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That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:34:48 AM | Link

     The Russia connections. Drumf is pimping us badly and heir Pence is seconding the Drumf. Drumf Pence Louse and your Illinois RGA. "Treacherous and Dishonest." Drumf Pence book. Drumf Pence mess book. Ugly. The Drumf Pence mess book. Very much the same as the Trump Org books. All Trump Russia conections.
     Trimp org Expose and expos'e. Crime. Bad Trump
org. Crime. Pence book. And more crimes. Heir Pence book. Those Russia connections. Your rsident mutt drumf. We know Drumf Pence stole your data and Drumf Pence sold your identities all down the river for a cheap crypto currencyTrump org heir Pence book. No apology, just robbed and sold like the original el donaldo cheap suit. Your creepy Nazi Pals Drumf heir Pence.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:28:22 AM | Link

     Make Pals of pimp us all badly Drumf Pence Rich Again. Pals like that. Free snow cones in freaksville too. Same freaksville Pals like that. All Republican. Aiding and abetting all Drumf Pence mess.
     Please, no one mention the massive crackbook Republican lobbyists assembly in the swamp. 
     Your all Republican Conservative Paul Ryan Congress'ssss will not give us any congressional updates at all. None, Zero. Zippo. Not going to happen and leave it all the arcane. Just the way the koch bros like it. Antebellum foolishness. Scandalous.

     All Republican tax and spend us. Your all Republican conservative Congress. Your all Republican Conservative Paul Ryan Congress'ssss. Sinister. Your all Republican Conservative Koch bros Senate. All Right Wing Extremists.

     Your all Republican Conservative Tax and Spend U.S. Not a Democrat to be found. Your all Republican Conservative everythang.

     Up your all Republican Conservative NRA Paul Ryan Congress'ssss. Up your NRA. Up your all Republican NRA. No prayers and no apologies. Up your NRA.

     Vote today.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:23:43 AM | Link

     In the voting booth. Vote today.     O' ye 43%?

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:23:07 AM | Link

     The Russia connections. That Trump Org. Dons jons, all stinky. That Russia connection. Sinister. Pence. Sinister. The Drumf Pence assault against our good and great Institutions. Those Russia connections and the frivoLouse mess of it all by the frauds Drumf Pence among us. Trump Org Spies. Spies. Swamp creatures. Spies all up and down Drumf Pence freak legbones. Spies. Drumf Pence. Swamp creatures and shivs. The Drumf Pence among us.
     This Fascist Russia connection. Spies and the Koch bros. Poison, shivs and hack jobs. Drumf Pence. Pals like that. All Republican. All Sinister. Those Drumf connections and spies. These Russia connections and the all Republican assault against U.S. law enforcement. It is all Obstruction of Justice on Russian steroids. Those memos and that Drumf Org. We the people call for an end to the Drumf Pence saga nightmare among us. That Drumf nasty org. Drain the Drumf Pence. The dirty finks.  Drain Drumf's lawyers.Drumf Pence. Drumf and Pence memos. Memos like that. Drumf Pence are aiding and abetting Collsion and Obstruction of Justice. That sticky memo.

     Let us all now go to Trump Tower New York and pitch pennies.

     The Banana republic nazi Dons jons. And swamp creatures. Formerly known as the White House. Now Drumf Pence. Nazi Spies. The Trump Organization and see Trump Tower New York filled with every kind of Spies. Chinese, Russian, Jewish, Freak murky and freak. Nazi, Middle East and more spies. Drumf Pence. The Russia connections.

     Your Banana republic Drumf heir Pence, Steve Bannon regime. Unfit, Inelligible and complete Frauds. All Republican "Ratf**ked" Congress approved. Nazi frauds approving Nazi and Russia connections frauds. Treason, treachery and sinister as all get out. No. Not just, that growing all Republican resignations list. O'h no. But the last 5 deacades of all Republican treacheries against us. That, unresigned monkey wrench still on the books, or off the books, hooks and crooks against us,
all Republican deep shaft,, not State, but yes, State too. Your RGA with ALEC. Your Nazi RGA flunking us for more guns and the Nazi NRA in your State. The Grover NRA Norquist deep state of the Nazi Republican Army nationally. May the farce be with the nazis. The farce. NRA lovers like this. Right wingers.

