John Blyth

Beliefs and Agenda

About John Blyth
Age 52
Martial Status Single, Never Married
Occupation Group Health Insurance Sales
Address Chicago, IL.
Religion Catholic. Holy Family Church.
Education BA Chicago State University 1983.

Economy First and last
Jobs Pass the American Jobs Act. Approve the new 50 billion dollar stimulus.
Education Pro College and Pro Vocational Schools.
Afghanistan War End the war now. Support Troops.
Senior Citizen Rx Plan One Plan included in part A. End part D entirely.
Homeland Security Strengthen our borders.
Energy New National Power Grid Completion
Complete overhaul of Oil Drillings, top to bottom
Like Windmills
Renewable solar power roofs
Water, restock fish
Co-Generation Power Plants
Abortion Pro Life
Immigration When will congress act?
Gun Control In this country, what?
English Language Non Issue
Gay Marriage Non Issue, get busy Congress
College Football BCS Looking forward to the new BCS.
Transportation New national high speed rail completion
Interior Preserve parks and wildlife
Law Enforcement More police, IRS and EPA.
Civil Rights Support extension of 1968 bill
Minimum Wage Support increases. Pro Living Wage
Electronic Voting All for it, support U.S. Software
National Speed Limit 70mph especially at state borders
Free Trade Yes
Stem Cell Research Favor newest technologies.
EPA Serious increase to combat the Koch Bros., Grover Norquist and the Tea Party.
Dept. of Agriculture I like the new Ag-based anti e-coli spray
Internet Sales Tax Hmm?
Tariffs No
Taxes Will rewrite tax code

Other Stuff
Favorite Music Video Martha Wash
Pro Football Chicago Bears. Bear Down.
Baseball Chicago White Sox
NBA Chicago Bulls
Soccer Chicago Fire
Auto Racing Yes
Hockey Blackhawks
Favorite Car 1976 Cadillac Eldorado
Favorite Movies Star Wars. True Grit.
Favorite Pie Pecan
Book The Bible

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