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Sports fans

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 2:10:47 PM | Link Super Bowl 50. Watch Live. Sports. Celebrity. NFL.


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     Sinister reports in Chicago.


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     Kwangmyongsong Kim Jong Un Lie.

Sunday is Church day

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     The new mecca of peace. Havana, Cuba. Where east meets west.

U.S. Economy

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 3:43:29 PM | Link

      We filled up today, $1.47 per gallon of gas. Love it. The difference is how much and how long we have been robbed by the Koch bros since the 1970's.

     I sincerely want to say; Thank You President Barack Obama.

     Why? Because we really have to give credit, where credit is due. Gratitude.

U.S. Elections 2016

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:34:27 AM | Link

     Yes, yess, yesss. It is the all Republican NH RNC cage match chaos tonight on ABC. Very nice moderators there. Big Tobacco and big Pharmaceutical too. Yessss. Do you see the Republicans now. And the RGA? 151 New Jersey bills sitting on his desk waiting for the absentee gov. All Republican cage match chaos.

     This is double jeopardy. Jeopardy. Maturity? Double Jeopardy. Ankle biters. Jeopardy. Double Jeopardy.
     Jeopardy. Abolish The IRS? 10th Amendment RGA? Illinois RGA? Double Jeopardy. Jeopardy. Double Jeopardy. Jeopardy. Maturity? Double Jeopardy. The definition of torture?

     The Democratic response. Jeopardy. Double Jeopardy. Maturity?


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     Almost mythical.

We begin together

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     You guessed it. At St. Anselm. In Manchester, New Hampshire. A quiz too.

U.S. Jobs

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     Good for America.

U.S. Elections 2016

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The RGA 2016

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     Your Ill RGA Laundering. WI? Shake up Springfield with no State Budget? Or Shakedown Illinois. 501c3 sub chapter S pass through non for profit credits?

We begin together

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     The American Geophysical Union. Earthquakes and more.

U.S. Medicine

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:50:41 AM | Link

      Shkreli? "Part D" Rx disaster on steroids. Congress is doing a good job there. Shkreli? Shkreli? Shkreli?

     Who started this mess and keeps it ongoing? Like we do not know.

     Do you see the monkey wrench. And do you see the Monkey in the middle.

     Killing mom and pop pharmacies. Killing all U.S. Hospitals. Killing U.S. Healthcare. No Competition and screw the consumer.
     Killing Seniors. Who makes and keeps it all legal?

     Big Pharmacy moving to Cartel.

Sports fans

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:19:04 AM | Link

     Super Bowl 50. No Drone Zone. & Seismic Digital Shift. The NFL? NFL?

We begin together

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     In Londonderry, New Hampshire and everywhere elseThe enemy within U,S.


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     The good President. At The Islamic Society of Baltimore. The good President of the USA.   It needs to be said the good President has weighed in on a number of social and people positions he did not have to engage in. And he has done so, quite well and eloquently.

     One famous line of the good President was "that is all they wanted" Speaking of the south in the civil rights era. So simple, but it needed to be said and heard to all. There are generational gaps that were filled properly in his speechs and text. There are generations that needed to be shown the correct historical record. It is important and an amazing photo.

     And really. People need to see this and know this. Very important. And very engaged.

     This is one of the good President's best speech's.

     See more prayer and faith. At the National Prayer Breakfast.

U.S. Elections 2016

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:46:56 AM | Link

       Giving credit where credit is due?

     Congratulations Mrs. Secretary. Bernie too.

     For starters, it is good to see Bob Schieffer back. And it is also nice to know the all Republican cage match chaos can not kill Bob, because he is not the moderator. The RNC and utter no shows do not like that, as they reserve the right to kill all, everywhere, anytime. Too bad, a canadian and whatever.

     Howling for undermine is the all right wing tea party way. And it has grown in a Iowa and a state near you. Do you see the winner now?

     For those that want credit for spending thier own monies, hurray. Some people just got to have a cookie. And a credit too. But the race is to win. It does not pay, place or show.
     All of the rest are tea party candidates and are financed by Koch bros.
     How much more soo..... the big hurray for he with no super pac and the all nationally financed grass roots organization of Bernie Sanders.

      The canadian had the best ground game in Iowa and GOP tea party Cheatage?
     And speaking of Canada? How much dark monies have gone to candidates from outside the USA? The Koch bros recently in Europe. Who did it go to? Only the shadow knows.
     The no show in the RNC cage natch chaos cost him the win in Iowa. And credit Fox Megyn Kelly.
     The big wake up call in Iowa was? This is not a cheap sport. However, it is considerably cheaper for all of the right wing tea party Koch bros financed candidates. Credit that, there and every other state.
     Anyone could caucus with no ID required. No residency requirements at all? Enter the Iowa tea party.