     Let us look now at the all Nazi doctines of failures professed against us where you live nationally for decades, the JBS of Hate and in your State. Oklahoma RGA. Kansas Koch bros RGA and on and on Missouri, IL, VA, FL, Tx,KS, IL, WI, KS, IL, OK,......... All Right Wing Extremists. West Virginia and more. The RGA with ALEC assault against U.S. Education. The RGA with ALEC assault to kill all State Budgets where you live. All Nazi. The all Nazi Koch bros assault against America.
     The all serious Nazi criminal RGA conspiracy with collusion nationally to rob Medicaid to death and banlrupt multiple States. Illinois gov Bruce Raunchier defrauded State of Illinois mandatory Medicaid payments soo long ( Obstruction of Justice ) a federal judge had to order Illinois RGA gov Ranchier to make mandated State Medicaid payments. See your RGA State for aiding and abetting Nazis to rob Medicaid. Robbing senior citizens to death. Criminal. Crimes against humanity. No chrages. And there needs to be serious multiple State and federal charges against the RGA.

     Most of this is all too Right Wing Extremist familiar for at least 5 decades too long and never addressed properly. Say when?

     Do it all on less. You do not need a whole roof. You do not need all of the parts. You do not need that. All Nazi. What for? I don't have too. I won't. I'm not. No. You do not need the Intl Bank. The all Republican department of anythang. One gallon of water, gas, only fructose and transfats. You do not need to pay taxes, taxes are for suckers. Pass the inheritance tax free act. You do not need doctors, nurses, teachers or education. What toxic waste site? Where? All Koch bros koo koo crazy Nazi. What you need is more guns in schools, taxpayer paid for where you live. The NRA pays no price, nothing and the NRA gets paid. Criminal America. All Republican Congress approved endlessly rubberstamped. Need a road? Drop dead. Health insurance? Robbed to Nazi death since Grover Norquist. All Republican Congress approved. Grover says you don't need all healthcare. Need education? Robbed the teachers, the schools and all pensions.

     That all Republican Drumf Pence banana republic. Get us out of;
     NATO. The UN. Education. Education..EPA. Taxes. The Fed Reserve. We. Etc.....
     And, at the same time, get us into;
     No treaties. Non diplomacy. Lax or disfunctional oversights. Home school. More guns. Me. My. Mine. Gold. Less government. And etc.....endlessy. Pals like that. Trump voters? Those genuine Koch bros Nazi judges there.

     We know the Grovernaught has been preaching right wing extremism for decades. Drown the government, jam it down the bathtub drain with the baby. Kill it.
     Same of the Nazi Koch bros. Kill everything. Kill the government and no one goes after the criminals. So quaint. And a  nazi all Republican Conservative Paul Ryan definition update here, defunding and budget cuts means the Nazi Koch bros have robbed that. All of it. Now, add that genuine all Republican Trump vernacular there. Every day.

     Today we see all of the Nazi Koch bros Grover NRA Norquist fallicies in fruition. KILL; The SoS and the State Dept. All Republican Benghazi. Kill the DOJ. Kill the DoEd, the DoD,no need for that, the DoR IRS, the DoEnergy nazi Koch bros personnel RGA Rick one step Perry, the EPA killed. Those genuine Russia connections there.
     Completely demoralized every branch of government and Institutions.
     Completely demorralzed, every fabric of society. The JBS of Hate for 7 decades. Aka, the new world odor. Unchecked and completely realizied in every vile aspect against us. The enemy within. The Koch bros Nazi Cabul 1%'ers in your State.
     The Nazi Koch bros Grover NRA Norquist have won. There is no America anymore. Only Nazi Right Wing Extremists. They own the all Republican Paul Ryan Congress. They own the all Republican Mitch McConnell Senate. They own the banana republic Drumf Pence Republican regime.
     It is over. America is dead. Pals like that. Only Koch bros Nazis run the former USA.

     WALA. There it is. America totally Koch bros Nazied. All Nazi. Just the way the Nazi Koch bros want it, us, America. And MALA.

