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U.S. Congress 2015

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:04:21 AM | Link

     After six years of stalling America, Americans have had quite enough of this does not work for us 114th all Republican Congress ruining America at every Grover Norquist ugly turn. See America robbed of 2.8 % of GDP by and for the Koch bros Grover Norquist John Birch Society of Hate 2015. All Republican Congress approved for 7 decades.

We begin together

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The RGA 2015

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     Missouri? NJ. IL RGA wannabee. Note nation wide RGA cuts to medicaid and Universities. WI? The contenders? LA?

The European Union 2015

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     NATO? vs Cossack Putin?


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We begin together

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     A walky talky, at the movies.

U.S. Ecology

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     The Koch bros. Cuninico, Peru.

We begin together

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We begin together

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     Vote today in Chicago.

U.S. Congress 2015

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:50:17 AM | Link

     The Koch bros Grover Norquist John Birch Society of Hate soo hates America. And it was all Republican Congress approved, but never had to happen.

     Consumed in the fires of hate and hell, the Koch bros Grover Norquist drives hate and fear into the American psyche.

     We know Grover Norquist's hero is J. Edgar Hoover.
     We know J. Edgar Hoover was pals with freak daddy Fred Koch.
     We know freak daddy Fred Koch was a founding member of the John Birch society of Hate.
     We know Grover Norquist is wholly owned and stiffly contrloled by the freak Koch bros.
     We know the Koch bros are the masters of the John Birch Society of Hate now with Grover.
     We know The John Birch Society started immediately after World War Two.
     Thus we all know the punishment for impersonating the President.

     Blyth America shall now endeavor to explain the obvious to the oblivious.

     Aside from the everyday John Birch Society of Hate assault against U.S. and the good President and our American Presidency your Republican Congress is ready, willing and able to hold America hostage again, yet, one more time, until we all capitulate to hate, hell and the Koch bros freak atheist mba scortched earth policies of  total United States ruination. No, your Republican Congress should not get paid to hold U.S. all hostage against the will of our good people, everyday.

     The freak atheist mba Grover norquist drives hate against U.S. in many, the following ways;

     1.  Forcing workers to work for no pay check = drives hate and Family Ruination. Should your Republican $180,000 per year Congress get paid again to kill us and stomp the working poor to extinction?
     2. One must remember the conscious decision of murder 1. = All pre-meditated, 7 p.m. Weds on K Street.
     3. We all have seen this too many times in our recent world bafoonery past. = The RGA too, see IL.
     4. What is it, that let's all this roach America out repeatingly? 4, 10, 12, 20 and 24 others too.
     5. On it's face or on our ears, it could appear that is all the fault of your Republican Congress.
     6. And yes, one could say it was the voters that made and make it all possible by re-electing known (crime) failures. Or by not voting the hoodlums out.
     7. It could appear the people or voters are the problem and get what voted, or did not, or would not vote for. And so be it. Republican protocal, aka usurping. Never had to happen. Why, because the flea party all Republican Congress led by heir Grover Norquist is like a giant triple reverse negative black hole sucking the life out of us.
     8. But, in reality, who benefits from shutting down DHS, U.S. Law Enforcement and U.S. Border Patrol?
     9. Why? #8, that is why. All for the axis of evils to turn off laws and or the good people that protect us. And so be it.
     10. We must all remember the recent killing of the good Japanese media man by ISIS, who said, "Hate is not for humans". He was a good man and totally correct. The enemy within U.S. with utter dubious co's. Every AEI day. Doink and as much Republican crack as you want. The GOP"s labor equivalent to the NRA"s Wayne LaPierre.

     And soo.....

     1. The Grover Norquist all Republuican Congress wants to kill another 30,000 U.S. jobs. Plus 100,000 more DHS jobs.
     2. Your jobs, not Grover's job and not Congress's jobs and not the Koch bros job.
     3. Cut You.
     4. Your all Republican Congress, led by the nose to the putrid pledge of Grover Norquist does not care about U.S. Security as evidenced by no mention of any U.S. Cyber Security bill or U.S. law.
     5. 30,000 of U.S. not paying the rent and not paying the bills weighs heavily on a man. The good Mrs. may not understand why the bills are not paid and thus the beginnings of family fracture starts, all for the Grover Norquist and the flea party.
     6. Congress treats us like jerks and we were never the problem. Off the cliff again into financial ruin. And it never had to happen.
     7. Congress get's paid. Grover Norquist and the Koch bros pays no price, nothing and they get paid.
     8. It needs to be clearly stated that there are at least twelve new Nov, 2014 Republican Tea or Flea party members who want much harsher U.S. Government Shutdowns 2015. 30,000 job kills are not enough pain and misery inflicted upon us by the enemy within.
     9. Do not forget the massive thievage, robbery and out right pilage with plunder by your RGA 2015 budget cuts near you, in your state of the RGA state address 2015. All Republican job kills. Add another 30,000 Republican RGA state job kills there, 2015. See the nationwide RGA State University cuts. And we all know Grover Norquist runs the RGA iron fisted. But don't you wonder why there are vacancy for rent signs all up and down main street store fronts (U.S. Small Business) when no one has money to buy as consumers. Those (U.S. Small Business's) too are all Republican job kills, all across America. Your all Republican got paid Congress. Then, wonder why there are food deserts where you live.
     10. Your get's paid everyday all Republican Congress, roaching us out, to bring us the very worst of America. Every rotten Grover Norquist way. All for the Corporate 1% utter compainies. Total U.S. ruination with hate, for hate, by hate. Hate kills. Don't hate. Who benefits? Guess who? 

