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     Books. & A Good Sign. Publishing. & Baking.

U.S. Congress 2016

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     Who wants this all Republican Congress to mess with your Medicare Medicaid?

     Throw another Ayn Rand gator into the swamp. And more distempered gators into the swamp.

     And for all of those disenfranchised Republican Voters. Do you like the direction this country is headed now? Spies for Grover silencer Norquist.

     Question? Well, uh? How big is that swamp? Is very big, deep, dark, long and mean. It is all Koch bros toxic and for decades. They say it glows an erie green some nights, but from space it is all blood red.

     How do you get a swamp in Washington D.C. on top of the hill? No trick questions please.

     Why do they call Washington D.C. a swamp? When we know Koch bros D.C. sess pool is the correct definition? Shhhhush, republican arcane going on there. They do not do updates. Prefer it all desperately antiquated.

     Is the swamp just for alligators? No. Crocodiles too. And actually any and all ankle biters.

     Hey, uh? Won't there be a flood of Lobbyists attending the Ayn Rand festival at the all insiders Tax Reform act? Yes. Those are the crocodiles.

     What about the new and improved viscous assault against U.S. senior citizens as pronounced by your all Republican Congress when they want hack to death Medicare Medicaid? That is what the swamp is for, hacking and slashing. It is all for the total ruination of America and complete and utter serfdom for any survivors.
     Well, hym? Who will be in charge then? The biggest croc of all, the Koch bros.

     Yo! Like that does not sound good at all. Welcome to the swamp.

     Say? uhm? Do you suppose we could change the name? Swamp, it sounds so.....deathish, some sick kind of prehistoric cruel and violent deaths. You know, change the name to something more PC, Politically Correct?
     Sure. What do you suggest?
     Well? A listeners format would be nice. No, not death of the nation. America's got chance? Nah. A watershed moment? Na. The 43% ? Who are those guys? Low vote, counts? This is'nt golf  Well better think on that a little bit.
     Let me help you out with some suggested change the swamp names. Ready?
     Infidels and ___ _____.
     The ankle biters club.
     Radicalized Koch inflicted distemperedments.
     Torna que buono.
     The invisible Koch bros.
     Cartels bonanza.
     Hill Slicks or slich hill?
     Swimmwer regret.
     Grover Norquist's foley? Or just another J.Edgar Hoover?
     Water Mochasins welcome, anaconda's too? Piranahs and parasites also?
     Givers gulch? Could be a winner?

     Last question? Ok. What do they feed on in the swamp? Good question.
     There are feeding frenzies in the swamp. Any job. They eat the IRS, the EPA, Dept of Education, Climate change, Senior citizen anythings and more.

     Meanwhile, everybody stay calm, as your right wing extremist Illinois Republican Governor robs the snot out of us. Again.

We begin together

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     Congress. Fires up the war wagon.

The Middle East

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U.S. Elections 2016

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     The Popular Vote. & the all failure, arcane Electoral College. Every Alligator day. Drain The Swamp. Drain The Alligators Swamp. Washington Republicans are plotting a war on senior citizens. You know the Koch bros are all in it. Grover NRA Silencer Norquist too. And don't forget the new Dick Cheney wanabee VP. Meanwhile, throw some more conflicted Alligators into the swamp.

We begin together

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     In Washington, D.C.

U.S. Money and Business

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     The new elect. Read it and weep. You do remember that, unending Pals board members at the Federal Reserve. But, lo, the Koch bros are all in it. As sure as Bernie Madanoff, Exelon, Haliburton and the endless slew of thievages.

U.S. Congress 2016

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     Vote for Nancy Pelosi!

Ending the NRA

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Dear John,

Tonight, the Senate Judiciary committee concurred with House Floor Amendment #1 to Senate Bill 206, a bill that would legalize the possession of silencers for all guns in Illinois. 

Despite over 650 gun deaths in Chicago, and the state on pace for over 1,200 gun deaths overall, the majority of the committee turned a blind eye to stopping gun violence while standing with the pro-gun lobby.  Our Senate allies requested that the bill be held until legislation that addressed efforts to stop the illegal gun trafficking and keeping guns out of the hands of those who should not have access to them is considered as well in a comprehensive package.  They were met by a deaf ear as well.

This dangerous legislation could be voted on by the full Senate tomorrow. Please call your State Senator and urge them to vote ""NO"" on the motion to concur on SB 206.

To find your state Senator, please click:

To call your state Senator, click:

The bill could be heard as early as 12:00 PM, Wednesday afternoon. Thank you in advance for taking action.

In Peace,

Colleen Daley

Executive Director

Copyright © 2011 Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, All rights reserved.

222 S. Morgan Street   |   Suite 4A   |   Chicago, Illinois 60607
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We begin together

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     In Springfield, Illinois.


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     Putin's ever increasing cyberattacks. & To be sure, the Koch bros are all in it. Everyday. Putin. & Crackbook making big cash for the russians.

U.S. Money and Business

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     All for the $15 dollar per hour and the living wage. All across America. Congress? Your Illinois Governor? The RGA, the Republican Governors Association? 

We begin together

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     What do you call "cracking" and "packing"? Hint? It is an all Republican gerrymandering definitional update. "Do you know what that would mean"?

     Blatantly disenfranchise? Efficiency gap? Vote efficiency? = All Republican Gerry mandering.

     Not that anyone will ever receive a definitional update from your new Congress's.

     It is now time for massive new Congressional and new elect updates.

     Please complete the answers to the following definitions;

     1. Absurd.
     2. Bazzar.
     3. Buzzard.
     4. 2016 Election. Popular Vote.
     5. Rigged voting.
     6. Bizzarro.
     7. Lunacy.
     8. Alt-Right.
     9. Right Wing Extremist's. Putin too.
     10. Drumf'emisms?

     Now list how many of the above new definitions were ever known prior to 15 months ago? Poor Webster's. And a huge boon for Ripley's. In fact, it's a bonanza.

     O'h, but, there's more?

     What do you call a; ?

     1. Drumfiss?
     2. Drumfada?
     3. Drumfnyet?
     4. Drumfectomy?
     5. Drumfaniesia?
     6. Drumfoctopus?
     7. Drumfameter?
     8. Collosal, Tremndous, Overhype?
     9. 72%'er?
     10. Disenfranchised?

U.S. Medicine

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     Who is in favor of this Congress messing with your Medicare, Medicaid? Who?

We begin together

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     In Michigan, Wisconsin and Pennsylvania. Should the 2016 election be over turned? No one would be surprised.

Critter time

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     3,300 newtons. Physics.


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We begin together

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Critter time

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We begin together

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U.S. Crime

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     Social Security Fraud and the ultimate insiders. Every Koch bros RGA with ALEC day.

We begin together

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     In Washington, D.C.