     There is just one thing. It is not better. America is not better to be Nazi Koch bros Cabul 1'ers Failure. Just like Kansas Nazi RGA ruination and Oklahoma Koch bros ruinations, no it is not better. It is all Nazi failure. America flunked by Nazis. Nothing is better and all is much worse, much darker and much more insidious evils. The JBS of Hate for 7 decades. All Republican Conservativeism. Nazi failure.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:16:28 AM | Link

     The Russia connections. All Republican. To kill America. Collusion. Aiding and abetting. Obstruction of Justice. No fathom Paul Koch bros Ryan will not go. The bottomless pit, the JBS of Hate scorched earth policies for hell. Sinister, sinister, sinister. That Russia connection. This Russia connection. And your all Republican Congress'ssss.
     See your Paul Ryan Congress'ssss making jerks of us all, for the money. Why? Becuase your all Republican Congress and Senate got paid by Big Rx Pharma to kill us all endlessly and in every way. They call that, all Republican healthcare. Aka, Deathcare Rx.

     Your all Republican Koch bros Congress'ssss. The all Republican assault against U.S. Institutions. Against law enforcement and against the rule of law. Your all Republican everythang. And no carges there? Finks, rats and sabotage. The treachery of it all. And up your all Republican NRA.

     PA-18. 2018? Will the 43% that did not vote in 2016 vote now? 43%. Maine-57.

     That Democrat.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:15:22 AM | Link

     That ugly swamp glow.    Your all Republican Crackbook should be suspended indefinately and fined excessively. But, no, your Paul Ryan Congress does not know anything about that? The jackals. Crack mess book. Drumfbook. All nazi. And now, Drumf Pence are agunna rob them all bigly and badly, then sell their identities for two bits or a crypto currency. All spies. Pals of Drumf Pence. And the original cheap suit. Steve Bannon algorithms of hell with psychometrics.

According to Wylie, Facebook never checked that they had deleted the data, only requiring that Cambridge Analytica fill out a form.

And thanks to the lack of oversight, this influence-peddling company was able to "move into the hearts and minds of American voters in a way that had never been done before."

And they did it in a way that entered a more than ethical grey area, according to Wylie, who claims they attempted to manipulate voters by latching onto their vulnerabilities.

"This gets at the heart of, you know, why is it that you're taking this psychological approach?" he said. "Why is it that you need to study things like shame proneness in people? Why do you need to, you know, study neuroticism in people? What's going to make them fearful?"

     All Republican. All Evil. And all Nazi too. Drumf heir Pence, Putin Russia connections make the Watergate breakin look silly stupid. All Nazi and your all Republican Paul Ryan Congress did not see a thing? All evil there. What is Illinois Republican gov heir Raunchier doing with your all Republican data? See INFOR there.
     Massive muliple International, Federal and State Cybercrimes there and no charges. Sinister thievages. No Cybercrimes definitional updates from your all Republican Paul Koch bros Ryan Congress. Ever. All Collusion. All Obstruction of Justice. All aiding and abetting the enemy. All Traitors and treachery, your all Republican everythang.


That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:10:32 AM | Link

     The Shiv. The Sham and blackheart spies The Russia connections. Kill that space force. All Republican. Pence. All fuedalism Koch bros, Robert Mercer and all Shelley. Seychelles. All Spies. That Russia connection. Demagogue Drumf Pence nation. This Russia connection gag order. Trump Org Subpoenaed and looking ugly. All Republican. All red line. All Russia red line. Drumf Pence spies. Spies. Those Russia connections. These Russia connections. Pals like that. Pals like this. Pals of the Drumf. The all Russia connections Trump Org.. And see Drumf Tower, infested with every kind of spies.

     Drumf Pence kill another 30,000 jobs. Pals like this. Gangsters Drumf Pence.
                                  the CoS.
                                  the U.S. Economy.
                                  the FBI. The FBI. Drumf Pence hates the FBI.
                                  the GOP. RNC Republicans.
                                  the Texas DC. Texasgate.
                                  Canada. Canada.
                                  Swamp creatures. Meltsdowns for Fascist Dictatorship banana republic Nazi regime. Pals like that and a shiv in the back. Drumf Pence.
                                  Dodd Frank.
                                  NATO. NATO. Drumf Pence Pals like that.

     Pakistan. Kursistan?

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:08:55 AM | Link

     Conspiracy to committ. NRA Murder. Obstruction of Justice. Aiding and abetting. Collusion. The Russia connections. Your all Republican Everythang. Paul Koch bros Ryan.