      Great people in Iowa. Great state Iowa.

     Need to mention all those (R)'s who are currently on federal and state payrolls not spending thier monies and cashing state and federal checks. Certainly no credit there or here. That very much includes the worst on the job absence records, gaudatious filabusters of and to nothingness for nothiness with bridge tenders. Too long that list. Whew.

     Credit where credit is due? Gee let's look at the incumbants in there home towns and see the credits in Houston. Whoa! And see Lexington, Kentucky Harald,  Miami and others too?
     Go ahead. Look at the appaling unfavorable ratings in the Houston Chonicles and indeed, all of the Texas newspapers.

      Big credit to New Hampshire, the Independent state. They take voting serious.

     Credit, credit, credit all U.S. voters, who very much know who and where the tea party right wing Congress lives and are going  to defeat the right winger tea party nationwide by actually coming out to vote this 2016. Vote for Jim Gray.

     Finally, we give credit to the civil Democratic debates. Very much unlike the February, 2016 snarky, cage mach chaos RNC, sic the moderators, do not answer the questions, too many candidates all Republican whatever. And there is an issue as to who would pay for any not free Iowa repeat GOP caucus. You do remember GOP 2000 Florida?

      Credit where credit is due? We all agree the Iowa 2nd place holder should be moved to first place by the facts of the canadian cheatage. But no repeat Iowa caucus because it is too expensive.
     The RNC should rule against the canadian and promply strip him of his illicit win, lest it forever be known as, Iowa tea party thievage, 2016, the first, but not last.
     The RNC should also fine the canadian 12 million dollars payable to the U.S. board of elections to pay for three permanent Independent party seats forever.
     The RNC must also fine the Tea Party 25 million dollars for criminal intent to hijack and steal elections.
     The State of Iowa should also rule against the cheatage tea party illicit gains, throw him out like dawg and declare the caucus given to the 24% winner.
     The State of Iowa should also fine the canadian 13 million dollars payable to the great State of Iowa for gross misrepresentations against the spirit of the law and indeed the criminal facts itself.
     The State of Iowa must also fine the Tea Party 26 million dolars for gross misrepresentations and intent to hijack elections.
     All of which should happen tonight without delay.
     The RNC must also ban the canadian fron all future cage match chaos RNC debates until all fines are paid in full.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 4:26:32 AM | Link

     Independent. In the granite state. And nice to see a big favorite. Tuff to beat Bob.

Critter time

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:39:19 AM | Link

    Elephant. Eagles.

The RGA 2016

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:52:39 AM | Link

    Your Illinois RGA. Republican Illinois governor viscerol assault on education. State of Illinois Emergency Management?  Your all Republican governor of Illinois wants to rob and raid Chicago Public Schools. State of Illinois Emergency Management? This is what to expect in the all hostile Illinois Emergency Management. And your Ill gov will be long gone with our cash, schools in permanent wasteland. What makes that all possible is the governor is exempt from lawsuits from acts (AX) on the job. Tax free too. 

     Your all Republican Illinois Governor wants complete serfdom, the hack or the big hack job. Nothing but complete serfdom, but first we must be slaughtered. The RGA. And another Illinois Governor RGA hack and atax us. Try to remember it was all free before your big Illinois Governor hack job. And to be sure, your all tax you Illinois governor's twelve houses are no where near I-55. Mr. & Mrs Businessman / Woman Darien, Illinois. See the urban dictionary of hack job there.

     The bottom line; Your all Republican Governor of Illinois pays no price, nothing and we get robbed to viscious, violent death, with all of the Illinois governors wrongful bills we have to  pay for. Your all tea party libertarian governor of Illinois hack. 

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:23:43 AM | Link

     In Cedar Rapids, Iowa. Candlemas day. Todos el mundo y el segundo? Brace yourself!

U.S. Medicine

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     The right stuff. And the wrong.

U.S. Elections 2016

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     Iowa. Iowa. Iowa. Iowa. Iowa.

U.S. Food

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     ? The provision applies to able-bodied adults ages 18 through 49 who have no children or other dependents in their home. It requires them to work, volunteer or attend education or job-training courses at least 80 hours a month to receive food aid. If they don't, their benefits are cut off after three months. No good government cheese either.

We begin together

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     In Des Moines, Iowa.