with compounding effects. It could have been anywhere. In fact it was everywhere.
     Everywhere, where the bread lines got longer with less food to get, cutting school lunches, food prices all price fixed too high, cutting and recutting unemployment benefits, gas prices fixed too high, cutting head start, shooting up schools and allowing more NRA guns into the parking lots nearest schools.

     Why? Because the Republican flea party knowingly sent the fires of hell to our every nieghborhood when they killed every possible job a man or woman could want.

     And your Republican Congress got paid. Never missed a check, got all cola's (no one else got) and contiues on the everyday assault against America.

     Why? Because Grover wants to kill all of your local business's. All. Just like the 60's. All and forever NRA dead. There could be one job there? But, now, that robs all tax bases too. = Thus, total ruination, which in turn compounds into deeper chaos and detructiom, not unlike the Middle East now and we know Grover is there too, or Chicago of the 60's. Detroit and now. No. There is no phantom menace, only The JOBS of Hate and the Grover Norquist.

     On K, for kill 'em all street. Every rotten NRA day. The NRA gets paid and the NRA pays no price, nothing.
     Now send in several truck loads of Koch bros 1% utters dope and Grover Norquist NRA guns to complete the fires of hell. Then have unlimited leaks all over the grand jury for gasoline to propell it all into explosion. Grand jury leaks so bad, it is nothing but it's very own cheap suit crime scene and a foerever doc too. A pdf doc no one has not seen, aka, proffesional death of ferguson doc. Then, include every outside and from out of town hijacking gangbanger that should not be there, of yet, just one more NRA death town or city nearest you.

     Your other towns and cites will be charged to pay for all of that above Grover Norquist purposeful mess. Just like the Republican forced Government Shutdowns cost us all billions, unending and repeatings, the NRA pays no price, nothing and the NRA gets paid, everyday/ If not, the County will be billed all endless undertakings, forever. Not one penny ever charged to the NRA or the Koch bros. And certainly, no mention, ever, of the Koch bros, Grover Norquist. Ever. The McCarhtey Report? SCOTUS, never heard of? No. Scotus will make no ruling ever on any of this, that or the 60's. They too, scotus, never missed check, got all cola's, full pensions and never mind, see no evil, know no evil, be it all evil.

     Also of note, here are the facts, unending:
     None of the above is calculted, nor included in the national debt. Just like the 75 billion, minimum cost to the VA for the Iraq and Afghanistan all Republican forced wars for the next 75 years. And just like the all Republican forced U.S. wars, your NRA pays no price, nothing. You, you unit taxpayer you, get all costs and you will pay forever. No charges against the NRA or the Koch bros for no WMD's found, because they did not exist. Certainly no mention ever of the JOBS of Hate, never.
     This is a charge against earnings for towns, cities and counties everywhere.
     The charge against earning of towns, cities and counties adds to thier costs of per person debts of those governments and dramatically increases the costs of pension plans, now ever increasing lack of tax base to pay unfunded pension plan liabilities.
     Grover Norquist ruination, the little radicalized atheist mba fiend.
     You pay, you unit you.
     The above charge against earnings above is not computed in the State costs per person debt. Another RGA misknowner. The current State debt costs per person only includes past thievages of your local State Assemblies and never included the rape, pilage and plunders of every town in your state by the NRA and the JOBS of Hate. Those costs are included where? In the national debt of Republican no accoutability right next to your next 75 years of national VA 75 billion debt, Paul Ayn Rand never talk about, but are all too much in the know of, just like your ex from Virginia Congressman. Grover rubbed him out, too smart for the Grovermut. Those costs are included right next to boots on the groud Iraq VA and boots in the ground Detroit. They are real Grover Norquist ATR taxes added onto the national debts, curtsy, the NRA. The same State Assemlies your Mr. So Be It, aka, don't poison the well, said he, or the 112th and 113th Republican Congress's will not bail out. Just sink die and be Republican killed, you Township, City, County and State units you. Republican die and don't come a knocking.
      Detroit. Case in point. Who pays the price of the JOBS of Hate endless Detroit? Over, under and out Grover Norquist and a littany of every evils compounded since 1950. Those costs and charges against all taxpayers are all too ATR real. And the Cartel 1% takes all, 1 penny on the billion.