     Your all Republican NRA Congress'ssss. And your RGA with ALEC. The Russia connections. Spies. Those Greeks? The Deutch? Russia. Spies aiding and abetting your all Republican Paul Koch bros Ryan Congress'ssss. Sinister, sinister, sinister. Your all Republican Paul Koch bros Ryan aiding and abetting.

     Swamp creatures all Republican Paul Koch bros Ryan Congress approved. You know, just another freebie for the Koch bros.
     The Koch bros pay no price, nothing and the Koch bros get paid by your all Republican Grover NRA Norquist rule of Paul Ryan Congress'ssss law. Everyday. All Republican Paul Ryan Congress approved. 140k by the DOD and  all Republican Paul Ryan Congress more.

     Your all Republican death trap. You'll see. Congress.
     Russia and your Republicans, Pals of the NRA.

     Pennsylvania and the nation. The Paul Ryan lie. Drumf lie.

     Those Democrats.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:03:32 AM | Link

     In the fever swamp. Swamp lovers. The apology to a Nazi fraud. Steve Bannon and the outer limits. That no apology of a fraud.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:39:19 AM | Link

     See how Nazi ill gov Raunchier robbed caregivers to death for years and says he's no nazi. Robbing Medicaid patients most in need at the same time. Ill gov Koch bros Rauner the Cruel. Never had to happen, but, Ill gov Rauner forced the cruelties on the ppor and gave fat contracts to his 1% Nazi Koch bros Cabul Pals.
     The all Republican assault against U.S. Education continues now. Your Koch bros RGA gov Rauner owns Charter Scholls against Public Education and against us. His NRA RGA Pal Betsy DeVoss too. No money, more NRA guns in schools. It is anti NRA day worldwide. Up your NRA Koch bros RGA. All Republican. Time to treat the Nazis among us like the Nazi terrorists they are, not RGA governors. Koch bros Nazis. Up your RGA NRA with ALEC. Just like Putin, Nazi terrorists will not be allowed or tolerated. Basta. Right Wing Extremists. Up your Nazi Koch bros all Republican everythang. Drumf NRA Pence. All Grover NRA Norquist NRA Terrorism. Up your all Republican NRA. Nazi spies. Koch bros SCOTUS Sports. Knee choppers Drumf Pence. Knee choppers like that. Your all Republican everythang.

     UK. Putin. UK. Spies. UK. Russia. UK. Novichok Poisonings. UK. UK. UK.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:37:13 AM | Link

     Your all Republican NRA Senate with Congress'ssss. Time to burn down the all Republican Nazi NRA amongst us. Up your NRA Senate and Paul Ryan Congress'ssss.  Sinister. Missouri, Indiana.

     Paul NRA Ryan. The all Republican beat down PA - 18. Paul Ayn Rand Ryan. That Drumf Pence death bomb. End the goofballs. You'll see tremendous Drumf Pence failures. Nazis. All Republican. PA Republican beat down.

     Those Democrats. Pennsylvania-18.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:33:56 AM | Link

     The gentle pleasantries.            And Koch bros wholly owned, completely controlled, Nazi Illinois NRA gov Rauchier.



Dear John,


As I am sure you have heard Governor Rauner vetoed the Gun Dealer Licensing Act, SB 1657 yesterday. To say this is a disappointment is an understatement. The passage of this bill, which was achieved thanks to bipartisan support in the statelegislature, was 15 years in the making. Moreover, it represents a devastating blow to every mother and father who's lost a child to gun violence, which is the number one cause of death of children in Illinois. And given that 40% of guns used in crimes in Chicago originate from lax Illinois gun dealers outside the city, imagine the impact this bill could have on reducing the level of gun violence in Chicago and throughout our state. 


This fight is not over. 85% of Illinois voters support this bill and we have the ability to override this veto and make it the law. But we can't do this without your help. That means we will need you to take a couple minutes of your time TODAY to make a call to your State Senator and tell them to vote YES on the override of Governor Rauner's veto of SB 1657.  


The Illinois Senate could vote to override the Governor's veto today so we need you to take action NOW! Click here to call and email Senator TODAY and after you do that please pass forward this email to your friends, family and colleagues and ask them to join you in this fight to override his veto.


