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About John Blyth

John Blyth was born in Chicago, IL, on March 25, 1960. His father, Donald J. Blyth, was also born in Chicago, where Donald was a district superintendent of Chicago Public Schools. Johnís grandfather was also named John Blyth of the Chicago Police Department, and was married to Mary Mahoney for 50-plus years.

Johnís mother, Mary P. OíMalley, was also born and raised in Chicago. Her father, Michael OíMalley, married Catherine Shields; he worked on the railroad for 30-plus years after serving in World War I. Mary was also a teacher.

Johnís parents, Donald and Mary, met in Chicago, married, and had 8 sons (no daughters); John was number 6. They were married over 50 years.

John grew up in Chicago, where he graduated from Chicago State University in 1983, then pursued a career as a journeyman bricklayer in Local 21. After that, John went into corporate health insurance group sales, and then opened his own business in 1993 in group health insurance, where he currently works. John is an active member of Holy Family Catholic Church (

John is not a politician. Therefore, he will make the best Congressman of the United States 2013. John is running as a Democratic candidate, not for history, but to put our country back on track amongst other nations as a fair but powerful nation that we can once again be proud of our own eyes and in the view of the world.

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