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That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:44:10 AM | Link

     The Russia connections.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:43:23 AM | Link

     Should we all thank Paul Ryan for robbing us all to our face, 1.5 Trillion times, in the daytime, where we live?
     Should we thank Paul OMB Ryan for noy starting another genocide war in the Middle East, with fake WMD's and our money that went to Grover and the Koch bros? Certainly Putin too.
     Should we thank the Koch bros for letting us live to serve the Nazi fools?
     Should we all talk Nazi Conservative ism now, the new national language? Why? Because Grover and the Koch bros say so?
     Let us all bow down now, or heil and cowar to the frichten Nazis. Paul Ryan.
     Business runs the world. And the new world oder, "The Deep State of the Nazi Koch bros, runs the U.S. government and all else.
     Nazis. Nazis are nazis and the Conservatives can have the Nazis. The Freedom Caucus. Freesom Works and all the rest of the Drumf Heir Pence B.S. Not U.S.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:36:56 AM | Link

     The gentle pleasantries.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:36:52 AM | Link

     The Russia connections.. Drumf Pence, see Pals there. All chaos and anarchy. This, Spies that and more Russia connections. Robert Mercer.

     We know Drumf Pence have wanted a government shutdown for months. We know heir Pence will make it happen. 

     A real America. We know Republicans are not the enemy.

     Will Drumf Pence force the government shutdown and scat to Davos, then to Russia to collect from the Chinese connections, massive Drumf cash for abdicating the U.S. to China? Drumf or the Koch bros Grover Norquist? We know Drumf is a bigly girther.

     Drumf has been rebuked. Pence? You'll see, El Donaldo and his never had a plan, undo.

     Swamp cretures. The American Indians have warned us about swamp creatures at least, since 1970 and before. All true.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:32:21 AM | Link

     Your Paul Ryan all Republican Congress aiding and abetting the Russia connections Collusion and Obstruction of Justice. The Nitch Senate too. The all Republicans forced government shutdown 2018. And for how long? At least until after Davos. DACA killers and everything else. America killers.

     CHIPS? Like that? No? Paul Ryan and the girther.

     Wisconsin. Pennsylvania.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:30:21 AM | Link

     The gentle pleasantries.      E-Sports?

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:09:09 AM | Link

     The Russia connections. Spies. The dame  Drumf and Pence. There is Trump now.

     This Russia connection and that Russia connection. BTA Bank? Kazakhstan. Cossackhstan. Betumi, Georgia? Trump Pence are frauds. Trump Pence don't, nope, no, no know, Russians.

     MALA Drumf Pence abdication. All Right Wing Extremist. Robert Mercer and Steve Deconstruct America freak Bannon. Drumf Pence. These Russia connections. Pals like that and dames, dames, dames. 100 Dames. Then, there is the Grover NRA Norquist. The National Russia Association.

     Meanwhile, Drumf Pence legal bills are skyrocketing. Trump Pence are eating cake now.

     Putin & Davos. Swamp creatures will help Drumf defect after bringing the nazi coup to Switzerland and over to Austria. Heir Vp Pence says he will stay in Dons jons to take Republican control. Swamp creatures like that.

     See more Russia connections. Russia connections like this. You'll see, that Trump brand = disaster. Bannish the Trump name from every edifice. Trump means Drumf. Bannish it bigly. You'll see, Drumf Pence are dooming us daily.

     You'll see, Drumf China Plas like that. Robert Mercer and the treasonous, poison us, Steve white nationalist Bannon. No doubt, paid bigly and badly.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:58:59 AM | Link

     Make Tump Rich Again, your Russia connections all Republican Congress'sssss. All Republican Congress'sssss approved Crackbook.

     Monstrous Gerry manders. Your all Republican Governors Association, with ALEC, aka RGA, Robbing Government Asetts and robbing you to death. SCOTUS is wholly owned by the Nazi Koch bros. All of Texas, strictly controlled, Koch bros same. Wisconsin. Maryland. See the Nazi Koch bros where you live. It is culled, psycho graphics and the Nazi Koch bros mean business. Pals like that and Pals like this.

     Meanwhile, the real America, crushed again by your all Republican Congress. The complete ruinization of America. MALA. All for nazi fascism.

