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That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:04:17 AM | Link

     Drumf hier Pence. Gross collusion. The Russia connections. Foreign Agents. Grover Norquist spies. The killing of Democracy and America. The banana republic-style death match. Gross corruption. Make Pals of Drumf Rich Again. $. The NRA and the Drumf hier Pence among us. Resident isolationism.
     Drumf never had a plan, nor a clue and Drumf will go it alone. Right Wingers and wangers there. Drumf plan F, flunk everything and everyone, everywhere. Sabotage the whole world. All Extremists. Steve Bannon is thrilled. All freaks. Spies and all Republican. The Russia connections and the Drumf connections. Hier Pence is having a bigly day.

     Swamp Monster. All Republican. Death. & Science. The Koch bros are thrilled with their scorched earth polices of hate. Worldwide anti science criminals. Crimes against Mother earth and humanity. For 7 decades of Nazi hate. Killing all water everywhere.

     UK. Really. The EU. Remain. Why? Then. Parliament. Italy. The Nazi Koch bros and Putin are completely thrilled there and delighted. As is the bishop, Nigel Farange, Boris, Robert Mercer and all the utter blood thisty murderers involved in the anti Institution everythang Nazi hijacking. UK. Remain. Remain. Remain. Finland.
     Qatar. Yemen. Drumf heir Pence.
     Russia Freak. Time.
     China. China. China. China.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:57:27 AM | Link

     Congress. E-gads. Your all Republican Koch bros nothingness Congress. Putin Pals like this. Your Paul treachery Ryan Congress. Individual-1. All Republican Protectionist Congress. Putin Republicans like that. Drumf.Org. The GOP. The  RNC. Drumf tower Moscow and Drumf cower Congress. Nope, no Mexicans will build or pay for the Drumf wall of Congress. This is criminal and nothing good will come of it. But, as we all know, the Koch bros want to free the guys and Mitch McConnell will absolutely do as he is told by the Nazi Koch bros. Everyday. The Grover NRA Norquist rule of Paul Koch bros Ryan Congress'ssss. Sinister. Sinister. Your all Republican Paul Ryan Congress, all for the dope. Sinister. See, soo be it pals there. All Republican cartels, big tobacco there. Who are those all Republican lobbyists there, gee let's guess. And to be sure, no immigration there, 'oh no. Only poison, toxicity and THC. No FDA approval needed and there never will be the 50 years over due AMA report about the multiple side affects, impairments and cancers far above big tobacco. The NRA says so. Sinister. THC is a narcotic.
     There is no debate and there was no debate about the all for dope Republican Lobbyists refer for all farm bill. That new 2018 smoke the dope farm bill passed with lightning speed. Thus ushering in an all new 100 years of American big Corp cartel, refer dope slavery. And it is all slavery, sure as the NRA gun, the beatings, abuse and taskmasters hot lash. All slavery. All Republican. No debate. And no doubt. Sinister.

     Those Democrats. The big tent, all are included. Your Democrats

     Now Republicans want to shutdown the government. An all Republican gov shutdown and those boneheads. Drumf Republicans are going to rob employee paychecks now.

The 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:55:41 AM | Link

     2000, the Nazi Koch bros, Florida and the RGA. NC-9th should be given and seated, to the Democrat after at least 8 years of all documented Republican thievages. No new election and the Republican should pay for it all. No taxpayer paid for do over. Ridiculous. Wisconsin. Michigan. Sinister.The RGA with ALEC for the Nazi Koch bros. Iowa. And your Koch bros State SCOTUS.'s. Sinister.


     2020. Middle. And Drumf disaster right.


Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:53:28 AM | Link

     Tech sector. Tech sector. Tech sector. Parliament.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:48:57 AM | Link

     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:53:10 AM | Link

     The Russia connections. You'll see, chaos and anarchy. Drumf hier Pence. Russian NRA Grover NRA Norquist spies. Espionage and treachery. Where are Drumf's taxes? Sinister Koch bros spies and Cambridge Analytics. Drumf 2018. Tremendous sabotage.

     And so..... let us look now at the tyranies and treacheries this banana republic of the Koch bros has superceded against us all, if only by and for the arcanity of it all on hook Gerry man derings and crook. Soo unpopular.
     Drumf is out, through, finished, no mas. So are all of Dons jons. Steve deconstruct the Administrative State Bannon is thrilled with that, scat with all the dough and pays no price nothing.
     That means the Koch bros very own heir Pence who did all of the Drumf campaign hirings and personnel placements of the disadministration, aka Dons jons aides, would be the next resident Right Wing Extremist conservative Republican Jesus freak. Yikers there and all sos.. And remember heir Pence recieved zero votes.
     Heir Pence is thrilled with that. But, that is not going to all Republican happen. 'Oh no. 
     Since heir Pence is complicit up to his 'neck he can forget about any of that.
     That means Paul Koch bros Ryan is next. But, Paul exit, exit, exit Ryan has quit his pony ride for the Koch bros Congress.
     That means Nancy Pelosi is next in line to be President.

