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Citizen At Large


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     Worse than the jerks pointing laser lights at large aircraft.

Sports fans

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     The NBA.

We begin together

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U.S. Fashion

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     Darling. Oh, darling, darling.


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     Crack. Murder. And more crack. Extended sanctions and Putin's brain. Remember, Cossack, not czar, Putin is holding long U.S. cash dollars, not one lousy rouble. Meanwhile Putin robs Mother Russia again in poor bailouts. Potemkin Banks.

     We begin together in Mocsow, Putin. Meet Cuba, the new Cuba, the same as the old Cuba? Who started the embargo when they natiionalized everything?  And now you know why that Russian spu ship was in Cuba last week.

     Cossack, not czar. Implosion Putin.

     Putin's goons. There is no doubt, the new NRA Ak-47 assault rifles now being made in America will go abroad into every wrongful Putin war zones. Congress must put a stop to that.
     And for the record, America should not for any reason be making Russian NRA AK - 47 Assault weapons used in wars against U.S.

     It is in Syria and many utter place of Putin conflicts that we see Putin has turned his attention to. Now that Putin has robbed all of his Oligarch pals to death and incarcerated the rest. The starvation and total wipe out of the good Russian people is certain for 2015. And cartel Putin does not care.

     We know that Cossack Putin has turned to his known money making black markets middle east and other conflicts. Cossack Putin is long into deep black market illegal arms and other dubious cash markets. And Putin wnats and needs cash.
     Syria, Iran, Korea, Yemen too, just a few of the Cossack Putin"s stronghold of all illicitries. But, do not forget the hezbollaz and all other sectarian violences all for (not the Kremlin) Putin. Every kind of Putin WMD's and arms.

U.S. Children

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     DCFS? Congress? U.S.? Il. RGA wannbee? Southside? & The RGA kiss of death. Everyday Grover Norquist. Children.

Sports fans

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     The NFL. Super Bowl XLIX. The NFL XLIX?

Ending the NRA

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     Grover Norquist. Everyday for the NRA. Will you units pay the 9 mansions taxes for the new governor? Your IL RGA.

We begin together

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     Too low to the flo and real English.

U.S. Civics

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     Vote for Willie B. Cochran, he will set us free. Also, see community in the 5th ward. Civics. Civics.

The European Union 2015

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     Portugal, Spain Ireland and Greece? Greece? Greece. Greece? Albania, Macedonia and Bulgaria? Greece? Greek Banks?

Critter time

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      Whataface. Salamander. Megamouth.

U.S. Congress 2015

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      Grotesque and offensive? Doink. You may want to see that again? Doink, doink.

Sports fans

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     Four twists. & more.

We begin together

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     Firecracker in the nationals.

Sports fans

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     The NFL? Watcth the Super Bowl on free TV NBC.

     The BCS and the Committee knows they lost at least 1/3 of all tv viewers and mega big revenues by not allowing any of the BCS games to be seen on free tv. Not too smart. You do the math. Is the BCS run by Bain Capital? Because it was all voodoo. And we all got robbed.

U.S. Tech Sector

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     DDoS. Source code for China? & Women.

The European Union

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     Greece 2015. Greece? Greece. Greece? Syriza. Syriza? Athens. & Rosa Luxemburg?

U.S. Transportation

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     Where is it written? The U.S. Post Office does not have to have license plates on any vehicle? We know the U.S. Postal Service paid for all new license plates for all vehicles, but they are not on any vehicle. Soo........after the Armstrong bicycle disaster, is it true the U.S.P.S. allocated monies for license plates but never purchased license plates, and if so, where did those stolen monies and license plates go to?  Gee? Let's guess?


Do You Know About The Big Change In Postal Rates That Takes Effect Today?

It's a new world for the U.S. Postal Service (USPS). A world where, despite the costs and bureaucracy and work rules of being a government agency, they are giving the shipping industry, particularly the big names like Fedex and UPS, a run for their money. Sure, they're still losing money in a world that sends more emails and less letters. But the postal service is quickly adapting to this new world.

In just the past year, the USPS has started delivering on Sundays. It has partnered with AMZN -1.42%. It cut its rates for online stores. This is not a government agency that's rolling over and looking for a handout. This is an agency that is aggressively trying to reinvent itself, stay competitive and give the private a sector a competitive service without costing taxpayers more.

Starting today, the USPS takes another step in the right direction. And if your business relies on shipping parcels it affects you. That's because, effective today, your costs of shipping may be going up. But not if you're paying attention. According to the U.S. Postal Service (USPS) if you want to continue to take advantage of commercial mailing rates, you must now be meeting all IMpb (Intelligent Mail Package Barcode) requirements. The transition period, which began a year ago, is now officially over.