     Those Republicans.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:55:45 AM | Link

     In Gamagori, Japan. Fugu. NHK? Japan. Fugu.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:30:54 AM | Link

     The Russia connections. Trump is the Drumf. You'll see, Right Wing Extremists Pence and Trump is the Drumf. You'll see, the freaks among us, Drumf Pence. The Drumf America. Nobody kills more jobs than Drumf Pence. You'll see Drumf Pence foreign policy.
     These Russia connections.

     Gulfing the Vulgarities, Drumf is on Vacation now. Not the vulgarities. Drumf Pence.

     The Income Wealth Divide was big and recognizable in MLK's day. 50 years later, we all witnessed in horror, The Robbed America To Death Act, 2017. The JBS of Hate scorched earth policies of hell. 1.5 Trillion robbed from Medicare and Medcaid, given to the Koch bros, tax free. No charges. And no changes. Grover NRA Norquist.

     Literature, Music & Viet Nam. You'll see. Shifting and shifty. Drumf vulgarities. You'll see, 7 to 1. From Davos, Drumf defects to Russia, for Putin.

     Draft dodger. Trump is the Drumf. Dons jons. Abdication, MALA Drumf China

     Drumf Pence are U.S. job killers. Drumf Pence are on Vacation again. You'll see, swamp creatures; the better to rob you.

     And soo..... may the Drumf Pence and Pals be sensored from the ANC, to China and to his all non citizen, all immigrant, no unemployment and no tax paying private despots club O'night mare - lag, Florida.
     Where does it all end? Swamp creatures. The Drumf among us. All swamp.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:18:39 AM | Link

     Paul Ryan and the bad Nitch. Sinister. The Russia connections collusion, cover-up and obstruction of justice. Sordid. Pals like that.

     Republican bitch slapper. Fascists Drump Pence want Republicans to take control. You'll see, your Nitch McConnell and Pals like that. Everyday.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:17:23 AM | Link

     The gentle plasantriesAC Milan?

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 1:04:45 PM | Link

     The Russia connections. Pals like that. Drumf Pence are on Bigly paid Vacation now. Those Russia connections. Drumf Pence. Pals like this. Congress'sssss? Drumf Pence Pals banana republic regime.

     Knee choppers Drumf pemce are on Vulgar Vacation now. Your Foreign Policy nightmares, Nazis Drumf Pence.

     Tunisia. Turkey. Palestine. Iran. Make pimp us all Trump Pence Rich Again. Tunisia. Turkey. Palestine. MALA Trump Pence.
     Liberia. ANC. Africa.
     Panama. Peru.
     India. Modi.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 12:48:03 PM | Link

     Your all Republican Koch bros RGA with ALEC, Nitch McConnell Senate and Paul Ryan  Congress'sssss. Sinister, sinister, sinister. Grover Norquist. The Koch bros Freedom Caucus.

     Those Republicans. Your Democrats. Those Republicans. Looks like, smells really fowl.

     Paul Rob America To Death Act, 2017 Ryan. 1.5 Trillion robbed from Medicare and Medicaid for the Koch bros. Nitch McConnell Senate. See Grover AMT Norquist there. Drumf Pence Pals like this.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 12:43:34 PM | Link

     In O'Nightmare- lag, Florida. Drumf Pence are on Bigly paid Vacation now.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:22:37 AM | Link

     The Russia connections. Drumf. This Russia connection. Pence. That Russia connection. Drumf. Your Russia connections. Drumf Pence.

     Unamerican. The Boogemen. Unamerican. Drumf Pence. Unamerican. The endless Drumf Pence deep shaft, that is the deep State of the Koch bros Grover NRA Norquist. Can Steve Bannon save Drumf Pence? Or? Doom them all to hell. The Drumf Pence, bottomless pit.

     There are lots of young school kids confounded by the resident nazis. The nice Mom / School teachers trying to put a petite gentle spin on the enemy within us is ______? Thus, as every mom and dad struggle to explain the un american who can not sing the national anthem,  America lies in ruin and ruination.

     The essence of insidious evils over protracted decades against us. Children destroyed of their national honors, once deeply instilled and engreained, now desecrated and desecrated into oblivion. Those children only to find the real America much later in their young lives.