     Until then, Individual-1 swamp creatures. Swamp Monsters. And the bigly twist. You guessed it. The next Drumf chief of staff will be very Drumf heir Pence ugly there. Only Drumf doomage remains. Drumf doomage. You'll see. Swamp creatures.

     The Russia connections. Individual-1. Bottomless Drumf heir Pence. Everyday. The Saudi connections with Infidel-2. Sitting ducks and spies, spies, spies. Drumf Pals like that. The all Republican Drumf hier Pence criminal fiasco continues now.

     Chinese tire tracks all across Drumfs back.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:52:19 AM | Link

     Congress. Everybody's favorite.

     No Impeachent without the 20 Republican votes. Your all Republican OoJ there. Drumf Pals like that. Your all Republican racketeering Paul Ryan Mitch McConnell Congress'ssss. All for the Nazi Koch bros and goo  luck on that.

     We know your all Republican 115th worst in history Paul Ryan Congress should have declared the Drumf 2016 Election null and void immediately. Conspiracy, Paul Nero Ryan Congress and burn America down. Congress should have declared a new special election for President, but no, only farce, fraud and anarchy of all the known perputraitors against us would pursue. The total ruination of America  by treachery and evil. Your all Republican 115th Paul Ryan conservative Congress.

     The DoHS funding should not include funding for Drumf heir Pence RGA Pals privatized concentration camps illegally holding immigrants. Your no immigration Paul Ryan farm bill and doink that.

     Your racketeering all for illegal cartels, Paul Ryan Grover NRA Norquist Congress'ssss there. Sinister. Sinister. Sinister. For decades. We know your all Republican Paul Ryan Congress has shielded Grover NRA Norquist and protected the Koch bros at all costs. For decades. Treachery and Nazis.

The 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:47:09 AM | Link

     Illinois gov Rauchier. All Republican Fascism for the Nazi Koch bros.


Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:40:19 AM | Link

     Remain. Remain. Remain. Remain. Delay. UK. UK. Remain and more. Italy.

     Publishing. It is not that easy.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:35:57 AM | Link

     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 11:27:13 AM | Link

     The Russia connections. Manafort Russia intelligence ties. Drumf Pals like that. Pardon? State charges, SDNY. $61 million IRS dollars in offshore accounts. Drumf Pals like this. Moscow. Massive Russia Collusion. OoJ. Conspiracy. Roger Stone. Steve Bannon, Cambridge Analytica and Robert Mercer. Corsi. Spies. Grover Norquist  and the entire NRA. Konstantine Klimnyick. Assange. Foreign Agents. Flynn. Hier Pence did all of the Drumf hirings and the Koch bros there. Everyday. Drumf. 35 indicted. 100 Suspects. The Russia connections and all of Drumf aides in Dons jons. That genuine Drumf vernacular there.

     Individual-1 Russia connections. Federal Crimes. Individual-1 Russia collusion. Drumf.Org  Those Drumf Russia connections. Felonies.

     The Russia connections. Cohen. The Moscow Project. Drumf Pals. Synergy. The Russia connections. Individual-1, over 20 times. Drumf Pals. Political Synergy. The Russia connections. Synergy of a Government. Drumf heir Pence. Drumf Pals. & Business Synergy. Kompromat. The Russia connections. The Russia connections. Drumf hier Pence. Political synergy. Russia connections.

     That banana republic of Dons jons. Drumf heir Pence. Stylistic differences. Bob. Soo sad Sos. Very bad banana Drumf news for buffoons, the fascist republic like that. Spare us the Drumf ugly diatribe. Bananas. All bananas. Bananas like this. The Russia connections. Mueller is monumental. Make Drumf and Pals Rich Again. The Saudi connections. And Drumf is killing markets again. Drumf hier Pence. The Saudi cyber connections with the Drumf hier Pence connections. Wooage and larceny. Alibabapromat.

     Swamp creatures. Swamp creatures. All Republican Drumf everywhere. Nillifying credentials. Swamp creatures for the UN. Too bananas for words and Steve Bannon is thrilled. Knee chopper Drumf is moving further Right Wing Extremist. The Koch bros are thrilled. New swamp creature in the swamp. Drumf.

     Yemen. Syria.
     Germany. UK. Germany. Ireland. Ukraine. Italy.
     China Drumf. Japan. NK. Australia. The Drumf among us. Right Wing Extremists will ruin U.S.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 11:20:31 AM | Link

     Paul Ryan care. Assault. Robbery. Paul Ryan Child Abuse Congress. Repeat. All Republican Paul Ryan for the Koch bros. Cripple, maine, kill and robbbbb. For decades. Cruel. Republican Congress. Nazis. Crimes and criminals. The Paul Koch bros Ryan Drumf scam. All for the Nazi Koch bros. Paul Ryan and Grover NRA Norquist Congress price fixings for decades. No charges and no changes. Racketeering.

     Your all Republican everythang Paul OoJ Ryan Congress. Everyday. Collusion and racketeering. Conspiracy. That all Republican Senate.