     One hundred fourteenth Congressional hours until? Doom and all Republican failure. 100% of nothing.

     Now? We await the 12th hour. Oops, did not get that done. And the Republican response? The sun will shine tommorrow? The sun will shine tommorrow. Doink & Flush.

     And Walla! There it is? 100% of nothing. Doink & Flush. Your all Republican 2015 Congress agrees to do nothing. And as such has also agreed to hold the sword of Damacles over our heads for another 3 weeks. No, not sabre rattling, fear rattling by your does not work for us 114th no work, but get paid everyday all Republican Congress. O' Gee, what a surprise, hurry up and wait for nothing. As Mr. so be it blows you all a kiss.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 4:50:56 AM | Link

     The brave new day.

The RGA 2015

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     Nigeria? Somalia? Is Grover Norquist  there?

Sunday is Church day

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 4:15:08 AM | Link

     Please attend the Church of your choice.

U.S. Civics

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:01:36 AM | Link

     Vote for Willie B. Cochran. He has set us free. Today is the last day for early voting. Tyr it. You will like it. See the exciting, all new Woodlawn 2015.

U.S. Education

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:44:03 AM | Link

     Has anyone noticed,. the IL RGA wannabee makes no cuts to his owned charter schools and IL state contract facilities? Make the cell look silly. But, cut and hack all of us 12 million to pieces. All for the one.

     And soo..... if you want to be fair..... any and all state budget cuts per item or system must have the same % budget cut to charter schools and IL RGA wannabee  facilities state IL contracts that are wholly owned and stiffly controled by the 50 Million IL RGA wannabee. Everyday.

We begin together

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     As we begin all good things; Peacefully.


Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:32:04 AM | Link

     Cossack Putin in Moscow. Syria. Korea. Iran.

The European Union 2015

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:15:30 AM | Link

     Menace Putin. By every other name, murderer. Ukraine. UK? Romania. Euro - Tech? Greece? Brussels? Denmark & Ireland. & Greece get's bail out plan for 4 months.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 4:21:42 AM | Link

     In the USA.

     We know, impersonating the President is in fact a crime. The punishment is? You guessed it. The agonizing death of Herod. It was also known as Herods disease, back in the day.  See pals of the Grover Norquist there.

Critter time

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     Those stolen critters. Whadda face? See the mug shots?

Sports fans

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:42:55 AM | Link

     The Bears.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 4:55:14 AM | Link

     In Detroit, USA.

     Now, the theory of it all, Detroit? Is, the Koch bros got it just the way they like it. No government. No taxes. And no law or law enforcement. And please, no mention of how, who, when and where the Koch bros tried repeatedly to kill the big three, U.S. auto makers. Then raped robbed and killed all of the unions in the motor city caucus RGA state. Not that, never, ever, mention the Koch bros anywhere, in any official (Warren Report) documents. And we know you saw the RGA there.

     The theory of it all, Detroit is, it is all pure capitalism. Pure Kochism kochtopus. Pure business. And let's do business, if only for the Luddite awards. Gas or electric the Koch bros got it all in that free market competition? Try Cartel, see utter cartel and that strange Grover "unit" Norquist bedfellow too.

     The Koch bros paid no price, nothing and the Koch bros got paid. Every rotten scorched earth way. Detroit. Since 1958?

     It is also true the Koch bros do not live there, just dump there. Miles and miles of vast waste land. Just the way the Koch bros like it. Death everywhere. Water everywhere and not a drop to drink. The scortched earth policies of hate by the John Birch Society of Hate. Just the way the Koch bros like it in New York.

     Then?......there is, the new world order. Better to die on crack. & Putin. Everyday.


Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 10:44:31 AM | Link

     Art and media? Cosscak.

U.S. Economy

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 9:50:39 AM | Link

     The U.S. 2006 world depression caused by the Koch bros. See what 7 trillion stolen dollars looks like. You will remember the John Birch Society of Hate.