     To say the Boogeymen Drumf Pence do not care is a 35 years ago desperate under statement. Sinister. You'll see, Nazis. Drumf Pence are hurting U.S. Immigration. Pick a country? The ANC, Botswana and more. Africa. You'll see, the Drumf Pence among us. You'll see, the Czech Republic too. Putin. Drumf Pence. You;ll see, your Koch bros RGA. And remember, Trump does not pay taxes. You'll see, Nazi serfdom. See Pals of Drumf Pence there. Grover Norquist and your RGA.

     Now, for anyone, somewhere, that does not know what crime is? What do you call he, that has robbed the soul of America? 1.5 Trillion ways ++++.and more. No apologies and truely no love.
     The desecration of grammar schools? No, it is not Parochial. O'h, no.
     The desecration of all schools. (Charter Schools robbing Public Education).
     The desecration of all Institutions. The Presidency. Vice nazi trash and all others. No Congress does not care. No the Senate does not care and are daily activated in Collsion and Obstruction of Justice. Complicit like cossacks in all of the ever increasing Russia connections. For Drumf Pence. For Spy Oligarchs, swamp creatures and Nazis. For scum. For the Koch bros Grover treasonous Norquist.

     Explaining to a nice 7 year old what unamerica today is, well, it's Drunf. All Drumf. But,, there is just one thing? Kids are smart. And they know right from wrong. Children see, hear and know when and where the Boogeyman is. And they know it now. Children know Drumf Pence are the Boogeymen. That is why Drumf Pence are not allowed at or in schools, London or anywhere else. Hark? 43.

     We know Drumf Pence are bitter, acrid and angry. That is who and what they are. Hillary helped a lot by throwing the election and making Drumf Pence work like the wretched irritated bowel dawgs they are. Hillary is enjoying her grandchildren and Drumf Pence are slogging it out against the DOJ for Russia and the Nazis. All, no lo, contrende.
     Yes, the same Drumf Pence bitter, acrid and angry platform that attracted Trump voters.
     But, there's just one thing.
     Anerica does not hate. America will not hate. Drumf Pence do not speak for U.S.
     The real America does not and will not hate anyone anywhere for any reason. Why? Because hate is dumb, dark and evil. America wants no part of that and the real America has no part of the criminal fools Drumf Pence, Koch bros Grover NRA Norquist.

     7 to 1 Drumf defects from Davos to Russia. Heir Pence? Pals like that. Your Pals Drumf Pence.

     Face The Nation. 7 to 1. Drumf defects to Russia from Davos. Meanwhile.

     We know Trump Pence sunk the Bismark Nazis and all Republicans. Drumf Pence. See the all Republican response there. Pals like that. Drumf Pence. The Dumf Pence among us.

     Drumf Pence with your all nazi Republican Congress'sssss and Sssssenate. Witness the all new fire power of the Nazi Koch bros SCOTUS. And know, the Koch bros will tax the internet for Trillions of taxes, then, your all nazi Paul Ayn Rand Ryan Congress'sssss will Give it all to the Koch bros. Serfdon. Nazi serfdom.
     For sure, we know had Paul Ryan and Drumf not robbed 1.5 Trillion dollars during the Rob America To Death Act, 2017 we would not need a Koch bros rob the Internet tax. But no. Paul Ryan and the nazi Senate made sure the Koch bros Gorsuch SCOTUS Alito would rob us all to death. Nazis.

     The Nazis Drumf Pence are killing jobs, they are killing countries. And, we suppose, the nazis are of some good, once in a O" nightmara lago fake moon. Nazis like that.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:17:07 AM | Link

     Collusion and Obstruction of Justice by Paul Ryan, Mitch McConnell your all Republican Congress'sssss and Senate. Every rotten day. The Russia connections.

     Paul Ryan, Nitch McConnell and camp kremlin klan david. Is Grover NRA Norquist from Nor way?

     Meanwhile, your collusion, obstruction Republicans are rigging the 2018 elections to fail for the Russians, thus retaining the vaccum "Ratf**ked" balance of Congressional nazi powers. After all, the Koch bros gave the Russians their largest voter list in world history. Gave that same list to Cambridge Analytica too.

     Your all Republican Congress'sssss. Robbed you again. They pay no price, nothig, and got paid.

     The Russia connections all Republican Collusion & Obstruction of Justice for Drumf heir Pence..There is no Nazi Koch bros doubt. You'll see, Pals like that and Pals like this?

     Those Democrats. That all Republican Senate. Norway and five white guys U.S. Immiigration. Those Democrats.