Please join us in putting the safety of our children and communities before that of the gun lobby in Illinois and send a message to the Governor that his inaction is not acceptable. 


Thank you,


Colleen Daley, Executive Director

Copyright © 2011 Illinois Council Against Handgun Violence, All rights reserved.

222 S. Morgan Street   |   Suite 4A   |   Chicago, Illinois 60607

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:49:16 AM | Link

     Your NRA Ill RGA gov Raunchier vetoed the gun bill against public safety and against us. Republican gov Rauner Your Right Wing Extremist Trump NRA lover gov Rauner Hates Illinois  and us.  Ill gov Rauner got paid by the NRA to burn us all down. We get death. Nazi death.
     Nobody vote for all Republican Trump NRA lover Ill gov Rauner. We stand with the good children of our State and Nation. Not NRA RGA governors that vote against us.
     Stop the Violence. Stop gov Bruce NRA Rauner. Is it possible? Illinois gov Raunchier NRA is the only, one, in the nation, that will not do what all the good people want?

     The Russia connections. We know Hillary threw the election and look at us now. Backwards and deplorable. Drumf Pence. Make Pals of Drumf Pence Rich Again. As America stands in horrors. Backwards and deplorable. The Koch bros zenith. Those Russia connections. SCOTUS Koch bros Right Wing Extremists. That Russia connection. O'h Hillary Clinton.
     We know Drumf Pence transparencies, spies and the all Mara-Lago trips of tell all kissy. To and for dictators only. These Russia connections. Pals like that. You'll see, tremendous all Republican chaos and cataclysmic disaters. Spies and more spies. Spies everywhere Drumf Pence are infested with spies. Spies like that and spies like this.

     Ungrateful Drumf Pence and your all Republican everythang. The need for the Independent Commission.
     Swamp creatures. Swamp creatures. The unamerican road to Fascist dictator, Drumf Pence. Knee chopper Drumf Pence and the Russia connections have decimated our State Department, SoS. Robert Mercer. & Steve Deconstruct the Administrative State Bannon. All Right Wingers and all, to kill America. We know you see the Koch bros there. Drumf Pence. Swamp creatures. O'h. those swamp creatures. Spies. Drump Pence. Swamp creatures. All Republican. Knee choppers Drumf Pence. All knee chopped in the swamp.
     The Tilerson departure. Briefing foriegn policy shakeup. Traitors Drumf Pence. The Russia Trump connections. Russia connections like that. Treachery. Drumf Pence Fascism and the insidious Koch bros. All Republican. All knee chopper. All Drumf Pence Russia spies.

     Japan. Russia. Switzerland and the sinister Koch bros are all in there somewhere, somehow, if not multiple ways. Kansas and your little dog too.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:39:15 AM | Link

     The Russia connections. All Paul Ayn Rand Ryan Republican. With your all Republican Senate. Very ugly there. Every Republican Paul Ryan day, for decades. Ugly. Right Wing Extremists. All hand picked by the Koch bros 700 Cabul of 1%'ers against us in your State.

     Those Republicans don't, no, no, know, no Russians? Obstruction of Justice. Peek-a- boo Paully and up your NRA. The National Republican Army. The NRA. The National Russia Association. Your NRA. All Republican Collusion. The Norquist Russia Alliance. That NRA. Paid for by the JBS of Hate Koch bros. Aiding and abetting.

     Your all Republican everythang. Everyday. Murder.

     The Democrats.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:36:55 AM | Link

     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:20:01 AM | Link

     Your does not work for us RGA Right Wing Extremist Ill gov Raunchier. Hates Illinois.

     The Russia connections and Drumf Pence baffoonery continues now. Anything for the nutsy NRA Drumf Pence. Right Wing Extremistm. That Russia connection. Those Russia connections. Trump says he is the Drumf. Demagogue diatribe. Aka, white trash. Meanwhile, the all Republican assault against U.S. Education continues now. Massive budget cuts everywhere but, more NRA guns in Schools? No. Not more money for education. More taxpayer money for NRA guns in Schools. Koch a doodle doo right wing extremist craziness. Tax payer paid for guns in schools? Let the NRA pay for it all. Let Drumf Pence pay for guns in schools. Not us. Your NRA resident swamp creature. Where are Drumfs taxes? Swamp creatures like that? All Republican. Up your NRA swamp creatures. Swamp creatures like this? Them swamp creatures. Your all Republican RGA with ALEC. The all Republican assault against U.S. Education. All swamp creatures. All Republican Drumf  Pence Pals like that. Heir Pence did all of the nill qualifies. And your all Republican Congress'ssss approved it all with the all Republican Senate. Swamp.

