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Citizen At Large


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      Art. & Thievage.


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     Historic low, it is all Putin Cossack and see pal Koch bros making fat monies on those inflated commodities everyday with utter 1% Co's.


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We begin together

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     In Mexico. Mexico.

Sports fans

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      The NBA World Cup.

The RGA 2014

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      Florida. Detroit and everywhere else. Ill  RGA gov wannabee will cut spending. See pals of the koch bros. Robbing the food right out of your mouth. Your RGA. And leave no child a rind. CT.

Latin America

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     Columbia and welcome to the America's.

U.S. Fashion

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     Miss America! Beautiful. Preliminaries.

U.S. Foreign Policy

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     U.S Foreign Policy was completely obliterated by the wrong Iraq war and # 43,

     Let U.S. count the ways of dismaldom, aka complete Republican U.S. ruination, for the Koch bros 1% JOBS of Hate.

     1. The killing of Sadan Huisaen was dumb. Iraq and Sadam were never the problem. In fact it was Sadam who kept all of his dog gang bangers down and in check.
     2. It was the wrong U.S. Republican war in Iraq, Grover Norquist at the will of the Koch bros that destabilzed the country of Iraq and the region and left U.S the chaos that is ISIS today. Thanks George and Putin loves that.
     3. It was the on purpose with malice by the Koch bros that the Republican Congress never made mention nor attempt to collect Iraq war reparations fron Iraq that well had the monies to pay for our wrong war and then some.
     4. The trillion dollar costs of the wrong Iraq war then led U.S. to the Grover Norquist led Republuican fiscal cliff follies and the endless forays of Republican forced U.S. government shutdowns. If not shotdowns.
      5. The theory of it all was to rob, loot, steal and pluder the U.S. Treasury so much that no one could count it all. Abscomb with the dough, (exit), and screw it all up so bad that no one could figure it all out. And if anyone ever did figure it all out it would be too late. That Republican all white male gang banger mission was accomplished in full.
     6. Foreign wars are not accountable by or to the GAO.  U.S. General Accounting Office. Do not ever forget that. See the usual suspects; those constitutionalist libertarian criminal U.S. all white male gang bangers. Aka, The John Birch Society of Hate Koch bros with the little white freak Grover Atheist Fink Norquist.
     7. We are broke from the Iraq war republican lie; we were and we are Republican robbed.
     Never mind the world deppression of 2006. Wiped us out. Killed us all.
     Never mind the all Republican Tarp bailouts.
     Never mind the credit default swaps that decimated U.S. housing for decades long after the all white male gang banger U.S. home board-ups in your neighborhood. 7 Trillion dollar price tag? Or pure Koch bros JOBS of Hate thievege. And not the first time, see the Viet Nam War.
     Never mind the 1 million dollar cost of every Grover Norquist gun bullet to board-up a single U.S. home.
     Never mind the banks never took responsibility for a single property anywhere.
     Never mind that absolutely all costs of a boarded-up home went, and goes against the township, town or city taxpayers where you live and continuing. But, first, you do the voodoo 1, 2, math, because that to be torn down home costs us money and the tax base is lowered and now taxpayers must make up the vacant difference. Everyday.
     Never mind the Republican Congress turned off the Glass Steagall Act bucket shop law that made all of the above criminalities legal and no one went ot jail. No one, anywhere.
     8. All of this is U.S. modern history since the year 2000. Do not say you are under 30 years old and do not know.
     9. Nobody went to jail and there was never a mention of the Koch bros or Grover Norquist in the Iraq war. So convienient. And repeating, SCOTUS never heard of the JOBS of Hate for at least seven decades. Never mind the costs of todays involvement in Iraq to fix the # 43 mess that destabiled the region. Legacy # 43 and continuing. Florida. The Pet Goat, 9-11-2011, it was all Grover Norquist and the dirty inside job Koch bros.
     10. No war reparations from Afghanistan for the longest war in U.S. history, the Republican U.S. Afghanistan war. All Republican Congress approved and guarenteed to faill U.S. in every way. Karzai and evey other criminal roach.

     Do you see the tea or flea party Republican Congress now?
     Do you see the Grover Norquist now?
     Do you see the John Birch Society of Hate now?
     Do you see the koch bros now?
     And no, one, went to jail?

We begin together

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     In China. Inclusion. In China.

Critter time

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     Butterflies and Mexico? Monsanto and the Koch bros. Pupfish? Mozambique.

U.S. History

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     26 + # 32. 200.

We begin together

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     In Uganda? Why? Because Grover Norquist and the cartel 1% gave found thier model for success there.

     Send in the gang bangers (Al-Shabab), destabilize the country and the region. Then rob steal and plunder the food and all commodities. It helps when you own several commodities shadow trading Co's. Starve everyone at will and price control the entire region cash only for the underground illicits of commodities to be sold at 20% discoutings to cartel holded processing Co's. O'h, yes, be sure to call it free market.

     Buy out all utter business's worth having. Ruin all of the rest of the business's and now the cartel is complete in it's inverted pyramid where all pay the 1% until death and beyond.

     Pay the puppets at the top to keep the dogs down (those pilgrims with brains that use them). Kill all the doctors, nurses and teachers.

     Rape loot rob and plunder the country endlessly into absolute subversion. Environmental problems, kill the messenger. Global outside interference, submit for world aid. then steal it. Infrastructure logistics problems, send in the mules, but only the DeBeers enforced way. Now get to robbing. Insurance, Loyd;s is there, but all on the quiet. Pay the mules, nah. Human rights, who you talking to?

     Complete decimation, the Koch bros model for success. And for seven decades. The John Birch Society of Hate, with the little white freak Grover  Atheist Norquist.

     Yes, we know it is not only Uganda, but Kenya, Nigeria, Somalia, Zimbabawe and more.
     Yes, we know it is also the United States.
     And yes, as the former good President of Mexico Enrique Calderon said, "the United States must clean up thier own, before coming to Mexico and call us dirty".

     But, alas, there is nothing new here nor there. Try to imagine the good or greateness of America had we not gone to the wrong Iraq War under # 43 and spent those trillions of dollars on our domestic America?
     Try to imagine America, had we addrssed our own gang banger problems?

     No. There is nothing new here, nor there. For it was Grover Norquist and the enemy within that first planted the seed of Hate into # 41, by insisting Iran-Contra was not the issue, but that he should look to al-queda, Iraq and the middle eat, as the first last and most pressing problem. Now deal your dope in central and south America's, while Grover was in Nicaragua. # 40 never bought that lie and always knew the little atheist white freak.  It was # 41 who impressed the unfinished dynasty business in the middle east upon dynasty member.

U.S. Fashion

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     Miss America.


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      Uganda. The gloom of failed culture. Boko Haram and al-sharia law. See pals of Al-Shabab there.


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     Kabul. Balthazar, Afghanistan.

We begin together

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     In Damascus, Syria. The Middle East 2014. ISIS.

The Middle East 2014

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      The mother of all? ISIS. ISIS. ISIS. ISIS. ISIS.

Sports fans

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     The Bears? And the right stuff.


Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:28:30 AM | Link

     Encyclopedia Britannica.  What's in a name?


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U.S. Medicine

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     International retailer?

Science, Engineering & Physics

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     Pre-Physics. You do the math.

We begin together

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     In Woodlawn.

U.S. Elections 2014

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     Texas. Georgia RGA. Florida, The Pet Goat. Strange similarities and see pals of the Koch bros 1%?