     The nazi damage is real.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:14:20 AM | Link

     The gentle pleasantries. Newcastle United?

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:22:58 AM | Link

     The Russia connections and them 'neckbones. Drumf Pence. Those Russia connections genuine ;neckbones. Steve Bannon. Drumf voters. Those dreaded Robo calls, got a lot worse with Drumf Pence. Drumf voters.

     Will Drumf defect to Russia from Davos? Yes, to Russia with love. Heir Vp Pence can smell Drumf's dirty job. It is all criminal nazi treason.

     Remember, Trump does not pay taxes. Swamp creatures. Swamp creatures like this. Swamp creatures like that? Your Koch bros  Alabama RGA with ALEC.

     Far Right Wing Extremists and crack. Robert Mercer, the bishop and the Koch bros currencies are all Cambridge Analytica there. And don't forget Boris, he was and is all in up to his neck. Drumf Pence Pals. Make Trump Rich Again.
     Russia Malta? Tunisia? Iran. Lebanon.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:17:10 AM | Link

     Beware! U.S. Immigration. Your all Nazi Paul Ryan Republican Congress and Senate are going to rob the snott grass out of you. Why? Because Nazis Drumf Pence have declared. "Republicans  need to finally, Take Control." Those Democrats.

     The all Republican sabotage of U.S. Those Russia connections. Pals like that?

     That all Republican Senate? Congress'sssss. And Drumf.

     Your Grover uber Norquist Congress'sssss. All Paul Ryan Congress approved. Pimping us badly.

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 7:14:30 AM | Link

     In the swamp.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:33:37 AM | Link

     The Russia connections. Pence Ryan. O"h, it's all stinky, extra finky. Rats, Spies and more Spies. Drumf Pence the enemy within us. Spies. Whew! Lots of Spies there, all up Trump's legs. Give us all a sponge bath now! Louse. Your will not work for us, Make pimp Trump Pence Rich Again fascists.

     The Drumf Pence demagogue Nazi fascist banana republic. it only took 1 year for the fuedalism Koch bros Nazi 1%. Pop quiz?

     MALA. We all know Nazis Drumf Pence does not work for us.
     Nazi Drumf Pence have sabotaged us all, here, there and around the world.
     The Nazi Drumf Pence Bannon Vaccum created by breaking All treaties, pacts, alliances, trade, humanitarian aides, social welfares and on and on, broke all friendships and decencies around the globe. All Rught Wing Extremists.
     The Nazi Drumf Pence Bannon Vaccum created was by all those that do not and will not work for us.
     The Nazi personal taken over Dons jons. Swamp creatures. The Nazi Rob Us All Paul Koch bros Ryan Congress'sssss.
     The Nazi Senate howling for undermine of the Russia connections. All subterfuge and continueing.
     The utter dribble and goo goo of the Drumf Putin bromance. Cake and bon bons.
     Europe, the bloody Duetsch bishop and the Mercers., Turkey, Bulgaria, France, vichy nazis and Robert Mercers. Brexit Boris NY Koch bros fuedalisms, Putin fuedalisms and the run on BOE. Draghi saved the EU and more. Austria Right Wing Extremists. Anarchists, Antifa's. Spain.
     Germany, no pals of Putin Russia. Czech. Poland The Balkins, Ukraine. Yugoslavia.  Georgia. Macedonia? Albania. Mass forced Immigrations forced by the Koch bros, Putin, paid for by the all wrong Iraq War and a total freebie again for the Koch bros Congress'sssss who never ever pay any price, but get all dark monies paid. Everyday. Iran.
     Nazis Drumf Pence say they know nothing (Srgt Schultz) about that. Nor Jerusalen, Israel, China and Russia. Pals like that?
     Destabilizing continents and only allowing back marhet dark monies to flourish.
     Destabilizing Central America is all part of the Nazi Koch bros need for unbridled supremacy unmatched. El Salvador? DACA? Forced Nazi Immigration. Drumf DACA and a bag of rocks.
     The Imbecile Drumf. Nazi Pence. Koch bros fuedalisms.
     Nagicho, North Korea China, the Pillippines. Asia. Same? Copy cat, cheap knock off, China. China.

     Drumf did not do his fake news awards last night. Given that heir Drumf Pence are currently probing new depths of unpopularity here and arounf the world. Russia, chur? Israel? Russia. Drumf will defect to Russia from Davos.