     The Koch bros banana republic Drumf Pence regime.

     You'll see, complete world disaster and chaos by Drumf heir Pence. Killing GDP worldwide. The banana republic Koch bros Drumf Pence regime. You'll see, the JBS of Hate.

     Unregistered NRA Foriegn Agents. Spies. Kushner. And a 1 Billion dollar Arms deal for Trump. Not for us. Kushy. Kushy. Kushy. Extra Kushy. Drumf Pence. Was Paul Manafort there? Spies and Foriegn Agents.

     Grover NRA Noruist shall hear of this Russian spy dating app. Buy American nyet Drumf Pence. The menace Koch bros. An abandoned right wing extremist unthink tank. And that Trump vernacular? All Republican. Pence.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:15:41 AM | Link

     Paul Ryan Congress following Drumf Pence down the rabbitt hole of no return. The Koch bros banana republic Congress'ssss. All Republican. And the Koch bros banana republic Senate. See the Drumf Pence wall there. The Koch bros banana republica Senate and Congress'ssss. All Treason and treachery.

     Koch bros Right Wing Extremists, Every election is a referendum of the Koch bros JBS Hate. The right to work state total nonsense, kill all unions Koch bros agenda and nothing but. PA-18. PA. PA. Pennsylvania?

     All Republican NRA. Sabotage & Howling for undermine. You'll see Drumfcare dilemmas. It is all a Drumfectomy. And Pence is all in it.

     Drumf Pence. All Republican.

     All Republican NRA. National Republican Army.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:11:06 AM | Link

     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:53:18 AM | Link

     The Russia connections. Spy Heir Pence. This Russia connection. Boris and Natasha too .Moose? No. Sabaotage. Drumf Pence are sabotaging America for Russia Putin.  Swamp creatures spy. That Russia connection. All Republican. The Dames. These Russia connections. Putin. Those Russia connections. China. And more Russia connections. Pals like that. Spies. Drump Pence are infested with ugly spies. Filthy. Make Pals of Drumf Pence Rich Again. Pals like that.

     Asia. North Korea. Drumf Pence are burning down our friends and allies for the Russia connections. America is soo not with that.
     Say when? Kim Jung Un, Baby doc, Dennis Rodman, Iddy Ahmien, Donald Trump.

     Baby Huey Donald and orphan Heir Pence. Peek-a-boo.
     Humpty drumfty pence sat on the wall.
     The narcis cist must be appeased. Soo worthless, so fudal. So dark ages.
     Heir Pence will appease his masters, the Koch bros.
     Humty Drumfty took a big fall. And all the kings elelphants could not put him back together again. All Republican.
     Heir Pence, who did the bigly push job and scat like dirty rat. Went to campaign mode to double dip down on religious monies, certainly not his own.
     The Koch bros, who financed the heir Pence evil deeds, called the bishop and the Cambridge Analytical Algorhythims to place their anti EU and anti America massive global derivatives against god, country and all humanities. Robert Mercer and Putin booked the orders, placed them into the credit default swap italianos that was rome and cypres and scat back to Kansas New York all now just to watch INFOR.
     All Republican.
     For the VIX Laundermat had paid out and tax free. Why not again 3, after Brexit and the defeat of EU after America # 43 2006. The wipe out there, all encompassing.
     Sinister, sinister, sinister. The Koch bros know no fathoms and Drumf Pence don't know no Russians. Russian everywhere, the Koch bros in their zenith.
     Hark, someone call Flash Gordon, Zarkov as Ming the mercilous Xi is gaining all the while waaaay to much.
     Meanwhile, your NRA Grovernaught Norquist is actively seeking the next radicalized NRA assault specialist for mass murders of schools nearest us and soon. NRA Terrorism. Ever sooner and much more destabilizing fire power. None of which the RGA will ever see. Drumf Pence. All Republican.
     All Republican Pence, a serious danger.
     The Perilous nation. The paralysed resident of narcisism, the flagrant fraud heir Pence and the criminla enterprise Koch bros Congress with your all Republican everythang Senate. Louse!
     Job killers Drumf Pence.