     You have been systematically robbed America. 70 years of the JOBS of Hate, the Koch bros, Grover Norquist. Robbinh U.S. to death and beyond. Say hello to your Republican,113th, does not work for U.S., Koch bros racket Congress, 2014. Very soon, to be on paid vacation. Work done? See America hijacked.

U.S. Economy

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:10:10 AM | Link

     Mutual salvation 2014?

Sports fans

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:11:44 AM | Link

     Oregon! Superfan? & More, more, more? NW.  AL. & GA?

Sunday is Church day

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 4:59:56 AM | Link

     All over the world, wishing you and yours, the very best.

     Then, there is Moscow? Think you know? Think you know? Cossack Putin. Cossack. Putin. The anti Putin and Erdogan?

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 4:27:59 AM | Link

      70 years of Koch bros scortched earth policy, fracking, thievage and all fot hell of it. The Koch bros Republican racket Congress did everything possible to make sure the above never had to happen, happened and in spades of billions. Including, but not limited to:

     The complete obliteration of the FBI.
                                                               U.S. Geological Survey.
                                                               Army Corp of Engineers and etc.....etc.....
     The complete internal decimation of and all government ruling bodies.
     Limited use of computers for all of government offices to keep all government workings in antiquations of nowhere and no know how under #43. As such, leaving the U.S. Government in comlete disarray to cover up the crimes of the nillennium and leave so discombobulated no one could figure it all out and exit, exit, exit our enemirs within U.S. criminals did.

     All of the above was the inheritance of the good #44 left by # 43, Dick Cheney and the Grover Norquist empire after the 2006 world recession / depression. And after all of those monies were stolen by the heathens and atheists. For those in the know, all of the above, very much like nazi Germany 1944-45, textbook.

     Amber waves of grain, you have been robbed. The Republican response to all of the above November, 2014? You guessed it? "Mr. So Be It": "Don't poison the well" and the never had to happen, nastiest, all Republican forced, 2014 U.S. Government Shutdown is on it's way. Why? For hate, for the NRA and the John Birch Society of Hate. Why? Because the Republican flea party (Grover Norquist) assault against the U.S. Presidency continues now. And the Grover Norquist NRA assault on Americans everywhere continues now, courtesy of your pals Slick and Slicker.

U.S. Immigration

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:53:19 AM | Link

     It's going to be big and then, your 113th Republican Congress is going to kill U.S. all in the 2014 U.S. Government Shutdown. All the while, the racket Koch bros Congress will get paid, but no one else.


Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:21:57 AM | Link

     MSI is the only place for the new sci-tech museum. Anywhere else is the new Darth Vaderville. And MSI will accept the 1 billion grant that goes with the only correct place for the new Lucas Sci-Tech museum, thus making MSI free for all once again, the way it is supposed to be. Everyday.

     Do not put Darth Vader in the park. Chicago has plenty of dark side without adding to the fire. Do not put Vader in the fiasco torn dowm Michael Reese Hospital. Build a new Hospital there, a Hospital that doubles for maritme rescue  forefront and nothing but a Hospital. The helipad is already there.

Sports fans

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:06:39 AM | Link

     Who is the NBA? Who is the NFL? & Who is FIFA?

U.S. Foriegn Policy

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:37:33 AM | Link

     A beautiful world and the old trick question. The G-20, 2014. Biggy rat in Iran. Rogue cossack Putin, just a bully, that should have taken too many beatings by now. Will Putin blow up Brisbane and kill the G-20 starting World War 3? Because, cossack Putin is dumb enough.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 4:49:46 AM | Link

     At the computer nearest you, tri it today. Virtual reality. And get outside for the holidays.

U.S. Economy

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:56:42 AM | Link

     U.S. Economics, killed by guess who? The Koch bros 5.3 trillion a day and no mention?  Everyday. Cartels.