Your "Ratf**ked" all Republican Congress

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:31:36 AM | Link

     Paul Ryan and Drumf Russia connections. The Mitch McConnell Senate. Your Grover NRA Norquist Congress'sssss. Pence Ryan.

     Pals like that. Pals like this. Pals like the Nazi Koch bros RGA for decades. As all the dirty rats scat with the dough again. The damage done. No dirty deed left undone as again, another Koch bros Vaccum is created setting up a massive influx of new Radicalized Right Wing Extremist Grover Norquists. The better to kill us all. On K Street with malice. Right To Kill. All in the swamp. RGA gamblers and gamers. You guessed it. It is all Casino Trump Pence, Casino Shelly Adelson gambling. Gee, what a Grover Lobbyist RGA Norquist surpise. All Republican Paul Ryan Congress approved. Plas like that, very bigly.
     Your RGA Constitution killers and criminals same, Koch bros. Pick a State, any State.

     Then, of cousre there is the Koch bros SCOTUS and the all new "Ratf**ked"  58 nazi judges, of lower courts, all Nazi review. The Drumf Pence Paul Ryan complicities and outright Nazi crimes against humanity.

     Your Nazi Paul Ryan Congress'sssss redling Blue States To Death. Congressional killers, sure as the NRA. Congress pays no price, the Senate paid no price and the all got paid bigly, by the top 5 pill pushers makers, the lobbyists, Jack Abrahamov, the Koch bros and Grover roach us all out Norquist big pharma.
     The City taxpayers, Cities and Hospitals pay for all of your Nazi Paul Ryan's death acts against us. Paul Ryan has 10 Million in cash plus whatever Koch bros cash's +++ to come, could not care less.The fascist regime assault against sanctuary cities is more swamp creatures redlining taxations against us. Who killed high speed rail in America? You guessed it. Your Nazi Paul Ryan Congress and Senate. And Amtrak from the beginning. 

We begin together

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 6:30:08 AM | Link

      In the swamp.

That Washington, D.C. Swamp 2018

Posted By: John Blyth | Time: 8:13:04 AM | Link

     The Russia connections. Your irritated bowel dawgs Drumf Pence. There will be no Impeachment. Only Mueller charges for multi International crimes against us. There is Drumf now, Pence in the waiting. Is it true only Drumf can end the Russia connections? And, if, so, will Drumf rat out Russia Putin bigly? Will Drumf spill the beans very badly all over Russia, China, Israel and more? Or? Will Drumf take the fibth and hand Pence that bigly bag of Drumf?
     Spies, which swamp creature within gave Russia and China our information and much more?

     Your Oklahoma Koch bros Grover NRA Norquist RGA. Contributing to the delinquencies of all minors, furthering crime rates. Your kill all Education LA, FL, KS and  everywher else, RGA. N.C. Your RGA with ALEC and the 1% Nazis of N.C.  N.C. RGA.

     We know Drumf Pence tried real hard to mess up the Alabama, Georgia game last night. And, they actually suceeded. Why? No reason, just to be themselves and because the moochi told 'em to go. Sports? Sports like that? Mr. Bone Spur and and his sidey little self professsssed evangelical of all time.

     We know anti science Drumf Pence hired a Nazi rat in charge of U.S. Vaccines. Drumf Pence, the anti science freaks among us and swamp creatures. All Right Wing Extremists. Anti Science Drumf Pence.

     Drumf Pals. Drumf Pence Pals like this and Puerto Rico.

     Drumf Pence. Those Russia connections. MALA. Make pimp us all Trump Pence Rich Again. Trump First is all Nazi. Pence too. These Russia connections.
     Will Drumf defect to Russia from Davos, nuetral Switzerland? Leaving Pence holding the bag. That Europe?  Pals like that. All Right Wing Extremist Pals of Steve Bannon, hired by Heir Koch bros Pence. Pals like this. Should Drumf be allowed to leave this country? Should Drumf be allowed to leave the swamp? We know Drumf is a total flight risk. Trump should have his passport revoked by a Judge Switzerland should also deny Drumf entry and incarcerate the escapee. ACA killer, Heir Pence will then be the next resident. Meanwhile, Pence will be rolling the bones. All on account, of course. All on Shelly Israel Adelson, burn Palestine down, roll the bones heir Vp Mike Pence, account Tax free too. Those no, account Pals.