     Israel. Lebanon. Sania the anti Palestinian solution, Pence. Syria. Iran. Turkey. Kurdistan. Putin chemical WMD's, how many times? Iraq. Qatar? Paul Manafort. Yemen. Palestine. Saudi Arabia. UAE? Grover NRA Norquist. Somalia. Ethiopia. Libya.
     Mexico. Venezuela. Mexico. Peru? Columbia. Panama. Papers and letters of transport illegal human trafficking.
     The ECB. Drahgi was and is that good. Germany. Spain. Belgium.
     NigeriaArt. Niger back pay and back stabbing. Ethiopia. Kenya. Mauritus. SA. Blood diamonds. Africa? Djibouti.
     The oil rich South China Sea. Philippines. Japan. Rohingya mass Immigrations nightmares. North Korea. Laos. Siagon. Malaysia. Malayasia.
     Moscow. Congress. Moscow.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:51:57 AM | Link

     Your all Republican Koch bros criminal enterprise Congress and Senate.  The Russia connections. All Republican. Up your NRAAll Republican. Up your NRA. All Republican.

     Grover NRA Norquist Terrorism.

     The rule of Grover Rx NRA Norquist over your all Republican Congress and Senate. Every dope dealing day. Up your NRA Congress.

     The new world odor and Foriegn NRA  Agent Grover Arms Norquist. All Congress approved and Pence seconded. All Right Wing Extremist.

     PA. MA. Florida 27. Florida and the nation. Up your NRA. Illinois? No and holding the State of Illinois hostage to and for the NRA, your Ill gov Raunchier.

     Your cowardly NRA costs us all money and lives. The NRA pays no price, nothing and the NRA gets paid. 400 Million per year, your filthy NRA. Now the NRA is sueing Florida. NRA Atrocities. Up your NRA. Grover NRA Atrocities against us. Up your NRA. Infidels. And swamp creatures

     Indeed Florida and all of the States should sue the NRA in a massive bigly Republican Tabacco like lawsuits for the NRA's aggregious wrongful lawsuits against us. All Abuse of power and all Nazi. Collusion and obstruction of Justice everyday for decades by your NRA Klan. Cowards all.

     Tort Reform and the NRA are one in same, the Koch bros decades long fight to preserve and continue U.S. arcane lawsuits systems of antiquities coupled with the massive Right Wing Extremism over throws of Koch bros Nazi judges. Alito Dark Monies Unlimited.
     Koch bros judges all over the country and continuing rapidly under Nazi Drumf Pence, all are Republican Nazi Congress'ssss and Senate approved.
     No updates, ever, from Congress'ssss. No Congressional Paul Ryan updates keeps us all antebellum antiquations of nothing current and few in hte know, no progress. No advancement and the eggregious flunking of America in every way.
     What makes and keeps it all happening at ever faster speeds? Your all Republican Congress'ssss. Your Gorver NRA Norquist rule of Paul Ryan law.
     What allows the NRA to do no wrongs? Your all Republican Senate.
     Who gets paid by the NRA? Nazis Drumf, hier Pence, All Republican Congress'sss and the all Republican Ssssenate. All Republican. All Republican paid for by the nasty JBS of Hate NRA. Wholly owned and strictly controlled by the Koch bros.

     The Koch bros NRA are suing us for their right to kill us anytime, anywhere for any Nazi Koch bros reason. All NRA Terrorism. The Koch bros SCOTUS helps Nazis do their unaccountable Mass Murders and Terrorism against us. The new Nazi Drumf Pence all Congress approved Nazi judges everywhere aids and abetts al Nazis everywhere. All Naiz. All Republican, all Terrorism and all the JBS, John Birch Society of Hate Koch bros for decades. No charges and no changes. Nazis, your NRA Terrorists Organization.