What does this mean? It means that if you're in the business of shipping lots of products you need to be using IMpb. The intelligent barcode will offer three key benefits for your business: For starters, it provides an end to end tracking service where packages will be scanned up to eleven times, making it easier to get tracking information for both companies and customers and improving the USPS's customer service. The service will also offer free insurance without having to go to the post office to buy it. Most importantly, customers who use the service will have the ability save five to fifty percent on postage, as compared to typical commercial rates and depending on their packages' weight, class and distance. The only hitch: to qualify, the USPS will require all parcels to include the new unique tracking IMpb barcode. And to access these IMpb-enabled services and qualify for the most favorable price structure for parcels, you will need to use a computer or web-based shipping solution.

But there are solutions. One of them is from Pitney Bowes PBI +0.33% (Author Note: I have received no compensation from Pitney Bowes to write this piece). The global shipping company's offerings, such as their pbSmartPostage and SendSuite Live products, now has the capability to produce IMpb labels with the proper barcode and send all necessary shipping information to the USPS (Pitney Bowes also provides a great summary of the new IMpb rules here).

""Both small and medium sized businesses should consider the U.S. Postal Service as part of their parcel carrier mix."" says Patrick Brand, a senior Vice President with Pitney Bowes.""The USPS has made a significant investment and commitment over the past several years to enhance its parcel shipping service offerings and implement new technologies to provide more competitive service options.""

Yes, it's another headache. But then again change is never easy. And let's give credit where credit is due: at the very least, the USPS is one government agency that is working hard to not be like a government agency. I'm sure Fedex, UPS and other shippers will continue to do what they need to compete. And all of that is good for the customer, particular business owners.
Besides Forbes, Gene Marks writes daily for The Washington Post.

     U.S. Transportation? Who benefitted most by U.S. DeRegulation of U.S. Trucking? The answer is Grover Norquist and the Koch bros.

     Exhibit A. Shows what? Oh', it's a disaster? Mayhem and ongoing to get ever worse. But do you see the Koch bros?
     Too much tonnage on the roads, use the trains. The roads are all busted up from too much deregulated trucking nationwide. Take the trains, the trains are all bustsed up from too much tonnage and no upgrades from more that one hundred years ago.
     One can not run today's new massive volumes of new tonnages on the old systems. For surely those old systems will break and do break. Congress knows that, but no.
     Take the passenger new high speed rail train. Nope. Not in Wisconsin, Ohio nor Michigan. The national high speed rail DeRegulated or totally derailed by the RGA. Governor Walker saw to that U.S. train wreck via the little freak grover norquist.
     Congress knows they have to pass a comprehensive U.S. Transportation bill, but, will not. Soo expect more and more frequent disasters, curtsey, the Koch bros for the hell and mayhem of it all and clean that mess up, you unit taxpayers you.

     Grover Norquist and the Koch bros pays no price for the exasberated disaters that never were supposed to happen. The same disaters that happpened by allowing the Koch bros Libertarian Congress to make no actions on any transportation bill.
      Why? Because Grover Norquist really believes your U.S. Treasury Dept Taxes are his monies and no one elses. And we know it was and is all avoidable. Enough of the utter nonsense.

     1. Congress will not do the right thing and give U.S. the U.S. Transportation Bill. Now 50 years past over due. The new bill will also include new internet lines to everywhere America. And wind or solar powered lights on highways provided by wind mill farms and not sold electricity sent all the way back to power plants. What that really means is the passage of the all new U.S. Electric grid providing electric cars the hook up too.
     2. All U.S. roads and bridges are a shambles.
     3. Only the personal injury lawyers are making monies. All of us damaged or dead on the roads. And please never ever note nor talk Tort Reform. Why? Because the Koch bros are making monies now and want no changes. All of the roads. This includes but does not limit EPA disasters, the Koch bros do not pay for and gives U.S. taxpayers all of those bills to pay.
     4. We have the monies to pay for it all. Why and where? In the all new tax code. Take out all Corporate welfare tax loopholes and spend it all on new roads. Congress knows that, but, no.

We begin together

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     In Barranquila, Columbia.

U.S. Ecology

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     Pipelines? Yellow Salmon? & xl bunk. Please note the EPA response. After, the koch bros killed the EPA.


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Sunday is Church day

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     Faith and no faith.

Sports fans

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     The NBA All Stars.

We begin together

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     In Sanaa, Yemen. Iran & Putin.