     Your all Republican freak Mitch McConnell Senate. Senate. Quiz and comments. You be the judge

The 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 11:18:13 AM | Link

     Your Republicans RGA privatized concentraion camps are getting filthy rich on Child Abuse. No accoutability. Drumf heir Pence Pals like that. NC. Right Wing Extremists. WI. Nazis for Drumfcare. The hostile Fascist takeover of WI.  MI. Heir Pence and the RGA with ALEC. And we know the Virginia hostile takeover of their State Supreme Court.

     Those Democrats.


Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 11:15:24 AM | Link

     Pearl Harbor Day. AI. )87975%#@ and see Pals of Drumf there.    Creepy.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 11:13:38 AM | Link

     In the Swamp.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:21:19 AM | Link

     The Drumf connections. Drumf ugly. Those Drumf connections. In the Swamp. Claim jumpers. land grabbers, just like his daddy and his whore house grand daddy. Banished from Austria for desertion, Drumf needs to be evicted here, there and everywhere. The all Nazi Koch bros Republican assault against all Institutuions and U.S. continues now. Drain the ever Drumf uglier Swamp.

     Swamp Monsters. All Paul Ryan Republican Congress approved and robbed, bigly and badly. ANWR. & Hoodlums. Soo Drumf wrong and ugly there.

     The Nazi Koch bros SCOTUS. All for the Koch bros. OoJ. Collusion. Conspiracy. The Drumd SCOTUS. Tremendous corruption. Swamp creatures. Swamp creatures and tremendous Drumf. Bigly and badly. Swamp creatures.

     The Russia connections. The Saudi connections. The Russia connections. Spies. The Russia connections. Foreign agents. The Russia connections. Treachery and Grover NRA Norquist. Drain the swamp. Those Russia connections. Drumf hier Pence. The Russia connections.

     NK. India.
     Columbia. Venezuela. Columbia.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:13:14 AM | Link

     Your all Republican Paul Grover Norquist Ryan Congress'ssss has been killing America for decades and all for the Nazi Koch bros. Your all Republican Paul Ryan Congress. Dooming us all bigly and badly. Your all Republican everything Mitch McConnell Senate. Paul Ryan can not wait to scat like a dirty rat with hisss 12 million loot. The 115th worst in history Paul Ryan Congress. All Republican. Plaguing us all badly. Congress. Paul Ryan and the all Republican everything. Pals like that. Drain the swamp. And Pals like this. Your Paul Ryan Congress. Paul Ryan Putin Republicans. All Grover NRA Norquist approved and repeating violent, hostile Nazi deaths, for Koch bros decades. Your Pal Paul Koch bros Ryan criminal Congress'ssss. Sinister. Sinister. Sinister. And now, Paul Ryan will shutdown the government for the Nazi Koch bros. All Republican. Loomage.

     Those Democrats.

The 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:05:45 AM | Link

     Michigan. Wisconsin. TX. NC. Florida. GA. and many more red States. All Right Wing Extremists. Fascist States. All for the Nazi Koch bros. NC. Paul Ryan makes no mention. All Republican crimes against us. Indeed no Republicans anywhere make any mention of massive nation wide Nazi Koch bros RGA with ALEC criminal Gerry man derings. States hijacked by the Nazi Koch bros. NC. NC. NC.

     The Big 40. NC.


Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:59:08 AM | Link

     Huawei. China tech sector and Drumf.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:53:07 AM | Link

     In the swamp. Drumf. Drain the swamp and a more perfect union.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:06:15 AM | Link

      A good President George H.W. Bush. Washington, DC. and the end of the GOP.

     Then,.....there is Drumf. Conspiracy. The Russia connections. The Nazi Koch bros very own heir Pence did all of the campaign hirings and staffings. 'Ole Drumf loves his subpeonas and heir Pence is thrilled 13 times over. Drumf Pals like that. Lame duck Republican Congress. Complicit. The Russia connections. Collusion. The Russia connections. OoJ. The Russia connections. Crimes and criminals. The Russia connections. Aiding and abetting Russia. The Russsia connections. Drumf Koch bros Pals like that. There is Drumf again, but no heir Pence? We know heir Pence likes to out of the swamp when these Russia connections happen.

     Nazi Koch bros swamp creatures. Swamp creatures like that.

     NK. Afghanistan. Russia.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:04:15 AM | Link

     Congress. Your all Republican Paul Ryan Congress'ssss. All Republican. Your all Republican Paul Ryan Congress'ssss.

The 2018 U.S. Midterm Elections

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:02:47 AM | Link

     Nazis. Fascists. Wisconsin. The Koch bros wholly owned and strictly controlled ALEC. Fascism States.. Wisconsin? Michigan.  Michigan Fascism. MI. WI. And to be sure, the same would and will happen in NC. TX Florida and GA. Nazi Koch bros WI. MI. Fascism.

     NC. Election fraud NC-9th. All Republican. NC.


Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:00:34 AM | Link

     Drumf. China. Drumf. China. Drumf. China. Drumf. Never had to happen. The Nazi Koch bros knew full well the buffoonery of Drumf heir Pence and have capitolized against us bigly and badly. Steve hate us all Bannon paid no price and got paid inside fat, long and stupid. Then scat. Said he would not wet nurse Drumf, heir Pence took the job. China. Europe.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:51:15 AM | Link

     The gentle pleasantries.