     The NRA is another Right Wing Extremist unthink tank. Same as Freedom Works, APF, the Illinois Policy Institute, The Heritage Foundation and all the rest. All are Nazi owned and operated by the Koch bros with nasty nazi sinister spies. Filthy. All of it. NRA Klan Cowards, hiding behind the 2nd amendment. All fake, all fraud completely illigitimate and all criminal for criminal. A criminal enterprise, your all Republican NRA Nazi Klan among us.
     The Russia connections. Australia.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 5:43:51 AM | Link

     The gentle pleasantries and drain the filthy NRA swamp.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

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     The Russia connections. Watching Drumf Pence destroy America is criminal. Watching your all Republican NRA Congress and Senate just letting us all burn down to hell by the JBS of Hate Koch bros is pretty f'n far past treason. The treachery of it all and for decades. Sinister Koch bros fuedalism., sinister monopsony, sinister. The scorched earth policies of hate for hell Koch bros. For the Koch bros soo hated America and all in it. Spies. This Russia connection. Espionage and Internationl finks. Infidels with Grover NRA Norquist.

     The TPP with out U.S. The real America does not stand with Drumf Heir Pence Right Wing Extremists. Dump Pence Drumf.

     Swamp creatures. Trump says he is the Drumf and Pence seconds the motion. Twice a day. Swamp creatures like that. All Republican. You'll see. there is Heir Pence now. Nazi Pence, slave of the Koch bros and spies.

     You'll see, there is Drumf now. 'Ole peek-a-boo Trump. Drumf Pence love their calamities.

     Drumf Pence swamp creatures. That Russia connection. Putin and the new NRA app there. Putin. Wise guys. This Russia connection.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

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     The real America. Florida and everywhere else.

     The NRA RGA. All Republican. NRA Congress with NRA Senate. All Republican. Up your NRA Everythang. All Republican.

     Grover NRA Norquist Healthcare. Pal of Grover Rx Norquist. Pals like that. Koch bros foley and delight. America shot up and burnd't to hell. We know you see the Koch bros here. Everyday.

     Up your all Republican Grover NRA Norquist everythang. Up, up, up. All Grover Rx Norquist. Your all Republican elephant GOP NRA. We shall have a bigly Grover NRA Tax. Let us all Tax Grover NRA Norquist now. Fed, States, Counties, Townships and Cities. And don't forget those 13 new DOI Zilke Territories. Extra NRA taxes there. But first.

     Those Democrats.

We begin together

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     Happy International Women's Day. Russia? Women. Women.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

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      Illinois Nazi scum NRA RGA gov Raunchier. Holding out for more Nazi Koch bros NRA blood monies not to do anything for U.S. NRA Terrorism. Your NRA RGA could not careless about practicing active shooter drills in our schools. All Nazi. The Russia connections. Swamp creatures and extiction. Drumf Pence could not care less. Nazi Spies. Spies like that Israel. Spies like this. Nazi Koch bros slave. Pals ilke that and Pals like this. Drumf Pence. All Right Wing Extremist Koch bros Monopsony. Religification. Dominionism. All Nazi B.S. Catholic Nazis in Congress. Catholic RGA aiding and abetting the NRA. Not the first and not the last. Drumf Pence. You'll see, complete catastrophe. Your all Republican banana republic.

     Everything about Drump Pence and Dons jons are legally null and void. Fraud, forgery and imposters. Capital Gain. Where are Drumf's Taxes? Pa
ls of Drumf Pence. Pals like that. Your Russia connections.

     Those Russia connections. Swamp creatures. Drumf Pence are sabotaging foriegn policy in every Nazi Koch bros Steve Bannon Robert Mercer way. Swamp creatures like that and like this. And kiss that 3% GDP growth rate goodbye, all added to the national debt for the Nazi ruinization of America Drumf Pence. All Republican Paul Ryan Nitch McConnell Nazi Congress approved Rob America To Death Tax Cuts for the Koch bros. These Russia connections and Nazis.

     Swamp creatures.  Make Pals of Trump Pence Rich Again. Dubious water project. Swamp creature Spies and see the all new NRA Nazi app here. Swamp creatures like this. Spies. Nazi Koch bros personnel spies. Drumf Pence did all of the Nazi hirings. All criminal in the once great American west. Now completely Koch bros Drumf. Sinister, sinster, sinister. Drumf Pence. Drumf Pence and the sisnister Koch bros. All Drumf Heir Pence. The Plagues amongst us and that new NRA app.

     Drumf happiness and that all Heir Pence 2nd blessing.

     China. Japan. India. Russia. Mexico and Women.